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   Chapter 28 Counterattack (Part One)

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Leila was taken to a place by Charles. They often came here in their childhood. In the past, before they moved, this park was all the memories of their childhood. It was really a surprise for him to take her here. Looking at the familiar scene, many memories flashed in her mind. She could not help but smile, "it has been so long ago."But it seems that all the things happened yesterday. "

Charles also chuckled: "that means you are with the old days."

Leila raised her eyebrows. She couldn't agree with the phrase "outdated people are always sentimental and sensitive." and it was exactly the right word to describe her.

Seeing her surrounded by the flowers, Charles's heart beat faster, but he felt it was time to let out his heart. He lowered his eyes and wiped away the emotions in them. When he looked up again, the room was clear.

"Leila, are you sure you are by Max's side?"

The smile on Leila's face froze as soon as the man mentioned her thunder zone. She stared at a wild flower in front of her and replied in a low voice, "it's my destiny."

Such an ambiguous answer made Charles didn't know what to say. After all these years, they met again, but there was little to talk about. He laughed at himself and said, "no matter what choice you make, I will support you."

Leila calmed down and said, "I know."

He said in a light tone. Apparently, he was not as dull as he had been a moment ago. Charles breathed a sigh of relief for no reason, and the atmosphere began to ease slowly. In the old scenery, people always doubt the time of the old scenery. The afternoon passed so fast that Leila did not have a bad mood. She still remembered what Max said. Watching the sun was going down, she said hurriedly: "I should go back."

Charles nodded and said, "I'll drive you home."

Leila hurriedly shook her head. She didn't forget that Max had a strong male chauvinism and an appalling possessiveness. If he knew that she didn't go to work the whole afternoon but was with Charles, she would probably die.

Charles knew what she was thinking, so he didn't force her. He compromised, "I'll drive you home."

Leila finally agreed. While Charles was driving, she thought for a while. It was not embarrassing since someone said nothing all the way and each one had something on his mind. He drove to the company. Leila got off the car and rushed back to her apartment.

Entering the door, she felt a little relieved as she did not see Max. Perhaps this was the so-called guilty conscience.

The maid saw her and called her respectfully, "Miss Leila, the boss wants to see you in the bedroom after you arrive home."

Leila felt her heart lifted again. She nodded and said, "I see."

She reluctantly got to the second floor and stood in front of the bedroom door. After hesitating for a long time, she finally opened the door slowly. The strong summ

er sunshine shone in instantly. Half of the body in front of the window was swallowed by the light, looking vague and not real.

Clearing her throat, she called, "are you looking for me?"

Hearing that, Max didn't answer. He stood in the light, looking tall, but with a faint gloomy atmosphere. Leila stood in front of the door, not daring to go in. Perhaps it was because of the low pressure in the room, or perhaps it was because of her guilty conscience that she felt once she entered, it was difficult for her to come out.

It turned out that even if she didn't want to step in, the result was just as she thought.

"Come here." said Max, looking at her coldly

Leila trembled. She thought for a while and decided to follow his words. She walked in step by step and stopped one meter away from him, without moving forward a little.

Her eyes were hot and fierce, and he looked at the little woman in front of him with his lips tightened. Thinking of the scene he saw at noon, his eyes were even more gloomy.

"What did you do today?"

His question made Leila's heart skip a beat. She was very sensitive, but when she heard what he said, she suddenly thought of the situation she went out with Charles. She was shocked and her face turned pale. She faltered, "I went out with Charles in the afternoon."

Just as the words "Charles" came out from her mouth, she felt a more depressing atmosphere, and she couldn't help but shiver.

Max was satisfied with her honest answer, but that didn't mean that he would let her go. With a simple move of his big hand, her body was in the embrace. Without waiting for her to cry, he would plunder her breath with his head. After a violent attack, the person in his arms was completely weak.

He was always satisfied with her body. When the desire arose, he was completely out of control, and the last trace of calmness in his mind disappeared by the burning. He threw her into the bed and pressed her down. In the evening, there was no mood swings in his body, but it could still arouse his most primitive desire.

The battle lasted till night. As night approached, he felt more comfortable and couldn't get rid of the softness of his fingertips. But before Leila was about to lose her consciousness because of his torture, he decided to let her go.

She was lying in his arms and taking a deep breath. She didn't even know why he was so angry. And her guess in her heart had not been confirmed yet. An inexplicable anger rose in Leila's heart, but there was no way to release it. She could only burn in her own stomach, burning her heart.

She was depressed all the way until late night. Max, who was sleeping soundly beside her, felt even worse than her sullen night. He could not control her in his heart endlessly. Looking at his handsome face, she waved her teeth and fell asleep since she got no response.

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