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   Chapter 26 The Business (Part Two)

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Max's face became even darker, and he looked at the woman standing in front of the door against the sun, most of her body in the dim light, but she was still motionless. It was hard to tell the emotions hidden in her eyes.

As he was on the edge of anger, Leila finally overcome herself and walked toward him step by step. She stopped when approaching him a meter.

With a deep sight in her eyes, he said in a low voice, "do you take my words as a deaf ear?"

The low magnetic voice rose slightly at the end. The sound was supposed to be a feast of the ears, but now in Leila's ears, it sounded like the sound from hell. She lowered her eyes and said, "I have something to do at noon."

Hearing that, Max squinted and looked dangerous. "Why didn't you tell me in advance?" he asked

Feeling the tense atmosphere, Leila said bravely, "I'm afraid you won't agree."

Hearing what she said, all the air seemed to have solidified. She even had an illusion that she would be dead if she said one more word. Looking at the little woman in front of him, a strange feeling spread in Max's heart made him frown, and it was the kind of emotion that he could not control. He clenched his fists, and his tone was cold. "Do you know how to act first and play later?"

Leila felt that she was getting bolder, with a sign of touching his bottom line. She swallowed and then became panic.

Max's punishment was always cruel. He lowered his voice and said, "you are not allowed to go to the hospital next week."

He knew it clearly, so Leila's face turned pale. She didn't understand why he always touched her bottom line again and again for the punishment he gave to her.

Self esteem had been the biggest concession she could make. She could endure not even visiting her mother for a week. And this time, it had been two weeks. Although the man in front of her had treated her so cruelly that she dared not to resist, she absolutely could not make any concession this time!

"I can't accept it."

Even if she resisted, she did not dare to shout loudly. Her low voice sounded no threat. Even so, it made the Max completely angry.

It seemed that he had spoiled her too much?

There were many ways a man could punish a woman, but they were all keen on one method -- sex.

Before Leila realized what had happened, she was in the air. She had been thrown on the bed, surrounded by the deep bed. She looked at the person in horror, and her voice trembled.

"What What are you doing? "

Her words amused him. What else could he do in bed?

Ignoring her panic, he pressed her against the bed. Her resistance aroused his desire to conquer.

So Leila was tormented by him in broad daylight and could not get out of bed. The battle lasted till night. Leila was lying in bed. Looking at her wet hair, she seemed to just come out of the ba

throom. Her crystal clear body came into view. The desire that had just been extinguished rose again.

Leila sobbed in a low voice, having no power to resist. She was once again trapped in his domineering trap.

Not until Leila couldn't hold on any longer and fell asleep in his arms did Max release her. He looked at her sleeping face with delicate features, a strand of hair falling on her forehead. Somehow he reached out a finger to sweep it away.

The woman's quiet sleeping face softened his heart. He hadn't had such a quiet emotion for a long time. He felt that it was not easy to get rid of it. So he held her in his arms and fell asleep together.

Leila didn't wake up until midnight, so did she. She opened her eyes widely and found herself trapped in his arms, unable to move. Her eyes were dazzling and frightening in the darkness. She got out of his arms cautiously and was dragged back again before she could turn around.

Max had a light sleep. He woke up almost when her breath became disordered. He was dissatisfied with her action of escaping. He had always been bossy and didn't allow anyone to disobey him.

Leila sat stiff, daring not do anything. She was afraid that she might have done something wrong, which would irritate Max again, anger, or lust. After a long while of stalemate, Max didn't take any action before she fell asleep.

Hearing the sound of steady breath, Max closed his eyes. The moonlight outside the window shone on the ground, enveloping the two people in the bed, recklessly flowing between them.

The next morning, Max left her alone. Leila got up at the right time, and it was seven o'clock. After a while, she finally stepped into the company.

She hadn't been to work for several days. There was a huge reaction when she came to the company. Later she knew why everyone looked at her strangely.

"Miss Leila, you are here."

Freddy said hello to her. Leila responded indifferently, "I haven't been to work for two days. Did my father say anything?"

She was different from Daisy. Daisy called Johnson the chairman when she was in the company, but Leila called Johnson father. And Johnson permit. Although he preferred Daisy to Leila, but Leila absolutely deserved the title from her identity.

This also reflected the difference in status between her and Daisy. Therefore, in the company, Freddy was still more enthusiastic about her, not to mention the tree behind her, Max. If one wanted to climb up the tree, one had to first please the skylark which had already climbed up the tree.

With a gleam shining in his eyes, Freddy replied, "the chairman said nothing, but..."

Leila looked at him and asked with her eyebrows raised, "but what?"

After hesitating for a while, Freddy finally said, "but the shareholders of our company are impeached you at the same time."

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