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   Chapter 25 The Business (Part One)

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At half past eleven, Leila set out on time to the place she appointed with Astrid. It was the coffee shop near their university. All of a sudden, the memory of their past came flooding back to her.

She remembered that they used to come to that coffee shop by themselves. They often hanged out there when they had no classes in college and stayed there for a whole day. At that time, they always liked talking and laughing and imagining their future.

Now that she thought about it, it was totally a shame. At this moment, what she thought about was so ridiculous, no matter in life or relationship.

When Mr. Zhang was out today, she could only hail a taxi. When she arrived at the University, it was 12 o'clock at noon. She thought that she had been late enough, but Astrid's habit of being late still didn't change. She had waited for Astrid for half an hour in the coffee shop. Just at this moment, the wind bell rang in front of the cafe. She looked over and found an eye contact with Astrid.

There was a slight smell of coffee in the air, mixed with some sort of gunpowder. Leila raised her eyebrows, looked at Astrid who was walking towards her slowly and smiled. She greeted her, "there you are."

Astrid didn't respond. She looked at Leila as if she was looking at a stranger. Leila took back her gaze and stared at her until she sat down opposite.

Although she looked plain, she had a strong character. That was her advantage. But if she behaved in a bad way, she would become domineering, which made people feel uncomfortable.

"Leila, let's get down to the business."

Leila raised her eyebrows and looked at her. She agreed with Astrid. Leila didn't want to waste any time in talking to her, so she nodded and said, "what is it?"

Astrid didn't say anything. Instead, she took out a stack of documents from her bag and pushed it in front of her and said, "this is the photo of Sophia and another man having a date."

Leila raised her eyebrows, "why did you give it to me?"

With a determined look on her face, Astrid said, "I know you want it."

Leila was truly interested in the photo of Sophia and another man, but she also knew that the chip needed the same price. She waited for Astrid to tell her what she wanted, and as expected, Astrid said, "but in exchange, you have to help me get Veron."

Leila had thought of thousands of requirements that she wanted, such as money and job. As a person from an ordinary family, Leila knew that she had no job to do after graduation from college, either high or low. So Astrid had to stay at home.

But now, she had given up such a good chance to get a job. For a man, there was no ban on her, but more shameful.

It seemed that she really had a deep affection for Veron. In that case, why not give her a hand?

However, there was no d

ifference for Veron stay with Astrid or Daisy.

With her mind spinning, Leila said calmly, "Okay, I promise you."

Astrid seemed to have expected this answer. She took something out of her bag and said arrogantly, "in that case, please give it to Daisy."

With a cold face, Leila said, "sorry, I don't have the obligation to help you. Change another thing. The document has been used up."

Astrid's face turned pale. She didn't expect Leila, who had been fragile in the past, to strike back. This was not part of her plan. She was holding the documents in her hands, unable to take them back. She was very embarrassed. Leila looked at her face with satisfaction. She had known Astrid's character thoroughly before she got along with her. It was easier for people who were familiar with him to deal with.

"Know yourself and your enemy." Astrid used to tell her that.

Every dog has his day. Astrid had never expected that the same thing would happen to her someday.

Withdrawing the document, Astrid looked at Leila coldly and asked indifferently, "how do you plan to help me?"

With a sly glint in her eyes, Leila said in a lazy voice, "you don't need to worry about that. You just need to do what I tell you."

For now, Astrid could only believe her. Yesterday, after she expressed her love to Veron, he was still very gentle to her before Daisy came, but after Daisy came, he became cold to her instantly, which she could not accept for a while.

And she hated that bitch Daisy, even more. But her family background was stronger than hers. If she was lucky enough to be admitted by the whole Veron, she could make sure that instead of being a loser in a simple company, she would definitely be recognized by everyone!

Leila had thought too much. There was no pure love in the modern society now. Everything changed with the word "profit". Astrid's pursuit of Veron was not only to consummate her secret love, but also for the power of the Lien family!

Since they had reached a consensus, there was no need to continue the conversation.

They left the coffee shop and said goodbye.

Leila still took a taxi back to her apartment. When she pushed the door open, she froze immediately. The man on the sofa was facing her on one side. She couldn't see his face, but she could still feel his coldness from a distance. Hearing the sound of the door opening, he slowly turned his eyes, which made an eye contact with the air. In a flash of lightning and fire, she seemed to see something she shouldn't have seen as for his emotion.

"Come in."

Hearing Max's words, Leila wanted to do as he said, but she didn't move, staying where she was. A trace of panic appeared on her white face. Although she had anticipated this result, when she really faced it, she couldn't help but tremble in her heart.

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