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   Chapter 24 Bertha's Provocation (Part Two)

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After a long time, Leila slowly turned around, with a cold expression on her face. She fixed her eyes on Bertha who sat opposite to her, with a bloodthirsty smile on her lips. She said coldly, "it seems that you haven't had enough of the affairs in the past few days."

To her surprise, Leila poured the hot coffee on her face. She screamed and covered her face. A trace of coldness flashed through Leila's eyes. An eye for an eye, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. She was never a pushover!

If she wasn't mistaken, there was a flicker in the corner just now. It should be the paparazzi. Well, she didn't have to take photos by herself and send them to the media. If this awkward Bertha leaked out, it would probably add another stain to her already tattered reputation.

Ignoring Bertha, who was still screaming, Leila stood up and walked out of the coffee house directly. Her face was red and swollen. It was impossible for her to go back to the company. She didn't want to appear in front of Daisy and let her talk with an excuse to laugh at her.

After thinking for a while, she found that she was the only one who could go to the villa. She had been absent from work for several days. If she was in an ordinary company, she would probably have been fired. Therefore, in this society, status played a very important role. In fact, Johnson wanted her not to go to work, so she could continue to skip work without worry.

When she returned to the villa, the maid saw her stunned for a while. She smiled at her awkwardly, "is there ice in the fridge?"

The maid looked at her swollen cheek and said in succession, "yes, just a moment please."

After a while, the maid brought a pile of ice, put it in the bag and handed it to Leila. Leila took it over.

"Thank you."

The maid said nothing and left.

The burning pain on her face didn't disappear. She put the ice on her face. The coldness made her shiver suddenly. She scolded herself in her heart, 'how cruel Bertha is!

Hearing this, Leila was changing ice on the table. She thought it was a maid but didn't care about it. When she heard a cold voice, she was shocked.

"What are you doing?"

Leila turned around out of conditioned reflex, and half of her red and swollen face was exposed to his eyes. The look in Max's eyes was cold, and then a cold voice rang out. "What's wrong with your face?"

Leila didn't know what to do. She looked into his eyes, and said, "nothing. "

Even herself couldn't believe what she had said. Moreover, wise as he was, the Max sank when it came to her lie. He never liked to say the second time, but the woman in front of him always had a way to challenge his bottom line and slowly approached her body. He uttered a syllable in his throat, "speak."

Leila coul

dn't help but shiver. She had always kept her mouth shut for being asked like that. The man in front of her was intimidating. She pursed her lips and said, "I'm really fine."

Looking at the little woman in front of him who still did not tell the truth, Max's face was gloomy. He raised her chin, which was so hurt that she almost cried out. Her red and swollen face made her look really embarrassed. She had a pair of tears hidden in her eyes. He did not know why he tightened his heart, and unconsciously softened his strength, but he still did not let her go.

"Who hit you?"

It was not her playing hard to get, but she really didn't know how to say it out. The woman who slapped her was his last woman, and she was in the same identity with her now. Maybe at some time, at some place, he also asked Bertha in this way. And his eyes were so enchanting that Leila suppressed the surging emotions in her heart. She said softly, "Bertha."

When she spoke out this name, she still could not ignore the strange in her heart. Although it was hypocritical, she still could not control herself.

The sudden surge of power in Max's eyes brought her back to her senses. He loosened her grip, turned around, and went upstairs under her cold gaze. Leila was sitting on the sofa, with ice cubes in her hands melted and water splashed over the table. When she saw the scene, she didn't look well.

When Max went downstairs, he changed his clothes, but Max just walked out of the apartment straightly and turned around again. "Don't go anywhere."

His order was the imperial edict, and she almost knelt down to take it. Leila closed her eyes and said in a low voice, "I see."

Standing at the door, Max took a deep look at her with unfathomable emotions in his eyes, and then turned around to get on the black Maybach and drove away.

Leila continued to apply ice on her face. She needed to see someone this noon. She had to show her best in front of her old friend, not flaunting her superiority, but her remaining pride.

Although it was summer now, the palm of her white hand was still frozen red after holding the ice for a long time. She looked at it, frowned, and changed another hand to continue to apply the ice.

Although she couldn't get her face back in a short time, other people might be blind if she put on make-up. Looking at herself in the mirror, Leila suddenly thought of a very appropriate saying, 'beautiful face and suffer.'.

Even though he told her not to go anywhere, she still wanted to disobey him for once. She knew that if she didn't obey his order, she would be badly treated. She had never been treated like this before. She laughed at herself in the mirror.

Sure enough, after coming into contact with the Max, she no longer looked like herself.

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