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   Chapter 23 Bertha's Provocation (Part One)

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The appointed time with Astrid was 12 o'clock at noon the next day. Today, she stayed in bed all day, holding her mobile phone and browsing news, bored. Rumors about the female star, Bertha, were everywhere. They were photographed during dinner with this boss today, and were photographed when she was out of the hotel with that male star tomorrow. There were various reasons.

Squinting at the woman on the screen, Leila didn't say anything. To be honest, Bertha was a beauty, and one could remember her at a glance. But no matter how beautiful she was, she couldn't win his heart? No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't win his heart.

Leila hated to take advantage of other men before. She didn't expect that she would come back to the things she hated.

Life was always dramatic. She didn't know that the man she loved was such a person. She didn't know that her best friend also coveted her boyfriend. Only in the end could she put on a disguise and see the truth clearly, it was better than being kept in the dark.

When Max came back at night, he was still dressed in a suit. His neat appearance didn't make him look strict but more unruly. Clothes were worn by human, and his temperament was from a human. It was rare to see a king like Max.

He took off his coat and looked at her who was sitting on the bed. She behaved well, as if she was waiting for his touch. In fact, when his broad and warm palm touched her head, he was shocked by the soft touch. Leila sat on the bed in a daze, not responding to his action.

"Let's eat."

The simple and indifferent words pulled back her thoughts. Before she could react, her body had been held up. She looked up at the man's chin in front of her, which had a clear outline.

They had dinner together.

It seemed to be Leila's right. She had been used to his behavior. He held her up after dinner, and carried her back to the bedroom to have a good night.

The early morning sun shone on the bedside. Leila woke up on time because of her biological clock. The person beside her had already gone. The injury on her foot seemed not so painful. She looked at it and the swelling had disappeared. If she walked barefoot on the ground, she could bear the pain.

After finishing the breakfast on the table as usual, she went to the company in Mr. Zhang's car. But when she got out of the car, she saw a woman standing at the entrance with a frown.

Bertha? Why was she here?

Obviously, Bertha also saw her. Her pretty face showed a bit of anger. Walking to her in high heels, she said flirtatiously, "let's talk."

Leila stayed calm. Since she had come to look for her voluntarily, it would be too impolite to refuse her. So, she gently stamped her injured foot on the ground, and then she said with a smile, "okay."

Bertha took a deep look a

t her and wiped her body, then Bertha went into the cafe nearby. Looking at her back, Leila's beautiful eyes flashed a strange look. She followed her in.

The music was soothing in the coffee house. It was the song of 'C song', which she was so familiar with. The sound of the piano was flowing slowly. The air was mixed with the smell of coffee and felt very comfortable. Leila was a person who knew how to enjoy life. She took a deep breath and felt the peace in the air. After that, she followed Bertha to sit near the window.

The woman on the opposite looked a little different from what she saw on TV. She had a perfect makeup on her face, which blurred her vision. The coquettish red lips slowly spit out a few words, "your name is Leila Song?"

Leila raised her eyebrows and said, "yes, I am."

Bertha snickered, showing a mouthful of white teeth. She looked at the petite woman in front of her, with a flash of jealousy and hate in her eyes. It turned out that his taste had changed.

"Do you know Max?"

Her serious question almost made Leila laugh out loud? It was ridiculous that his ex girlfriend asked her such a question. Who did she think she was? She is just one of his ex girlfriends. There is no doubt that their cultivation level is the same with mine, 'she analyzed.

With a soft smile, Leila asked, "do I need to know?"

Hearing this, Bertha intended to give her a head-on blow. Unexpectedly, she lost to him in imposing manner, a result she didn't expect. Her beautiful face suddenly appeared cold, "don't be too complacent. One day, after you are dumped like me, you will cry."

Leila didn't show any concern on her face. She glanced at Bertha indifferently and said, "don't worry. I won't be like you even if he dumped me."

Bertha was completely furious. She pounded the table and got up. Her huge action attracted the attention in the coffee shop. She was a public figure. Her every word and action had been magnified by the media, and at the moment, her action had hidden itself. A flash came from the corner, because nobody noticed it faintly.

Without being aware that her behavior had been slapped, Bertha was in a fit of anger. She said in a cold tone, "Leila, I kindly reminded you, but you didn't know how to behave!"

Leila's face turned cold. Being scolded in the early morning, everyone would be in a bad mood. She suppressed her anger and tried to calm down and said, "as a woman, I advise you to keep your self-esteem."

This word became a fuse. She completely ignited her anger and went mad. Losing her mind, she slapped. Leila didn't expect that she would do this and was in a daze for a moment.

The searing pain on her face made her frown. Half of her face was hidden behind the hair. Her chest heaved unceasingly and her face darkened. Obviously, she was furious.

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