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   Chapter 22 Sprain

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Though the pace of Max was not fast, each step was very big. With the high-heeled shoes, Leila had to trot to keep up with him. But the high-heeled shoes were very thin, so it was easy to sprain when she ran. She really happened to sprain it.

Leila screamed and suddenly fell down about one meter away from the car. Her hand knocked to the ground, and it was cut by a stone. The pain passed from her fingertips to her heart, making her frown. Hearing the noise while getting on the car, Max looked back at her. A strange expression appeared in his cold eyes. He turned around, lifted her sideways, regardless of her surprised gaze. He threw her into the car.

Leila felt his anger again. It was very mysterious. She didn't know what made him angry. After getting along with him these days, she had to come to a conclusion that it was better not to say anything when he was angry. Along the way, she really shut her mouth, and even the tingling sensation from her hands and feet didn't make her groan. She only bit her lips.

Out of the light, her face turned pale. She suppressed the inexplicable emotions in her heart. He drove at the fastest speed, with a beautiful rear end. When the car turned, the little woman next to him leaned against him, and then quickly got up. Because of the strange feelings, Max was still in a bad mood. He drove to her apartment. Leila glanced at it and swallowed her words. She didn't want him to remind her again that her work was to please him.

She had a sprained ankle, and every step she took was painful. She tried her best to bear the pain and followed him into the apartment. The maid took a look at her with a weird expression and saw that the way she walked was a little different. The maid sensed her injury and was about to help her, but she heard a cold voice: "she has feet."

Since Max had discovered her injured foot, he chose to ignore it coldly, just because he didn't want things to get out of his control. For the woman in front of him, he always had a strange emotion that was hard to explain, but he wouldn't allow anything to happen unless it was within his control, including emotions.

Leila knew that he was cold and indifferent, but when she heard this, her heart ached involuntarily. With a self mocking smile at the corner of her mouth, she endured the pain and walked to the sofa and sat down.

The injured part was red and swollen, which looked a little shocking against her fair and smooth skin. Even a little touch on it would make her painful, but it was still a severer pain in her heart. Since when did she have a strange feeling for the man beside her? On second thought, maybe it was his inadvertent tenderness, or his domineering of all the time, she calmed down and regained her calmness. It was true. She only needed to stay by his side to return the shares of the Song Group, or perhaps earlier, when he was tired of her.

She glanced at the maid beside her and asked in a low voice, "do we have plaster or something?"

The maid stood still and didn't dare to say a word. Leila didn't want to make trouble for her any longer, after all, the decision-maker in this house was Max.

The only thing she could do was to tolerate the pain. She sat on the sofa with her head down. In the remaining light, a man picked up a newspaper. He was reading it leisurely. He didn't care about her state at all. He had told her clearly that they were just using each other. He pursued her body and what she wanted was his power. They could get what they wanted, but their hearts couldn't controlled by themselves. She paused and said in a low voice, "can I go upstairs first?"

Self-esteem was something that she had already abandoned at the moment she agreed to be his woman. At this time, she only had to humble herself, maybe he would let her go when he felt happy.

In fact, Max's sight fell on the newspaper, but he couldn't read it at all. The words of the little woman next to him fell to his ears again, arousing the hidden emotions in his heart. He put the newspaper down, regardless of her gaze, and picked her up. He lightly went upstairs, put her on the bed, and looked at her watchful sight. The light in his eyes darkened.

Was he only thinking about that in her heart?

Pressing down on his unhappy mood, Max took out a box of ointment from a drawer and gently applied the ointment on her ankle.

With her eyes wide open, Leila stared at the man in front of her in disbelief. The way he knelt on one knee was tempting. The cool touch on her ankle brought her back to her senses. It was undeniable that her heart, which had just been cut bloody by him, was miraculously healing at the moment, and even a hint of sweetness was mixed.

After a long time, she said softly, "what are you doing?"

With that, Leila wanted to slap herself on the face for it seemed that she as

ked for more trouble.

Strangely, Max did not taunt her. Instead, he gently applied medicine on her ankle, saying casually, "apply some medicine."

Max's words became brief and to the point. Leila's joy was evident in her eyes. She even wanted to jump her legs in joy. She tried to suppress her emotions and her smile was sweet.

"Give me your hand."

A cold voice interrupted her thoughts. Leila sat there in a daze for a long time. When Max was about to frown, she quickly stretched out her hand in front of him, which was scratched by a stone. The blood had dried up. He looked at it with a deep gaze.

Then he got the medicine box, disinfected her wound, applied the medicine on it and bound it up carefully.

Leila didn't know that he could bind up wound. This man seemed to be omnipotent. He was successful in business, and he was excellent in a personal way. Now, he only lacks the success in love. Her heart beat quickly and uncontrollably. She thought, she began to fantasize.

After finishing dealing with her wound, Max raised his head and met with her gentle eyes. His eyes darkened, and he collected the medicine box without saying anything, then he went downstairs. Leila's eyes were fixed on him. After he walked out of the room, she laughed in a low voice.

It was four o'clock in the afternoon. The summer days seemed to be longer. In winter, it was already the time for the setting sun to fall. The sunlight was still intense at this time. Leila was unable to walk because of her injured feet. The sunlight sprinkled through the window, making her warm. She sighed comfortably.

When Max came in, he saw that Leila's figure was bathed in the sunlight, which made her look very warm. The half of her legs were white and smooth, and his eyes darkened. He sat beside her and took her hand to check it. He asked indifferently, "does it hurt?"

Leila shook her head and answered, "No."

It was a lie that she said she didn't feel pain. All the nerves of the fingers were linked with heart. However, after asking him to bind up her wound, she felt much better. She compressed her lips and said in a spoiled tone, "I'm a little hungry."

Upon hearing that, Max sat up and lifted her up again. She then lowered her eyes and her face blushed. He slightly lifted the corners of his mouth and took her to the chair by the dining table. The dining table was already full of delicious dishes, which made the foodie in Leila's stomach arouse. She gave him a careful look, and when she saw the permission of the latter, she dared to eat with the chopsticks.

Dining with a husky voice was in a sharp contrast to her action of devouring ravenously. After dinner, Max took her back to the bedroom, making her do nothing.

Then she realized what her strength saved for. After making love with Max for a whole night, Leila wanted to go to sleep, but he lit up the fire of passion and pulled her back to reality. In the end, she couldn't hold on any longer and fell asleep in his arms. Max missed her body, unwilling to leave, and hugged her all night without a dream.

She was used to not being able to see Max in the morning, so when she woke up in the morning, she found herself still in his arms. Slightly surprised, she flushed. After all, they were both naked and frank.

"Are you awake?"

A low and hoarse voice rang in her ears, which instantly tugged at her heartstrings. She nodded as a reply. Hearing that, Max slightly closed his eyes, making it hard to see the expression in his eyes clearly. After a moment of silence, Max stood up and exposed his perfect body to her eyes. Leila covered her face in the quilt, leaving only her moist eyes blinking of spiritual light. Max put on the clothes and said "Don't go to work today."

After thinking for a while, Leila felt that she really could not go to work since her foot was injured. It was the first time that he had been able to treat her sincerely, which made her a little uncomfortable. After he walked out of the room, she scolded herself for her thought like a slave.

After sitting on the bed for a while, Leila felt bored. At this moment, her phone rang. She glanced at the phone and frowned.

'Astrid? Why did she call her?

Instead of hearing rage as she expected, she heard a calm voice.

"Let's meet."

Leila raised her eyebrows, not because she was afraid that Astrid would do something bad to her, but because the injury on her foot didn't allow her to accept the challenge. Leila answered, "I don't have time today."

With great determination, Astrid added, "let's do it tomorrow."

Seeing Astrid being so persistent, Leila answered, "Okay."

After hanging up the phone, the past friendship emerged in her mind. She could not help but let cold light emerging in her eyes. No matter if it was a trap or any other intentions, she was willing to follow!

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