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   Chapter 21 Design (Part Two)

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Having no idea what Astrid had said to Veron, she saw that Veron was out of control, and his handsome face began to burn with anger. He was flushed while arguing with her. How could Leila miss such a good opportunity? She took her mobile phone out of her pocket and took several photos of the couple with a smile. Sitting next to her, Max squinted at her with a mysterious expression in his eyes. Leila looked through the photo album on her mobile phone and smiled like a furtive cat.

Just then, something happened between Astrid and Veron. They didn't argue anymore somehow. Looking at the woman in front of him, Veron gradually calmed down. A slight flush appeared on the woman's face. Leila raised her eyebrows in the car and looked at the man and woman in front of her. She began to sneer, and she just wanted to take some photos of them from some special angles. But these two persons chose to be intimate, which really surprised Leila. Just as she said before, they would act in collusion with each other.

Not knowing what Astrid was saying, Veron gently pulled her into his arms. Leila couldn't hear clearly what Veron was saying, but she could hear a vague word from his lips, which seemed to be saying something 'I know I've hurt you'.

She thanked Max even more for taking her away so she could see them clearly. If she hadn't entered the room by mistake that night, they would have kept her in the dark like she was a fool.

With an even colder look, Leila took out her phone and took a few photos of the couple in front of her. Then she sent a message to Daisy, telling her that there was nothing interesting since there was only one person involved in the "catch adultery". Besides, Daisy was engaged to Veron. He was intimate with another female in public, which would certainly piss off Daisy. After all, they would be in an internal strife. But the worse they were, the happier she was.

Listening to the vibration of her phone, Leila smiled cunningly. She pressed the button and heard a roar of rage from the other end of the phone.

"Leila, what do you mean? !"

Leila squinted her eyes and said lazily, "I'm here to help you. We were at the former university. Do you want to visit yourself?"

When Daisy roared on the phone, Leila quickly hung up the phone, preventing her from saying anything. Why did she ask for trouble?

Max sat aside and watched quietly. It seemed that things had come to an end. But it was not a good ending. He opened the door and got out of the car in her surprise. Before she had time to react, she had been pulled out of the car. Seeing their figures in an instant, the people on the opposite side panicked. Veron hurriedly pushed away the woman in his arms, such a decisive action brought a slight pain to Astrid's face. She stared at Leila ferociously, while Leila shrugged slightly as a sign of helplessness.

"Leila, it's not what you think!"

After receiving the phone call from Leila at noon, Veron went straight to the gate of the university, but he didn't find her after waiting for a long time. He thought that there was something urgent, so he walked around the school. She didn't show up at the university, but her best friend, Astrid, came there.

Astrid told him that they had fallen into a trap. He didn't believe it and started to argue with her. But as he listened to her unintentionally, a sense of conceit arose in his heart all of a sudden. Both of them seemed to have forgotten that Leila had asked them out for a meeting, and it went out of control. When Leila really stood in front of him, they suddenly realized what Astrid said was true and she had set a trap.

Veron couldn't believe that the once innocent and naive girl could play such a trick. But Astrid stood aside with an undisguised hatred.

"Leila, you are such a bitch!"

Leila felt more carefully that 'bitch' was not an insult. She chuckled and accepted it generously. Then she replied gently, "don't be angry. I have a big gift for you."

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Then Daisy walked in a hurry and saw the four persons standing in front of the university. Her face darkened. She said in a cold voice, "what else can we talk about?"

"Humph!" said Veron, looking at her with a scowl. He didn't even want to explain anything, which enraged Daisy. She stepped forward, a trace of cruelty appeared on her usually beautiful face.

"Veron, I will give you a chance to explain everything clearly."

"Just as you can see," said Veron with a cold look at her.

He didn't know that Leila had sent a photo in which he and Astrid were hugging together. He thought that Daisy had wronged him and Leila. And as long as Leila was involved, he couldn't bear it anymore. His usual tenderness turned into a cold tone.

Anger was ignited in Daisy's heart. She turned to Astrid, who was standing beside her, and said in a ferocious tone, "shame on you!"

Astrid was a bad tempered girl. Hearing her words, she flared up and the hatred that she had repressed for many years burst out at this moment. She said sharply, "speaking of that, aren't we the same kind of people?"

Her words touched Daisy. She realized that she had done similar thing to Leila for

getting Veron. Because of this, Daisy was regarded as a "mistress" forever. Even though they were engaged now, the past cannot be erased. Moreover, even if she snatched Veron from Leila, the latter quickly found a stronger man, which made her more like a contemptible scoundrel.

Daisy couldn't stand it any more, so she lifted her hand and was about to give a slap on Astrid's face, but Astrid didn't want it. She immediately clamped her hand with her own hand so that Daisy couldn't move.

Leila and Max had been taking a panoramic view of the whole scene. After a while, they felt boring. When they were about to turn around and leave, a very low voice came behind them.

"Leila, did you design all this?"

Leila turned back and looked at Veron coldly. She wasn't a forgetful person. She still remembered the time when she begged him, and compared the past experience

with what she was seeing now. It was really ironic.

Leila tried to answer him mildly, "yes, I did."

She saw a flash of injury on the face of Veron, after all, he was her former lover. Leila pursed her lips slightly, then turned around, and Max began to stride. She trotted all the way to follow up, ignoring the burning sight behind.

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