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   Chapter 19 They Happened To Have The Same View

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Leila looked at the man, his gloomy eyes made her resist, and she subconsciously turned her head away to avoid the uncomfortable feeling. The next second, her chin was pinched by him.

Max squinted dangerously, staring at the little woman, and being dissatisfied with her resistance, he lowered his head and kissed her.

Gradually, Leila's limpid eyes faded away.

It was a sleepless night.

The morning sunshine sprinkled to the bed openly, and a few strands of them fell between the eyebrows of Leila. Without drawing the curtain, she woke up very early in the morning. She muttered and opened her eyes slightly.

It was only seven o'clock in the morning. She thought she would wake up early, but to her surprise, Max had already left.

It seemed that he was always very busy with his work. It was a little embarrassing compared with her own free time in the company.

Leila looked at the piles of breakfast on the table. She knew she must eat up each drop without the help of the maid. For such an inhuman method, she could not say anything against it, which sounded more inhuman and fell into endless circles. She had no choice but to bite the sandwich hard. The male chauvinism of Max had reached a certain level. She could only take it.

After breakfast, Leila felt she was like a pig kept in a dark circle. She was waiting for someone to kill her if she had fatten up. Her heart shivered with fear. She tidied up hurriedly and went out of the apartment. The driver had been waiting for her outside the door for a long time. When he saw her, he smiled and said, "Miss Song, you get up so early today."

Leila bit her lips and didn't know what to say except for smiling. After getting on the car, Mr. Zhang drove smoothly and didn't bump on the way to the company.

The black Maybach was so eye-catching that it attracted a lot of attention from the company staff. Leila's eyes twinkled with a beam of light into the company.

Now that Johnson had laid down his guard, it was time to take actions. The earlier she carried out her plan, the earlier it would be completed, and the earlier she could leave him. Thinking of this, Leila paused, ignoring the strange feeling in her heart. She took out the company information he gave her, remembering that he had said that there was a Mr. Dong, who was left by her grandfather of the Song Group. Today, she was going to meet this manager.

A hint of cunning flashed through her clear and bright eyes. She sat in the office leisurely and knocked the table with her hands. The company's ranking table was displayed on the computer, and the manager Dong was in charge of the technology department. It was said that there was a certain relationship between the technology department and the logistics department, so as the undersecretary of the logistics department, it was only natural for her to look for the manager of the technology department. Such a relationship was quite related to their work. After Leila picked

up her phone, she walked out of the office.

There was only a corridor between the logistics department and the technology department. They were not far from the end of the corridor. Leila song, wearing high heels, said nothing about the strange gaze from others and did not care about the small disturbance in the crowd. With a decent smile, she stood in front of the door

of Mr. Dong with a document in her hand. And she gently knocked on the door and opened it.

Looking at the smiling lady in front of the door, Mr. Dong was startled. It was said that Miss Leila was extremely difficult to get along with. He had no idea what she came for.

Leila looked at him up and down. He was nearly forty years old. He looked upright, simple and honest, with a pair of glasses on his square face. He should be a refined man when he was young, and the layout of the office was not gorgeous, which made him look cool and refreshing. He was the only one left by his grandpa, but not clear about his working ability, or maybe she could throw away a brick in order to get a gem.

Leila and Mr. Dong were observing each other. Just like what they said, she was very beautiful. She was not inferior to others even in this era of advanced plastic technology. However, he cared much about her identity and he was left by her grandfather. He had been working very hard over the years. He believed that the Song Group was not as good as it used to be. He felt sorry for it but he could do nothing. He wanted to know whether it was a coincidence that Leila appeared or she had a plan.

Both of them were lost in thought. No one was willing to say a word first. There was a silence of awkwardness in the air. After a long time, Leila closed the door of the office. Her move made Mr. Dong's heart beat fast. It seemed that Miss Song had something to talk to him. He cleared his throat and asked, "Miss Leila, why are you here today?"

Leila was amused by the way he spoke. She walked to him slowly and tried to be polite. She put the documents in her hand on his desk and said in an indifferent tone, "Mr. Dong, the staff of your technical department seemed to be a little sluggish. The work in logistics department has hardly been done. Here is the data. Please have a look."

After hearing what she said, Mr. Dong took over the document. His face changed as he looked down. He was indeed slack in t

he past month. He didn't expect that he would let his subordinates become neglectful of duty. Just as she said, the work from the technical department was directly transferred to the logistics department. A hint of anger appeared on his simple face. He said in a deep voice, "Miss Leila, thank you for your reminder. I will take care of it seriously and give you a reasonable explanation. "

Leila's bricks had been thrown out, but no gem was taken back. Her eyes flashed, and she directly went to the point. "Mr. Dong is left by my grandpa, right?"

As Mr. Dong heard what she said, he already knew her purpose. It seemed that they happened to have the same view. When he looked at her, he already understood what she meant. Leila reached out to him and said with a meaningful smile, "Mr. Dong, happy cooperation!"

Mr. Dong smiled and said, "I hope we will have a good cooperation."

When Leila went back from the technology department to the logistics department, Freddy, who was walking towards her, saw her. Seeing that she was coming from the technology department, Freddy was puzzled and asked, "Miss Leila, what were you going to do in the technology department?"

Leila put the document into his arms and said calmly, "even a person who doesn't understand much like me can figure out the dereliction of duty in the technical department. You have been working in the company for so many years, but you are always bullied by them in this way?"

Freddy took over the document and checked it. His face changed dramatically. Recently, he had been too busy observing her and reporting to Johnson. So he neglected the work. He did not expect to be caught by her that he made such a big mistake. On the surface, he was the boss, but in fact, everyone knew that Miss Leila owned a lot of shares. If he offended her, how could he live a better life in the future?

Freddy broke out in a cold sweat and said, "it's my fault. I won't do that again!"

His words were so sincere that Leila felt embarrassed to continue blaming him. She glanced at him and said, "although the work in logistics department is easy, we can't let people bully us like this. We still need to pay them back."

Freddy knew that Miss Leila was not a person to be trifled with. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It was human nature. This department and the technology department become enemies!

After talking with Freddy for a while, Leila went back to her office. She had made such a great trap. She didn't believe that he wouldn't be taken in. On the surface, the technology department was had a bad relationship with the logistics department. This was more conducive to her action with the Mr. Dong. She must get the shares of the Song Group!

Now that she happened to have the same view with Mr. Dong, Leila was much relieved. She had a long way to go and she had to make a good plan. Those who had bullied her must pay back in a hundred times or even a thousand times!

For example, now Daisy, Leila gently rubbed the ring on her finger, with a touch of coldness in the eyes. Since Daisy was so impatient, Leila allow it. Her slender fingers slid across the screen, and gently slid a few times, found the number that once fascinated her. Her smile became frosty, and she dialed it.

The call was connected soon and a gentle voice, which sounded anxious and excited, "Leila! Have you forgiven me? "

In the past, his voice always sounded cheerful for her, but at this moment, she faintly felt disgusted. Suppressing the disgust in her heart, she said indifferently, "it's useless if I don't forgive you now. Let's see each other."

On the other side of the phone, a smug smile appeared on Veron's handsome face. He knew that she would not forget him easily, so he softened his tone a little and asked, "where do we meet?"

After a short silence, Leila said casually, "how about we go to the university?"

Suppressing the eagerness in his heart, Veron said, "Okay, then we'll see each other there."

Although he had tried his best to suppress the joy in his tone, she still exposed his emotions unconsciously. Apparently, Leila noticed it. Her eyes darkened. In front of her old lover, she didn't feel the old friendship, but her heart was filled with disgust. Such a different feeling did not make her uncomfortable, but made her comfortable. She felt happy and relaxed. She hung up the phone and dialed another number. A voice that hasn't been heard for a long time came.

"Leila, don't you hate me?"

The voice of Astrid came through from the phone. It reminded Leila of the moment when Astrid had pushed her into Max, and overwhelming hatred swept over her. She restrained the hatred with her fingers clenched and said, "I'm looking for you for something. See you at the entrance of the University."

Astrid paused on the phone and thought for a while. At last, Astrid agreed, "okay."

After hanging up the phone, Leila's fingers began to relax a little. She felt a sting in her palm, which was cyan and purple due to her fingernails. If she remembered correctly, Astrid had a secret crush on Veron. In the past, she needed to consider Leila. But now she shouldn't be so hesitant when she saw Veron again. After all, she had been loving Veron secretly for so many years. Now that they had graduated, it's

time for her to be outspoken and tell Veron that she loves him.

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