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   Chapter 18 The Map Of The Farm (Part Two)

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The decoration style of Max's office was very comfortable, simple and generous, but not very exquisite. It was not monotonous and not fancy, which was very in keeping with his image. Thinking of this, Leila could not help but turn to look at him.

It was a very familiar face. The profile of the face was perfect, which was delicately carved by the God. Now it was slightly coated with golden edge in the sun, and the fine features could not even be seen through the pores. His eyes were always shining, and even in the darkness, they were still alive.

With her chin resting on her hands, Leila stared blankly at Max, or seeming to look at someone through the Max. In a word, when Max turned his eyes, he happened to see her in a daze. After a pause, he said indifferently, "go home."

Hearing that, Leila came to herself. Looking at the handsome face of Max, she blushed at once. Standing up hurriedly, she followed Max, and when she walked out, she shivered again because of the low temperature, which made the man squint at her. "It's a little cold," said Leila immediately

Without saying a word, he turned around and kept moving forward. His footsteps were so big that Leila had to run all the way to keep up with him. The space in the elevator was so small that almost all of her nose was filled with his breath. She held her breath and walked side by side with him. She was a little behind him, because she lowered her eyes, so she didn't even know when he stopped and turned around.

As her nose hit his chest, Leila wanted to move back, but was pulled into his arms again. The pain almost made her cry. A low voice above her head said, "raise your head."

Hearing this, Leila raised her head and criticized him in her mind. What kind of hobby was he? He seemed to be interested in playing with her?

Because of the impact, there was a slight flush on the tip of her nose. The tear gland was also filled with tears. She looked pitiful, like a frightened rabbit.

She was so small that she was annoying and adorable when scratching his heart.

"Does it hurt?"

He asked her in a low voice.

Even if it hurt, Leila didn't dare to say it. She shook her head and said, "No."

When saying this, Leila was almost suspicious. If there was thunder now, she should have been struck. Obviously, Max did not believe her. He put his hand on her nose and said in a hoarse voice, "do you still say it doesn't hurt? It's red."

Looking at the man in front of her, Leila slightly bent down and looked at him. His breath sprayed on her face. It was itching, with a hint of coldness. In the quiet, she seemed to be able to hear her own heartbeat, as fast and strong

as a drum.

Obviously, Max had heard it too. A smile appeared in his eyes. He was very satisfied with the little woman's reaction in front of him, but it was often seen through.

The Bertha's face turned red and frank came into the building. She was about to make a phone call to Max when a woman followed him out of the elevator. Their intimacy made her lose control. She took a step forward and said in a sharp voice, "Max!"

Upon hearing that, her eyes turned cold. He straightened up, squinted at the angry woman in front of him, and said coldly, "get out."

Again! Was that all he had between them?

With a unwilling face, Bertha stepped forward and came a meter away from Max. She looked over his body and looked at the calm face of Leila. It was this woman. Why was she better than her?

Bertha's eyes were full of jealousy, looking at her face as if she were looking at a humble ant. Leila's eyes were cold. Who the hell was she? Except for the Max, she had never been afraid of anyone!

Bertha took a deep breath and had just calmed down. Then she was sneered by Leila's sarcastic eyes. She said coldly, "Max, you abandon me like this. Aren't you afraid that I will spread your business out?"

She couldn't care so much now. She couldn't afford to lose the Max. Once she lost him, she would lose her life. Whatever it would take, she would come back to him again!

Bertha forgot that she was threatening the person who was the biggest financial tycoon in D city now. If he wanted, or did not even touch one of her fingers, she would completely disappear from D city. Before she released his information, she would completely lose the ability to speak.

There were two ways to show the world that were not afraid of tigers. One was a newborn calf, the other was a dying man. Obviously, Bertha belonged to the latter. With an icy expression in Max's eyes, he looked at the secretary next to him and said coldly, "get her out."

The secretary nodded and motioned the guard in front of the door to drag Bertha out. She frantically avoided him, her wavy hair tousled by her, and she was dragged all the way out of the Mu Group. Looking at it, Leila was shocked. She pressed her lips, thinking of that banquet at the gate.

The warning from his friend was still vivid in her mind. She originally thought it didn't matter, but now she could not ignore the abnormality in her heart. She lowered her eyes to conceal her emotions.

Hearing this, Max looked more gloomy, so did Leila. She followed him silently all the way back to the apartment. Before entering the room, she was lifted up into the air. When she came to her senses, she was held in his arms.

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