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   Chapter 17 The Map Of The Farm (Part One)

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After going back to her desk, the anger in Daisy's heart almost broke out. Staring at the documents piled up in front of her, she couldn't help but flash a strange look. Her lips curled and her fingers gradually clenched into fists. Leila, look at you. The logistics department can't stay there any longer!

Soon it was time to go off work. Leila stayed in the office for a long time and felt something was wrong. She was not allowed to visit her mother. What a cruel request! Her constant complaint seemed to have some spirit. The phone on the table suddenly vibrated, and she immediately pressed the answering button by conditioned reflex.

"Come to my company."

A cold voice came from the other end of the line. Leila obeyed the regulations of call as it should be. She hung up the phone and headed for the Mu group. Looking at the magnificent building in front of her, she slowly stepped in.

Without her self introduction, this woman was recognized by the receptionist. She said with respect, "turn left, private elevator, ninth floor."

Leila nodded slightly and thanked the receptionist politely. Then she walked into the elevator under the strange gaze of the receptionist. As the name suggested, only Max was in this private elevator. Now she was also enjoying it. After looking around, she suppressed the emotions surging in her heart and stepped into the floor after the elevator ring.

The room was so quiet that the echo of footsteps echoed in the air-conditioning room for several times. The temperature was a little low and she shivered all of a sudden She entered the office of Max.

Max was looking down at the documents and seemed not to be aware of her arrival. Looking from Leila's point of view, she only felt that his side face looked very beautiful. The afternoon sunshine was not strong, showing a slightly warm yellow. A few strands of sunlight sprinkled into his hair from the windowsill, gently pulsing on his hair.

She stood at the door and didn't go in. It was not until he realized her existence that he squinted slightly. He said in an indifferent tone, "come in."

Leila dared not slacken off, and went straight into the house. Before she stood firm, she was pulled over by a strong force. She screamed, and the breath of him made her heart beat faster. She tried to suppress the abnormality in her heart. Leila whispered: "why did you call me?"

Max's breath sprayed in her neck. Not long after, the skin became red and tempting, like a ripe cherry that was picked by someone, making people want to take a bite.

In fact, Max also did so. When he swept lightly over her skin, she trembled, and her body was very sensitive. Her whole body was unable to move and she was paralyzed.

Max just buried his head in her neck and did not make the next move. His short hair was soft and smooth on her skin. Leila felt itchy and wanted to move. But she heard a low and a very hoarse voice. "Don't move."

With a blush on her face, Leila could feel the change in his body. She sat still instantly and froze for a long time. When her legs were almost numb, t

he Max behind her finally let go of her body.

As soon as he released her, Leila jumped off his legs. Max said in a cold and calm voice, "this is the plan of the farm. Have a look."

Leila took it and looked at it roughly. The design was very exquisite, the division was very clear and the very good design draft. She nodded and said, "good."

Hearing that, Max took a look at her with a weird expression in her deep eyes. Then she said, "look at it carefully."

Leila checked it again carefully. Still nothing special. She said with hesitation, "I haven't found it out..."

Hearing that, Max's eyes darkened. It was reasonable. She was a university student who had graduated in University and was not able to find any problem by herself. However, he calmed himself down and took the design drawing over. He modified it with the pen in his hand and then handed it to her, "check it again."

Leila had been accustomed to his carefulness. She took over the drawing and glanced at it, a hint of surprise appearing on her face. If it was an excellent one, then this one would be useful for competitors because it would be much more clear than the previous one.

The level of the script had been doubled, and the volume of the blank had also been doubled. Leila checked the draft over and over again as if she had picked up a treasure. She had always been very talented in this aspect. After being poked out by Max, she raised the pen in an instant and drew another line on the paper, and then she returned it to Max.

He looked at her complacently and took over the drawing. There was a look of surprise on his face. He had checked her information and got her good scores in school. But he didn't expect that she could understand it so quickly and easily.

Leila looked at Max with a big smile as if she was a cat who caught a mouse for its owner to praise her. The smile on Max's face was so bright that he didn't notice it. After a while, he said in a low voice, "follow this sketch and go back to make another one."

With an inexplicable loss in her heart, Leila nodded in a low voice, looking upset.

Perhaps she didn't realize that she would unconsciously show her true feelings in front of Max. Every move of her was full of amorous feelings.

Seeing her expression, Max raised her eyebrows slightly and said in a soft voice, "good girl."

That was what he usually said to her. In the past, Leila always thought he was threatening her. But today, out of her expectation, she felt a little excited. She pursed her lips and hid her unfathomable emotion, waiting for his order.

Having a glance at her, Max said casually, "wait for me to join you."

Answered Leila obediently. She sat on the sofa, propping her chin with her hands, and admiring his office. She hadn't come to his office in such a hurry last time. She left in a hurry and didn't have time to enjoy the decoration work. As a financial student, she worshiped the fragrance and design major, so she often took classes in the University. Generally speaking, Leila was a child who liked studying at other's University.

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