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   Chapter 16 The Wasteland Was Rebuilt (Part Two)

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She was quite bold.

The more Leila said, the more excited she became. In the end, she was even about to spit. Leila was stopped by Max in time. "All right. When the resort is completed, you will be in charge of the plan for this land."

Leila was shocked and looked at him in disbelief. This was not a free gift. If something happened to her, several million was not enough to pay for her loss.

"You dare not?" Max said in an indifferent tone.

Leila hurriedly responded, "yes!"

As long as he didn't scare, she had nothing to fear.

With a smile in the corners of Max's mouth, he looked at Leila as if she was a fish that had been hooked. His thin lips moved slightly. "After getting on the right track, 40% of the profits will be marked under your name."

He threw thousands of red coins on her with a simple sentence. Leila pretended to be calm. Max was so rich that few people could compare with him.

He was rich and could do whatever he wanted.

After everything was decided, Max drove back. Leila got excited all the way. After all, if the farm succeeded, forty percent of the profit would be almost enough for her whole life's food and drink. The first step to revenge was to become strong.

Leila took a look at Max who was driving. She could understand that he was helping her.

Noticing the gaze from the little woman, Max didn't change his face. He pursed his lips and looked the same as usual. Leila felt a little worried and turned away hurriedly, but she didn't realize that someone was smiling.

It seemed that they got along well with each other.

When they returned to the company, Leila was the one who was in the spotlight. After all, the man who drove her back in person was none other than Max, the CEO of the Mu Group!

Since when, the name of "Max" had become a fairy tale, turning from the teenager financial tycoon to the representative of power and money. Almost all the women in the D city dreamed that one day they could climb into his bed and become his woman, turning into a powerful woman.

At last, many women's dreams were realized by Leila. The difference was that she was not an ordinary female, but a special female. As a woman born in a rich family, she had been envied by her peers since childhood. Although the Song Group was not on par with the Mu Group, but she had been born superior to other ordinary women.

Stepping on the high heels, Leila walked into the revolving door of the Song Group. With the admiration or jealousy of many people, she felt cold in her heart. She disdained to use her body for such an eyesight but she wanted revenge. But thinking about it again, she did not lose anything even though she was Max's woman.

An involuntary smile appeared on Leila's face. When she entered the office, she didn't receive the care of Freddy. She suddenly realized that maybe

Johnson had let down his guard.

Just as she was about to sit down for a rest, someone approached from the front door. She looked at Daisy in the opposite, with a flash of hatred in her beautiful eyes. Daisy did not notice her difference at all. She casually sat on the sofa, fingers around the hair on her chest. In Leila's eyes, she was very annoying.

"Oh, I was wondering why I didn't see you this morning. It turned out you were with Max." Said Daisy.

With a cold smile on her face, Leila said, "Yeah, Max has taken me to buy jewelries this morning. Do you think they look good on me, sister?"

As Leila said, she stretched out her slender hand. The light shining on her slender fingers made Daisy grit her teeth. The platinum ring with a pear shaped diamond and two slimmer long stick diamonds is obviously the most expensive Harry stone in the market. She liked the diamond at the first sight when she engaged with Veron, but he didn't buy it for her. The reason was that it was too expensive!

The face of Daisy darkened. Seeing Leila's complacent look, she wanted to tear her up!

Why? Why was she not as great as her? In terms of appearance, she was absolutely confident, but compared with Leila, she was still too young. In terms of talent, she thought that was the best. But after she left the company, who would care about her talent?

The hatred was undisguised. Looking at it, Leila was cold in the heart. Her mother was made into a vegetative state by Daisy and Sophia, then they took away her mother's shares little by little. How could she stand it!

Leila calmed herself down. She couldn't show any emotion now, or all her efforts would be in vain. She took a deep breath and gently stroked the ring in her hand. It was given to her by Max last night. To make him feel she liked it, she wore the ring on her finger. She didn't expect it would come in handy. She deliberately softened her tone and said, "if you like it..."

She prolonged her tone on purpose. With a glimmer of hope in Daisy's eyes, she wondered whether Leila was going to give the ring to her.

What Leila said next completely got on Daisy's nerves.

"Ask my brother-in-law to buy it for you."

Leila said as if it was a matter of course. And indeed, what she said was regarded as a matter of course. It just hit on Daisy's sore spot. Then she stood up all of a sudden, with a frosty face, and said in a stiff tone, "I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now."

Then she left in her high heels in a hurry, leaving Leila in the room.

Looking at her back, Leila sneered coldly. The resentment in her eyes was so great that it almost burned a hole in the back of Daisy. She tapped the table unconsciously with her fingers. The mother and daughter had made her and her mother suffer so much. If she didn't return, it could hardly be justifiable.

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