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   Chapter 15 The Wasteland Was Rebuilt (Part One)

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To her surprise, Max didn't get angry. Leila felt nothing but suppressed. She was perturbed all the way. It wasn't until the car stopped that she realized she had to go to work. "I have to work..." she hesitated.

She didn't dare to speak loudly, but her weak voice displeased the man beside her. He turned to look at her coldly and said indifferently, "it seems that you have a bad memory. I told you that your work is to please me."

For the first time, Max repeated his words twice. Leila trembled. Although she was dissatisfied, she could not show any emotion on her face. She lowered her voice and said, "I see."

Getting out of the car following Max, Leila looked around and then frowned. There was nobody else out of the city. She thought, 'it's summer now, but the cold wind around made me shiver a little.'

Hearing that, Max turned around, looked at her with an indifferent gaze, and then said indifferently, "your hand."

Leila was overwhelmed by an unexpected favor and looked at his slender hand. She was so shocked that she kept watching for a long time. Then Max's face became more gloomy. Did she have to ask him to repeat a sentence twice?

On the edge of Max's explosion, Leila stretched out her hand in time. He glanced coldly at her, but said nothing. She breathed a sigh of relief, and followed him step by step into an unknown 'path'.

It was really hard to call for a road. It was surrounded by the weeds, which were about half height. People made a path by deliberately stepping on. Leila, who had walked on the asphalt road, staggered in high heels. She didn't fall down to the ground and felt disgraced because her hands holding by Max's.

Leila looked into the distance and asked, "where are we going?"

Clutching her hand, Max walked forward. Leila could only follow him step by step. But it felt like a blind man walking. She was about to lose her mind, and her heart beat faster.

After a long time, Max stopped. Leila gasped for air. Looking at the room in front of her, she forgot to breathe.

This was an old room, strictly speaking, not a room. Because there was no roof, she swallowed and didn't know what Max brought her here for.

"Go in."

Leila was shocked by the sudden voice and trembled all over. She frowned. Looking at the room in front of her, Leila thought it was like a haunted room in the movie. Although Leila knew she shouldn't ask this, she said uncontrollably, "why should I go in first?"

With a gloomy face, Max looked at the little woman who was flinching back. Was she so timid?

He was right. Leila could do anything, but being brave was the most difficult thing for her. She wasn't afraid of all the difficulties, but she was extremely afraid of things that could not be explained by science.

"Excuse me, can I stay outside?"

She asked cautiously, with a look of appeal in her eyes. When she was not prepared, Max suddenly opened the door and Leila let out a scream. The blue veins on Max's temple were throbbing, which made Max began to doubt if it was

a wrong choice to bring her to the place.

With no movement after screaming, Leila squinted her eyes into a seam. The first sight she saw was the sullen face of Max. She tried to suppress the fear in her heart, nodded slightly and apologized, "sorry, I have lost control..."

But Max ignored her and went straight into the room. Leila hurried to keep up with him. To her surprise, the room was not as gloomy as she thought. Instead, it was neat and tidy. When the dust on the tables and chairs was removed, the room looked normal. Leila gradually calmed down.

She followed Max closely. There was a door in the other side of the room. When Max opened the door, Leila's view became broad in a flash. On the opposite side stood the endless weeds. As it was summer, the green leaves

brought a visual impact. The air was filled with a faint fragrance of grass. She finally realized how inappropriate her scream was.

"How do you like this place?"

Hearing that, Leila answered truthfully, "very good."

"If we rebuilt the wasteland into an amusement park, what do you think?"

Leila suggested by instinct, "if we rebuilt it, we would rather build a farm. Look, it's a fertile land, and the weeds are so thick. In this case, if we rebuilt a farm, the quality of cultured plants or fruits must be good."

She squatted down, picked up a little of the soil and smelled it. Then she smiled at him and said, "I guess it's right. The acid-base value of this land is just right. If it is improved a little more, it is no problem to plant fruit."

Hearing Leila's words, Max had a profound look on her. He had done a thorough research on her. She majored in finance at university. At first, he just wanted to test her ability, but he didn't expect that she would give him such a big surprise. He slightly squinted his eyes and said, "you've learnt agriculture?"

What he said pulled Leila back to reality completely. She had just forgotten that the person in front of her was the CEO of Mu Group. Playing tricks in front of such a person was really beyond her ability. She said "I had finished a few agricultural courses when I was at college."

The emotion in Max's eyes became more and more difficult to grasp. He was a man of few words, "go on."

Leila was stunned for a while, and finally she realized that he wanted her to say something about the land. She paused, and a sense of pride arose in her heart. She seemed to be immediately picked up by mark.

"I have just looked around and learned that the specific data still need to be measured by electric devices. At that time, we can build not only a planting farm, but also some other houses. Since there is a distance from the city, this season it can be used as a resort. In this way, the profit of this land will be increased quickly."

A crack appeared on Max's face. He hadn't thought of the plan of the resort. In this way, it was a huge amount of money. Normally, without enough confidence, ordinary people wouldn't have the guts to make such a plan. His eyes twinkled.

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