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   Chapter 14 The Qiao Family And The Mu Family

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"Do you want me to join the pharmacy research project of the Mu Group?"

With his brows furrowed, Charles looked at his father and a hint of displeasure appeared on his gentle face. No matter what reason he had, he really didn't like the man named Max. He didn't like to cooperate with someone he didn't like.

Caspar also deeply looked at him. He knew what his son was thinking about, but there was a document in Qiao's group that required Mu group to sign a contract with it. Max agreed without any hesitation that his son, Charles, must come to his scientific research team.

Caspar had no choice but to agree as well. After all, considering the advantages and disadvantages, it was difficult for him to refuse.

"Charles, I know that you don't want to take over the company, but it will affect the future of the Qiao family."

Charles looked at him. His father never forced him to do anything he didn't like. He believed that if he didn't agree, Max would withdraw the conditions for helping his company, letting it run its own course.

Charles suddenly felt a pang of humiliation. That day when he was in Song family, he refused Max in public, but now he had to agree to go to the scientific research team. It was a humiliation. He pursed his lips. A hint of cruelty appeared in his eyebrows.

Caspar also looked at his son, who was always proud of it, and felt that it was really unfair to him. He gritted his teeth and said, "forget it. If you don't like it, then don't go."

A thought crossed his mind and he said in a low voice: "I'll go."

Caspar looked at him in surprise, too. A complicated expression appeared on the latter's face. Then, with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, Charles said, "father, I'm taking over the Qiao family now. I should pay more attention to the interests of the Qiao family. Trust me, I will deal with it well."

Caspar also smiled with satisfaction, "Okay, you're my son!"

Charles's shoulder was heavy. His father laughed brightly. There was a fluctuation in his gentle eyes, but it disappeared in an instant.

The news of Charles's joining in the Mu group immediately drew the attention of the media. One was the financial tycoon, and the other was a famous doctor. The cooperation between the two families instantly caused a dispute in the outside world, and there were even rumors that the Mu family and the Qiao family would join hands, and then the whole D city would be owned by these two families.

As for the rumors, the Mu group and the Qiao group remained unmoved and ignored the media. The news which was not groundless gradually turned to peaceful.

The peace on the outside didn't mean the inner peace. Since he joined the scientific research group, he almost stayed in the lab every day, until he lost his appetite. In normal, his attitude towards work would certainly satisfy the boss, but that was not the way Charles was treated.

He loved medical science and had a unique opinion, but that was exactly the barrier for him to communicate with other members of the group. Not only once, when Max heard someone complain that Charles was too domineering and he seldom discussed with the members of the group, he came to a conclusion naturally. Although his conclusion was often correct, others felt that his attitude was more than enough.

Hearing the members' complaints once again, Max still looked cold, but his tone was cold. "Our company has not yet been idle enough to raise a bunch of losers."

That member shivered at his words. He knew that it was because the president attached great importance to the scientific research group that he ignored his tone. He just forgot that in front of him, Max was a cold-blooded animal.

With a gentle wave of the finger, that member immediately retreated, who was in a cold sweat.

When the figure of the member completely disappeared, a cold light flashed in Max's eyes. What he wanted was the team spirit of cooperation. He didn't need geniuses or geniuses. It seemed that Charles hadn't realized his identity yet.

If Max was frosty, he would make Charles realize the truth!

Leila hadn't seen him for two consecutive days. It was good to get rid of that demon, but compared to the embrace of the man in front of her, she would rather stay with Max!

"Leila, trust me. I have no feelings for Daisy."

Veron was a hypocrite. She might have believed him if she had seen the scene before. But now she was sick of it. Leila shook off his arm and said coldly, "brother in law, please behave yourself. We are in the company and probably have an 'encounter' with my sister. At that time, both of us will be unable to defend ourselves."

Hearing that, Veron didn't grab her arms any more. As Leila said, Daisy looked weak on the surface, but in fact, she was very good at using all kinds of methods. If he was found to pull Leila together now, even if there was nothing, Daisy would accuse him of confusing right and wrong.

However Looking at the pretty woman in front of him, he was sure that he loved her, and that he didn't want to make t

hings today

His eyes darkened as he recalled how regretful he had been when he lost the girl who had always followed him.

"Leila, can you give me another chance?"

Leila almost burst into laughter. How ironic it was that the people who said he didn't love her, now, were pleading for her. Back then, the people who thought she was trustworthy, also looked at her coldly, turned to show kindness to her sister. Now that they had engaged, he came to her and asked her to give him another chance.

A hint of coldness flashed in Leila's eyes. She smiled, "Okay, I'll give you a chance."

Veron's eyes lit up and he was about to pull Leila's arm with joy. But then she said in a cold tone, "now I give you a chance. You can find a way to break off your engagement to her and abandon Daisy family openly. Isn't that difficult?"

To be honest, it wasn't a difficult thing for other person, but to him, it was even harder. He frowned and didn't know how to answer.

Seeing his reaction, Leila thought she should be a little sad, but strangely, she only had the disgusting feeling in her heart, nothing else.

She continued with a sneer, "if you don't even want to break off the engagement, how can I give you a chance?"

Staring at the smiling face in front of him, a wry smile emerged on his face. He didn't know what to say for a moment, so he whispered, "Leila..."

"Well, don't call me. I can't bear it. If there is nothing else, I'll go to work."

As she said, she turned around and was about to leave. But before she could take a step, she was pulled back by Violet again. This time, Leila was completely furious. She tried her best to get rid of his hand, and said in a cold voice, "Mr. Veron, please behave yourself!"

He was so determined that he spoke every word clearly, "Leila, you can't forgive me now, but I won't give up!"

Leila laughed, "no, Mr. Veron. I've never hated you, let alone forgiving you. I'm going to be late. Goodbye."

Taking a step forward, Veron blocked Leila's way. But Leila calmed down after she was furious. She looked at him coldly. Even when Veron met with his eyes, he could not help but tremble, but she still insisted, "I said, I will not give up."

With cold eyes, Leila said, "Okay, I'll ask you a few questions."

After a pause, Veron said, "just say it."

Leila looked into his eyes and said, "first, you have engaged with my sister, Daisy. In the seniority, you should call me sister. If you don't cancel the engagement, where do you put me in?"

He was rendered speechless. He had never thought about the question. All he wanted was to find Leila back and stay with him.

Leila laughed, "do you want me to be your mistress?"

After a pause, she continued, "then I want you to be disappointed. I'm not interested in a mistress."

As she spoke, she grazed the side of Veron and tried to stop her again, but the woman in front of her was pulled away. He frowned and just wanted to swear who was unwise, but when he looked up and saw the person, he swallowed the words awkwardly and bit his tongue.

"Mr.... Mr. Mu..."

"Ah!" cried Veron in a stammer. He looked at Leila who was in the arms of Max and felt very uncomfortable. Then, with a slight turn around, Leila walked into a black Maybach with Leila.

With a calm look on her face, Leila was relieved after entering the car. The driver, Mr. Zhang, didn't come to work today. It was Max who drove the car for her. She looked at him carefully. There was a strange feeling that she felt at ease after he appeared.

She pressed her lips slightly and said, "Thank you."

Hearing no answer, Leila stole a glance at him, but then looked into his eyes. In an instant, it seemed that something exploded. When she was about to turn her eyes away, she heard him say in an indifferent voice, "you're not a good student."

The similar words sounded more like tender?

Leila believed that she must be hallucinating because of the rage of Veron. Otherwise, she would not have heard such a sentence from Max?

A look at the little woman in her world who was still immersed in her own thoughts, a strange expression appeared on the face, and suppressed the nameless emotions in his heart. He turned his face. Was he really happy about her saying "thank you" just now?

Outside the window, the figure of Veron was still standing in the same place, and he was staring at that place. A dash of cruelty appeared between Max's eyebrows, but no one told him that he couldn't fall in love with a woman who belonged to the Max?

Sitting in the front passenger's seat, Leila was in a trance. She was surprised that the former lover in the past would say such things to her, but there was no other emotions in her heart except for disgust for him. She was sure that she no longer liked Veron. But who was the reason why her heart beat so fast now?

The answer was about to come out. Leila could see the anxiety and nervousness in Max's eyes. She guessed that he seemed to be suppressing something. Her eyes dimmed as she realized that he must be unhappy to see the scene.

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