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   Chapter 11 A Scholar Encounters With A Soldier (Part Two)

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Leila felt that the man must be crazy. He squeezed her neck without hesitation, like he was squeezing an ant. She closed her lips tightly for a long time and begged for mercy. "I really didn't lie to you. You, let me go first. Eh hem..."

She panted again, but her lungs were blocked by him. Leila was no longer difficult to breathe. She was almost out of breath. She twisted her beautiful eyebrows, and her painful appearance finally made Max's heart beat a bit. He slowly loosened his hand and whispered in her ear in a low, heavy voice, "don't let me repeat my words twice."

Leila regained her consciousness, breathing heavily. Max's words seemed to come from afar, between her ears and hers.

Max stood up gracefully, and his eyes, which were as deep as the pond, had a wave.

It was no doubt that Charles would join the medical and research team of Mu group.

It was nine o'clock in the evening when Leila returned to her apartment. She slowly took a shower and went to bed. Feeling the weight of the bed, she couldn't help but froze. Obviously, something would happen.

As Max's hands touched the air, they started to burn into flames. Leila was involuntarily overwhelmed by Max, her whole body becoming soft. When a hot body came up to her, her spiritual sense had been burned to ashes.

After holding each other for a whole night, Leila was so tired that she fell asleep. In the darkness, there was something shining in her Max's eyes. She was breathing gently, not annoying at all, like a cat, soft and scratched his heart.

Max hugged her harder and harder. Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep. The moonlight poured in through the window and spread Silver Ash on the ground, making them sleep all night.

By the time Leila woke up, she found that Max was not in the apartment. She breathed a sigh of relief and turned over the bed. The maid stood in front of the door and whispered, "Miss Song, Mr. Mu had asked you to eat up all breakfast on the table."

Hearing this, Leila looked at the dining table and her face darkened. If she didn't get fat after finishing it, she would die of being stuffed, okay?

Leila lacked the ability to control herself. Even though she was not willing to, she could not help having breakfast all over the table. She swallowed the milk in her mouth and frowned slightly. She was more dissatisfied with her position seemed like a slave.

After the breakfast, Leila finally escaped from his apartment and got on the car. The driver said with a big smile, "Miss Song, you are late today."

Leila's face turned a little red. She recalled the crazy behavior of Max last night, and when she woke up, it was nine o'clock in the morning. Leila slightly compressed her lips and said: "let's go."

Answered the driver. Then he started the car and drove towards th

e Song Group.

Today the company was as busy as usual, but the logistics department she was in charge of was as idle as usual, and she was not in a hurry, as if she was happy to see it. In contrast, the position of employees from the bottom like Daisy was different from that of Leila. People said that she and Daisy were quite different and couldn't be compared.

Leila's beautiful eyes twinkled. They couldn't be compared? Surely no, they couldn't. She was not the same sort of person as Daisy. How could Daisy compare with her?

Leila felt a little restless as the company was idle as usual. She wanted to rush to the hospital, for she hadn't seen her mother for three days. She didn't know whether the nurse did as she told or not.

She checked her watch and it was one and a half hour before she got off work. She frowned with impatience. When she was about to skip work and leave, Freddy came in. Leila raised her eyebrows and wondered why he came to her now?

With a flattering smile on his face, Freddy crossed his hands over his chest. If he changed his clothes, he could have been a member of a eunuch in a court play. She suppressed her emotion and pretended to be careless. "What's up, Secretary?"

The fact that Freddy was the spy that Johnson had planted around her was certain, so was he coming to deliver the 'daily check' today? Leila was guessing. But Freddy said with a smile, "I'm afraid that you are not familiar with the company's internal affairs. I'm here to see if you need any help."

Leila raised her eyebrows. She wasn't here to sound her out, but to 'help her'? That was strange. She replied in a low voice, "I don't think there is anything you can help for the time being. Thank you for your concern, Secretary."

She was wondering what made Freddy change his attitude today, and soon she got the answer. With a bigger smile, he said tentatively, "Miss Song, you are around Mr. Mu, but have you heard about the shortage of staff, or lack of talents in Mu group? "

Leila sneered to herself. Talent? As a mere secretary of logistics department, his courage to boast things on his own was admirable. She didn't say anything, but just looked at him lightly. Being stared at by her, Freddy felt a little guilty. He smiled awkwardly and added, "well, not to say that I'm a genius. But people always need to have the courage to recommend themselves, right? I just asked casually. Don't worry about it."

After saying that, he felt that it was not proper to continue the conversation. Thus, he added, "certainly, Miss Song, if Mr. Mu has said something like that, please introduce me to him."

Leila's lips curled into a sneer. 'so he came here with me in order to help him find another job.' she thought to herself. 'In the end, this ambitious employee would not have good prospects!'

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