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   Chapter 10 A Scholar Encounters With A Soldier (Part One)

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Leila cast a grateful glance at him. How loyal he was to save her from the disaster. Leila called Charles brother for so many years, which was not useless. She sighed, but ignored the depressing atmosphere around her.

"In that case, it's my fault to come here. I'm sorry to bother you."

His voice was still low and magnetic. But the warning bell in Leila's heart had been awoken. She clearly knew that, this time, Max was really irritated. Regardless of the astonished look in Charles' eyes, she stood up and said: "didn't father say that you had something to discuss with Charles? We will leave now. "

As she spoke, she glanced at Max, waiting for his answer. She could not guarantee that if she continued to stay, what irreversible thing would happen. She had never dared to disobey the men around her.

Even if he slightly frowned and showed a trace of displeasure, she would continue to treat it as a scientific research project and study it for a long time. She thought it was better to end the matter as soon as possible since what had happened today was not too bad.

"I happen to have something to discuss with Dr. Qiao, don't you mind me staying here?" asked Max in a pleasant voice, after his indifferent gaze fell on her, which made her feel like sitting on pins and needles and his these words successfully made her give up.

Leila's heart sank. She gave up struggling, ready to go back and die. She sat on the chair and looked at the weird atmosphere with a stiff face.

"Of course not!"

Except for Johnson, who else would say such words? The joy on the old man's face disgusted Leila. She didn't want to admit that he was her father. But it didn't matter. As long as she took back the shares belonged to her mother, she would break with Johnson completely!

Max shook his goblet with his slender fingers and the blood red liquid swayed with his movements. A string of sound like musical notes came through from his thin lips, "Mu group has a drug industry. We are doing a scientific research on white cell cancer. Dr. Qiao, are you interested in working on it?"

With a gentle smile, Charles said, "thank you for your invitation, but the main purpose of my return this time is to inherit the family business. I'm afraid I'll let you down."

The smile on Max's face remained unchanged, and Leila took a look at him with great care, thinking that Charles was the first person to refuse him so far. She clutched her hands tightly, waiting for a storm.

Max's simple but clear voice reached everyone's ears. The air around seemed to have become solid after a long time.


That's it. Leila couldn't believe her eyes. She didn't expect such a moody man to compromise so easily. Instead of being furious as she had expected, he only said a few words casually. She pursed her lips. A bad presentiment rose from the bottom of her heart.

"Since Dr. Qiao doesn't want to join in, there's no need for me to stay. You f

olks please stay."

Hearing that, Max stood up from the chair. His tall figure allowed Leila to look up at him, only to see his eyes and cold smile at the corners of his mouth. Then she heard his cold voice saying, "let's go."

Leila dared not to slacken off a bit, and followed him out of the Song family. It was obvious that this family feast was very unhappy, at least the man in front of her was angry.

Three meters away, she could feel the extreme low pressure. She trotted to keep up with him and went into the Maybach. The driver started the car. Max was sitting in the back seat. Leila had to sit next to him, but she didn't dare to get too close. Her body was pressed against the car wall. She was in a very uncomfortable position.

"Come here."

The voice was still familiar. Leila pressed her lips and moved submissively. Her nose was filled with the smell of Max. She sat stiff, waiting for his anger. After all, he was so obviously angry in Song family just now.

Leila thought she had reached the state of God. She couldn't believe that she could judge his emotion by the little expression change in Max. For example, she knew Max was on the verge of anger. She had a reason to believe that he could throw her down at any time as long as she said something wrong.

So Leila sat beside him, quiet and obedient as a cat waiting for the order of its owner.

In the remained light, the little woman seemed to be facing a formidable enemy, which made Max a little amused. In her heart, was he such a person who liked to fuss about?

"Give me your hand."

Hearing this, Leila stretched out her hand reflexively, and then her hand was wrapped by a warm palm. She looked at the hand in surprise, where she was pinched because of nervousness.

With proper strength and warm touch, she felt so comfortable that she almost groaned like a cat. In the afterglow, his side face was beautiful. In fact, if he was not so cold, he was really a perfect man.

Leila's face flushed as she tried to avoid her ears to be red.

After taking a look at the awkward Leila, a trace of weirdness flashed through Max's deep eyes.

"Your relationship with Charles."

After a long time, Max spoke calmly with a cold tone, showing no emotion.

Sure enough, Leila couldn't escape being questioned. She looked at him up and down, and said, "I've told you that we grew up together, just like brother and sister."

Hearing that, Max stopped kneading her palms. Then Leila felt dizzy. When she came back to her senses, she was already pressed on the seat of the car. She could feel the overwhelming masculine aura. Her lips were slightly open and she felt difficult to breathe.

"Do you think I am easily fooled?"

He pinched her neck which was so slender that it seemed as if the strength of his hand was a little heavier and the neck could be broken. Squinting dangerously, Max looked at the little woman in his arms, whose face became redder.

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