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   Chapter 9 A Childhood Sweetheart

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A touch of jealousy streaked across Daisy's clear face. She had thought that it would be easier to start from the bottom, but in fact, if they didn't have power, everything was useless. However, she realized it too late, and now it was a foregone conclusion. So she was even more jealous of Leila for her powerful position.

"But I don't think that office is as useful as it looks like. Leila, do you think you have the power?" Daisy asked.

Hearing her sarcastic and tentative words, Leila sneered in her heart. Not only Daisy could pretend to be weak to defeat the strong. With arched eyebrows, Leila changed her appearance like a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler, "power? What I have now is power, isn't it? "

Hearing that, a mocking smile appeared on Daisy's face. What a stupid woman! She turned around, but was stopped by Leila. She turned around and asked, "what do I need to do as a undersecretary?"

Hearing that, Daisy said in a more sarcastic tone, "You can ask the director of logistics department for this."

"Oh," Leila said, "where is he? He just left and never came back. Did you see him? "

"In daddy's office," Daisy answered casually.

The smile in Leila's eyes grew bigger. Daisy didn't think she had said anything wrong, but she thought Leila would no longer be a threat, so she found an excuse to leave.

Watching her leaving, Leila could not help but laugh in a low voice. She was wondering how she could get evidence and then Daisy just came here, who provided some useful information while casually answering the question of Leila.

On the whole day, Leila was busy playing a fool. She felt exhausted to disguise like this. She dodged Freddy's eyes and thrust the key information of the logistics department into her brain. When she was off duty, she felt like she could not support herself anymore.

Leila certainly did not forget today's family dinner, which was nothing more than a bad family dinner of the Song family. Leila always believed that having dinner with them was equivalent to losing weight. Looking at those disgusting faces, no matter how good the dishes were, Leila would thought them tasteless.

But tonight was different. Charles came back from Britain. He, who majored in medical science, had to come back from abroad because of his identity of the family heir.

Charles and Leila were childhood sweethearts. They used to be neighbors when they were very young, and they got along very well. Johnson had always thought highly of this nephew, but more importantly, he thought highly of the Qiao group that Charles would inherit.

The party today was in fact a "Welcome Dinner" for Charles. Everyone knew that Charles' parents died when he was at a young age, so his grandfather raised him up. Now his grandfather was very old, so it’s beyond doubt that Charles would inherit most of the wealth. Therefore, in Johnson's eyes, Charles was a mobile gold mine, which must be obtained by him!

But for the sake of Charles, Leila would not set foot in the Song family's villa anymore!

As it was known to be a family feast, Daisy and Sophia were waiting in the living room very early. When Leila walked in, she still had to have a smile on her face. She knew that she would have a hard time revenging for each of her step would be like treading on thin ice. Thus she must make sure that nothing would happen to her before she could get her wish.

"Leila, you are back. All of our family are waiting for you."

Sophia pretended to behave decently, looking like a 'kind mother', but only Leila knew how disgusting she really was. Leila criticized Sophia directly by her pun, "I don't like to hear what you said, what do you mean by saying your family, do you think I'm not a member of Song family?"

Sophia noticed the change of Leila's tone and her face turned pale. She forced a smile and said, "Leila, you are so funny. Come and sit down."

Looking at her expression of being teased, Leila was secretly delighted. She wondered why she was so stupid that she didn’t confront them head on? Isn't it more interesting to pretend to be weak and defeat the strong?

When Leila was about to sit down, a cold voice from behind interrupted her, "You are really not a member of Song family."

Leila trembled with fear. She didn't need to turn around to look at him, but she could still know who he is. Because there was only one person in the world whose voice would made her tremble, but why would Max come?

The arrival of Max made the temperature went down a few degrees. With an ingratiating smile, Sophia greeted him, but the latter ignored her. Daisy looked at Leila resentfully and envied her for having to do with Max.

The treacherous look on Leila's face disappeared the moment Max came. She looked like a lovely cat waiting for her master to touch her head. Max took a look at her, then there was a glimmer of surprise flashing in his deep eyes. He held her in his arms and sat down beside her, acting like he was a host instead of a guest.

The simple greetings from Johnson was also directly ignored. But Johnson could not show his unhappiness for the man in front of him had such a powerful background that made it a luxurious thing for others standing by his side to breathe the carbon dioxide spat out by him. Besides, what he

said just now made Johnson think a lot about it.

He said that Leila was not a member of the Song family. Did he mean that he was going to marry Leila? When Johnson realized this, he paid more attention to Leila. If she could marry into the Mu family, it would be a piece of cake for Johnson to build another company, let alone the future of the Song Group.

Unknowingly, the protagonist of this' family banquet 'changed from Charles who hadn't shown up yet to Max who was as exalted as God in their eyes. For a moment, Johnson felt that his future was prosperous. Therefore the smile on his old face became increasingly obvious. He followed the words said by Max, "It is great for Mr. Mu to come here. We are greatly honored by your presence."

Hearing that, Max gave him a cold glance and then drew back his sight. His cold and arrogant appearance was admirable. Thus Johnson touched his nose and found an excuse for himself. He smiled, "Leila, call Charles. Why hasn't Charles come after such a long time?"

Leila felt that Johnson was really good at getting her into trouble. She wanted to call him, but she couldn't make the call in front of Max if she was still going to return safely. Dissatisfied, she said with a smile, "I've lost Charles' number."

At this moment, if Johnson still couldn't find there was something inappropriate, then the salt he had eaten in the past several decades would be useless. Looking at Max, whose face was obviously gloomy, Johnson’s heart jolted. At the critical moment, a gentle voice came from the door.

"Sorry, my flight was delayed so I'm late."

The voice sounded like good colored glaze met the jade. And between his lines, there was humility showing fully. Leila felt a little happy, but for Max's sake, she couldn't give Charles a hug as before.

A tall figure showed up at the door. His long brown coat was exactly the most popular product at this fashion week, which showed his unique temperament. Besides, his gestures and expressions shew that he was just like a British aristocratic gentleman.

Charles was a smart man. He could sense the awkwardness in the room at a glance. He looked around and saw a man's emotionless eyes. He paused and then he asked meekly with a decent smile. "Who is this?"

When Johnson was about to introduce, Charles heard a low voice coming from a man "Max".

Charles slightly raised his eyebrows. He looked at the man in front of him, who was wearing a black well cut suit, which was strict but not dull. His owned the temperament of a born king all over his body, which made others didn’t dare to breathe deeply. Such a man could be recognized as not a simple creature in the pond at a glance, but what surprised Charles more was that beside this man, Leila was obedient and there seemed to be a strange fit between their behaviors.

Without any expression on his face, Charles walked slowly to Max and stretched out his hand, saying, "Hello, I'm Charles."

Max kept his countenance all the time, but he did show respect to Charles, who he had heard about as Dr. Qiao long time ago.

The name of Charles had been well-known a year ago. He was quite famous because of the huge victory made by a medical research institute in Britain, which he had took part in.

Max happened to stay in England for a while a year ago, so he had heard of Charles. For talents, Max was never stingy with his own words.

Leila who was taking a panoramic view of the whole scene didn't find anything unusual, and she was even more surprised by the harmonious situation. How could Max be so good tempered? Soon, Leila knew that it was just a false appearance. In the middle of the family dinner, Daisy who had endured for a long time put forward an unfriendly topic.

"I remember that Charles and Leila were close when they were kids. A blink of an eye, we have grown up."

'Daisy, you are so naughty. You set such a big trap for me.' Leila obviously realized the change of the atmosphere around her. She pursed her lips and said, "That's right. When we were young, you always kept saying that you were going to marry Charles. Now you are engaged to Veron, which is really hard to predict."

Max's slender fingers shook the red wine glass gently, and with the shaking of the liquid, his eyes appeared deeper.

Hearing that, Daisy was speechless. She pursed her lips and glared at Leila resentfully. Leila was immersed in the joy of beating Daisy down for one time, but Max's words were like a time bomb put in her heart, which was about to explode at any time.

"You seem to have a good relationship with Dr. Qiao?"

Although they got along with each other less than a week, and she didn't know much about Max, she heard it clearly and understood that Max was furious.

Leila thought she herself was always good at gauging people's mind. However, facing the unfathomable Max, she seemed to be a scholar meeting a soldier for she couldn't explain it clearly even she had reasons, so she licked her lips and said tentatively, "We just grew up together."

Hearing what she said, Charles looked at her with an unusual look on his gentle face. Then he said, "Leila and I grew up together, and we were as close as brother and sister. Speaking of this, just like what Daisy said. In the blink of an eye, we have grown up."

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