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   Chapter 8 A New Broom Sweeps Clean

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The sun shone through the window, slowly filling the room with light as time went by. After a while of just lying in bed, Leila opened her eyes and waited, hoping Max would wake up soon. Around nine o'clock, Max finally opened his eyes but didn't let go of his grasp on her waist. Hesitantly, she said, "I should go to work now."

Max was snuggled up to her and his head was buried in her neck. But as soon as he heard what Leila had said, his loving eyes turned cold. In a low voice, he replied, "Remember, your job is to please me."

Leila's body trembled when she heard those words. While batting her eyelashes, she meekly responded. "Yes, I know."

Suddenly, Max loosened his grip, turned to the other side, and sat on the edge of the bed. He glanced back at the sweet girl behind him for a second, then stood up and left.

After watching him walk away, Leila turned to the other side of the bed while a rush of mixed feelings filled her heart. It was true that she could rely on Max, but how long would it last? As he said, Leila's job was to please him. If he was to get tired of her one day, would it be the same as getting fired from work?

Suddenly, Leila realized something. The last thing she wanted to happen was to become a parasite. From that point onwards, she promised herself that she wouldn't rely on anybody but herself! Because if she couldn't do that, what would be her difference from Bertha? It was clear that if she wanted to have her revenge, she needed to do it as fast as possible before he grew tired of her.

After thinking things through, Leila was brimming with enthusiasm. She walked downstairs at a brisk pace to start her day. As soon as Max laid eyes on her, he felt a strong sense of urgency coming from her.

"Can I ask for leave today?"

Leila cautiously asked while sitting on the table. Since Max had just said that it was her job to make him happy, it wasn't that unreasonable to ask for a day off. Seeing her earnest stare, a dumbfounded look appeared o Max's face while he curiously asked, "Why?"

After thinking for a while, Leila decided it was best to be frank. "I have a family dinner to attend to this evening."

With a frigid glance, Max replied in a displeased voice, "Fine, but come back before nine o'clock."

Leila was used to his bossy attitude, so she didn't fight back. That being said, her newfound drive was stronger than ever. This new energetic and cheerful attitude of hers was contagious, even Max couldn't avoid its effects.

Her whole body radiated joy, making her beauty stand out like never before. Max continued casually eating breakfast while the woman in front of him went on about her life in high spirits. Seeing her smile with her teeth out made him raise an eyebrow, but since he lowered his head, no one could tell how he really felt about what was going on.

A few minutes later, Leila stepped out of the villa's doors and saw the black Maybach parked under the shining sun. With a raised eyebrow, she irritably asked, "Are you driving me to the company?"

The chauffeur was a middle-aged man around 40 years old. His smile made his wrinkles became more visible, causing him to look kind and likable. While nodding, he answered her, "Yes, Miss Song. It's my job to take you wherever you need to be. So please, get in so that we can be on our way."

Leila arrived for work a few minutes before ten o'clock, just in the nick of time. While staring at her watch, she couldn't help but be annoyed with Max. It was clear he knew exactly the time it took to get from the villa to the company.

That man knew more than she thought he did.

Just as expected, the logistics department was basically just for show. All the employees there could play mahjong until work hours were done and no one would care. Leila chose not to call them out and just went to her office.

When she arrived at her desk, she started the first part of her plan. She needed to gain the trust of everyone in the department in order to make bigger moves without looking suspicious. While holding the cup in her hand, she made it her duty to smile at everyone that peers through her door.

A few hours later, Leila took a break and headed to a small tearoom. Inside, she clearly heard two women gossiping. She placed her ear closer to the door while an amused smile appeared on her face.

"What do you think is going on the chairman's head? Why would he send someone like her to the logistics department? She barely does any work,"

a woman inside said in a condescending tone. Right after that, the other one followed up in a much harsher manner. "I have no clue, but one thing's for sure. The chairman assigned her here for a reason. Maybe she was sent here to check if the logistics department is slacking off. If that's the case, our beloved workplace might be gone soon."

"Crap, I'm so used to working like this. I won't be able to handle things if it gets busy around here."

Leila was amused when she heard their petty problems. Also, she couldn't help but wonder how Johnson managed to keep the company afloat when its employees would crumble at the thought of hard work. No matter how professional the employees looked on the surface, their laziness would surely be the end of the company!

"Are you two done?"

Leila asked in a spine-chilling, low voice, startling the two women inside. They quickly turned around to face Leila, looking like they just saw a ghost. With a subtle grin, Leila took a step forward, looked down at the name tags on their chest, and said, "Doris Zhou, Nita Qin, I'll make sure to remember what I just heard."

Nita and Doris trembled in fear when they heard Leila's words. There was a rumor going around that Miss Leila was an extremely difficult woman to get along with. And now that they were at the mercy of that woman, they were sure t

hat life was about to get a whole lot harder.

Leila raised her hand, causing the two women to expect the worst. However, she placed her hand on Nita's back and started patting her. In a soft tone, she said, "To be honest with you, I really admire your courage."

The frightened looks on their faces turned into dismay. Leila continued, "A person who's as brave as you shouldn't be in the logistics department. How about I ask someone to transfer you?"

The logistics department was indeed a real department, but no one in the company took them seriously. Some were even ashamed to talk about them. Who wouldn’t want to go to a better workplace where they can feel dignified?

"You're too kind, deputy director. We've had a great time working in the logistics department, but we also want to experience the feeling of working someplace else. We would really appreciate it if you would transfer us,"

Nita sincerely asked.

All of a sudden, Leila burst into laughter, causing the two women to turn pale. With a frigid glare, she mockingly said, "Yes, I do admire your courage. But you have a really big mouth. I have no plans of bringing your filth to other departments. You two should start looking for another job."

After hearing such traumatizing words, the two women were left in a daze. Leila walked to the door. But before she left, she glanced back, put on a charming smile, and said, "You should remember to look around first before you speak badly of your boss. Otherwise, you'll probably make the same mistake again and leave yourselves looking like fools."

Right after that, Leila started walking briskly back to her office, leaving the two in a state of despair.

Even if the logistics department was filled with trash, it could still be cleaned. As the saying goes, a new broom sweeps clean.

After getting rid of the two parasites, Leila felt over the moon. She was so happy that she even hummed a cheerful tune on her way back. When she was a few steps from her door, the director of the logistics department called her name. She walked up to Freddy with a relaxed smile and said, "By the way, I just fired two employees just now. I believe it's necessary to inform you, right?"

Leila’s newfound drive made her seem more confident. She had a smile on her face, but the intensity in her eyes caused Freddy to tremble in fear a little. Hesitantly, he replied, “Thank you for telling me. By the way, who were the ones you fired?”

After thinking for a while, Leila casually answered, "Nita and Doris."

When Freddy heard the names, he felt a little sad. Nita and Doris weren't the most beautiful girls in the office, but they were still pretty. Because of that, he couldn't help but ask, "What did they do?"

With furrowed eyebrows, Leila answered him in a proud voice. "They talked badly behind my back."

After a short pause, Freddy smiled awkwardly and said an excuse to leave. While staring at the director's back, Leila felt disgusted in her heart. How could a man spend twenty years in the logistics department and do nothing to increase the department's productivity? Without a doubt, this man was absolutely useless.

Suddenly, Leila wondered how such a useless man could keep his job for that long. The only answer she could think of was that Freddy was a spy, tasked to watch her every move.

Leila's guess hit the nail on the head. As soon as Freddy turned a corner, he headed to the chairman's office as fast as he could. When he arrived there, Johnson immediately asked with a serious expression on his face, "Did she do anything?"

After a single nod, Freddy replied, "Yes, but she didn't contact the board of directors as you've expected. She just fired two employees."

Stunned by what he heard, Johnson repeated his subordinate's words in disbelief. "She fired two employees?"

"Her reason for firing them was that she overheard them talking badly behind her back," Freddy explained.

If Freddy was to be honest, he would voice out his disappointment with Leila's decision. When Johnson gave him the order to observe her in secret, he thought that the person who could make the chairman care must be someone extraordinary. But it turned out that this person was nothing but trouble.

A few seconds later, Johnson waved his hand and said, "Alright, go back for now and keep an eye on her. If she does anything suspicious, report it to me immediately."

Freddy didn't have a single clue as to why the chairman was so worried about Leila. However, he promised to himself that he would take his task seriously so that Johnson would finally give him a promotion.

On his way back to his office, Freddy thought of a plan that would fit his situation. Meanwhile, Johnson started anxiously tapping his table when he was finally alone. Even if he didn't pay that much attention to Leila in the past, he knew very well what she could be capable of.

Johnson was sure that her candid smile was all a ruse, especially since everyone with the same blood as her was good at playing tricks.

At the exact same time, Leila was sitting on her chair and thinking of a way to confirm her suspicions. She was sure that Freddy had already reported her actions to Johnson; she just didn't know how to prove it. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a familiar figure slowly walking towards her, causing one of her eyebrows to twitch in anger.

However it was not the right timing to make a scene. Leila calmed herself and when her sister was right in front of her, she put on a smile.

"There you are in the logistics department, my dear sister!"

Leila was so disgusted by Daisy's voice that she wanted to tear her throat off her neck. A few seconds later, she kept her composure and asked, "Well, how is your work? Isn't mine desk much better than yours? Do you even have a desk of your own?"

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