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   Chapter 8 · A New Broom Sweeps Clean Three Flames

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The sun was shining on the windowsill. As time went by, Leila opened her eyes. She waited for a long time. It was nearly nine o'clock when Max woke up after a nap. He still didn't release the hand that was holding her waist. Leila hesitated and said, "I should go to work now."

Hearing that, Max's eyes, which were buried in her neck, turned cold. He said in a low voice, "remember, your job is to please me."

Leila's body trembled a little. She lowered her eyes and said, "I know."

Max loosened her grip, turned over and sat on the edge of the bed. Looking at the sweet girl on the bed, he frowned, leaving her a tall back.

Leila turned over on the bed with mixed feelings. Indeed, she could only rely on Max, but how long could it last? As he said, her job was to please him. If he was tired of her one day, it meant that she was fired.

An idea struck Leila. She didn't want to rely on nobody but herself! Or why was he so different from Bertha? As long as she was fast enough and could avenge herself before he was not interested in her, she could escape from the pain of abandonment.

It seemed that Leila had thought it through, and she was in full spirit. Even when Max saw her go downstairs at a brisk pace, a glimmer of surprise flashed through his deep eyes.

"Can I ask for leave today?"

Sitting at the table, Leila said cautiously. Since he said it was her job to make him happy, it shouldn't be excessive for her to ask for leave. She looked at Max with expectation, while the man opposite her took a look at her with an unpredictable tone, "why?"

After thinking for a while, Leila decided to be frank. She said, "we will have a family dinner tonight."

"Before 9:00 pm," said Max in a cold voice, after giving her a glance

Leila got used to he didn't say much. Although she didn't relax herself, her heart was full of joy. Leila's joyfulness was obvious, and a tinge of joy was shown in Max's deep eyes.

It seemed that she was more beautiful when she was happy than before. Max was having his breakfast in a graceful manner, while the woman, who was sitting opposite to him, was in a good mood and showed him eight neat teeth. He raised his eyebrows and lowered his eyes, but no one could see the expression on his face clearly.

When Leila went out of the villa, the black Maybach that was parked in front of her was shining in the sun. She raised her eyebrows and said: "did you drive me to my company?"

The driver was a middle-aged man around 40 years old. When he smiled, wrinkles were all over his face, which made him look kind. He nodded and said, "get on the car, Miss Song, I will drive you to the company."

Leila didn't doubt at all that all her background had been found out by Max, even including her calculation of the nearest way to the company. When she arrived at the company, it was just ten o'clock, and the time was right in time. Leila looked at her watch and couldn't help but criticize it in her heart.

This man was so unfathomable!

Indeed, the logistics department was a place with no real name. There were almost four people at the table to play mahjong every day, and no one would take care of it. Leila sat in the office idly.

Leila was sketching a new image. An uninteresting image would be very convenient for her future actions. But now, she didn't think so. Holding the cup in her hand, she smiled at the two people in front of her who knew nothing about it.

In the small tea room, though they were not talking too much, Leila could hear them clearly, leaning against the door with a light smile on her face.

"What do you think the chairman of the board means? Send this girl who always does nothing at work to the logistics department. "

A sarcastic female voice said, followed by a more mean one, "Who says that's not the case. Even though we don't have much work to do in the logistics department, she dares to say the logistics department's free time so that it is clear for her to carry out the task."

"Yes, I'm used to working in this way. I can't bear it if I get too busy all of a sudden."

Leila was amused by her words. She couldn't help wondering how did Johnson manage the company which was left behind by her grandfather? The employees were lazy and intended to cheat on the job. They looked dignified on the surface, but they were just vulnerable inside!

"Are you done?"

Leila's cold voice startled the two women. They turned back in a hurry and looked flurried. Leila walked to them with a slight smile. She looked down at the expensive brands that were decorated on her chest and said, "Doris Zhou, Nita Qin, I'll keep your words in mind."

The two people who were named were somewhat confused. It was rumored that this Miss Lu was extremely difficult to get along with. Today, they were at the mercy of her. It seemed that they would suffer a lot in the future.

Leila raised her hand and patted on the shoulder of the short woman, saying s

oftly: "To be honest, I really admire your courage."

Hearing this, both of them looked at each other in dismay. Leila continued, "you have guts to do that in the logistics department. What about asking someone to transfer you?"

The name of rear service department was just like the name and it was easy to be named, but everyone knew that it was just a charlady, so it was rather embarrassing to say it. After being criticized for pouring from the logistics department, the two women thought that they encountered a huge headache and transferred the Department for them, which made them happy.

"You're too polite, deputy director. In fact, the logistics department is very good, but we also want to feel the feelings of other departments. If you can help us transfer, we will be very grateful."

The short woman said.

Leila laughed. But her words didn't work out. Their faces turned pale. She said, "I admire your courage. But you have a bad mouth. I haven't planned to have two moving durians. You two can work with another company."

The two women experienced a dramatic change in their lives, so they were not able to react in a moment. When Leila walked to the door, she turned around and said with a beautiful smile, "Remember to look around first when you spoke ill of your boss. Otherwise, you will make the same mistake again and you will be embarrassed."

While speaking, she walked briskly back to her office, leaving the two in the tea room at a loss.

It was said that a new broom sweeps clean. Even if the logistics department is a trash heap, she can still burn a fire.

After taking care of the two black sheep, Leila was very happy. She hummed a song and walked into the office, and met the director of the logistics department, Freddy. She walked up with a smile and said seemingly careless, "Oh, by the way, I have fired two employees just now, so I think it's necessary to inform you."

After all, Leila was an independent person. She curved her eyebrows, but the smile in her eyes was not very deep. Freddy suddenly shivered and said, "if you want to quit, then just do it. Who are they?"

After thinking for a while, Leila said, "Nita, Doris."

The two men impressed Freddy a little. He was impressed with only the beauties, while the two girls, Doris and Nita, who also had regular features, looked pretty. Freddy couldn't help asking, "what did they do?"

Leila's brows were knitted tightly, and she said willfully, "they spoke ill of me behind my back."

After a pause, he smiled awkwardly and found an excuse to leave. Looking at his receding figure, Leila sneered in her heart. It was impossible for Johnson to put her at ease in the logistics department. After all, he had been kidding in the mall for more than twenty years. Without any tricks, he lived in vain.

There must be a spy arranged by him in the large logistics department. After the position of "spy", it was indeed a mark.It must be Freddy

Leila's guess was right. After Freddy left, he hurried to the chairman's office. Johnson asked with a serious face, "did she do anything?"

Freddy nodded slightly and replied, "yes. But she didn't contact the board of directors as you expected. She just dismissed two employees."

Hearing that, a touch of surprise flashed across Johnson's face. He repeated, "two employees were fired?"

"And she also told me that they were speaking ill of her behind her back."

To be honest, when Freddy heard this explanation, he was really disappointed. He had followed the order of Johnson to observe Leila in secret. He had thought that the person who could make the chairman care must be someone extraordinary, but it turned out that it was a tough struggle.

After a short while, he waved his hand and said, "Okay, it's time to go back. Keep an eye on her. If you find anything abnormal, tell me immediately."

Freddy didn't know what troubles a servant could make, and Johnson asked him to keep an eye on her. But what he expected was to complete his task, so that Johnson could give him a promotion.

Freddy then left the office with a clear plan in his mind. Sitting alone in the office, he tapped on the table unconsciously. He paid little attention to Leila, his own daughter, but it didn't mean that he didn't know her well.

Her smile in front of him was very likely to be fake, because her maternal grandpa had never been easy to get rid of!

Sitting in her chair, Leila was very certain that Freddy in the office had gone to report for Johnson, but she couldn't confirm it. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a familiar figure slowly walking towards her. A hint of hatred rose from her eyebrows.

After a while, she pretended to be good and smiled gently.

"So you are in the logistics department."

There came a charming voice, and Leila had an impulse to cut her throat. Without showing any emotion in her tone, she said: "how is it? It seems much better than your desk?"

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