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   Chapter 7 A Dinner With A Trap

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Max's eyes were gloomy, and Leila looked in the direction he was looking. Her eyes lit up.

She was not an anthomaniac, but she felt that this man was really too beautiful.

When Moore met with Leila's eyes, a trace of disgust flashed through his cold eyes. He just thought that the women who wanted to marry into the upper class were all bitches!

He sat up gracefully, smiled coldly, and continued, "Miss Bertha comes to see me in person. As a gentleman, it's very impolite to refuse people."

Max's eyes swept over him lightly.

"Then please ask her out as a gentleman."

Moore's face changed. He looked at Bertha and found that she was really pale.

It turned out that Bertha was a woman with self-esteem. However, it also proved that her self-esteem was worthless in Max's eyes. She suddenly stood up and lowered her head, saying, "Max ."

With an impatient look on his face, he looked at Bertha as if he was looking at an extremely disgusting object. Then he said coldly, "get out."

Her face became paler. She left in her 10cm high heels. When her charming figure disappeared in front of Leila, her heart jolted. Somehow, she felt that this farce was deliberately planned for her.

'it's a good trick!

Except for the Max, all the men in the room cast their eyes on Leila. Leila pursed her lips and smiled in response, of course she knew what they meant. She came to a sticky end just like Bertha. Everyone in the D City knew that Bertha was the woman of the Max. Just as she was now, maybe her future was just as they expected, but Leila didn't care. What she wanted was only her own lifeIt was the power of the Max. After she took her revenge, she would counterattack.

"She, my woman," said Max, calmly

They were neither girlfriend nor lover, but a "woman", which had a wide range of meanings. As soon as they looked at Leila, their gaze changed again, while Leila smiled as if she didn't care about anything.

The short haired man opened his mouth first and addressed with a meaningful look, "Hello, Miss Song. I'm Orange."

Melody hadn't said her name in the beginning. It could be seen that these people had known her background thoroughly. Leila nodded slightly, but she was still a little nervous in the face of such a situation.

"Moore," added Moore

It was brief and to the point. It was in line with his personality. At last, the man wearing glasses was an elegant man with British gentleman style. He smiled and said: "I am Grady."

This man was a perfect candidate, and he was resourceful as well. Before long, another round of verbal attacks came upon Leila. It always opened from Orange. He said casually, "Max, I thought you were having an illusion after I saw your scandal. It turns out you have a good taste."

As if Leila was invisible, he asked with a straightforward tone. Looking at Leila intently while talking to Max, he expected some clues from Leila's face, but to no avail.

Leila was like an onlooker who stayed out of the affair, her fingers slightly trembling. After taking a look at her, Max stood up to end this drinking party.

"Have you finished what you have to say?"

When the three people didn't answer, Max pulled up Leila and said indifferently, "stop your little tricks. Don't treat me as a blind man."

The response was still silence. Leila stepped on the stair that Max built for her and said in a light voice, "I am Leila Song. Please teach me a lot."

The dialogue was perfect. The banquet finally came to a perfect end. From now on, Leila, who was called "a lady Max", officially stepped into his life.

When she went out of the room, Leila's legs suddenly became soft. Sitting right behind her, Max quickly caught her with a calm voice, "are you scared silly?"

When she felt his warm breath, Leila's face turned red. She was caught off guard when he suddenly kissed her. She didn't want to back down, nor did she dare to push him away. She could only keep her posture in his arms and replied, "what do you want by taking me to this party?"

A strange look flashed across Max's eyes when he let go of her body. He said in a deep voice, "a great teacher will attract a great student."

Leila was not so stupid as to ask about what the brick was, what the jade was. At least, she knew what she should do. Glancing at the little woman next to her, Max slightly lowered her eyelashes, which made her quiver. He was quite satisfied with her self-discipline.

Walking out of the restaurant, a hot wave of summer came with sticky wetness. Leila frowned slightly, for she did not hide her disgust with the summer season.

Then Max got on the car first, with a cold atmosphere in the leather seat. After that, Leila got on the car too. When she went back, the speed of her car was deliberately slowed down, so that the car was not as fierce and dangerous as it came. At last, she could rest at ease.

She had been exhausted all day in the company. The soul stirring party was enough to give her time to calm down. Leil

a closed her eyes and took a nap, ignoring the man's gaze beside her.

Striding on the brake and stopping to wait for the traffic light, Max took a casual glance at Leila, but it was too dangerous for him to look away. To be honest, Leila was very beautiful, with delicate facial features that were outstanding even in the entertainment circle. But there was more beautiful than her, so many people had contact with her. Only the little woman beside her gave him a strange feeling.

It was like raising a pet cat. Her proud temperament would never be revealed in front of him. All she had was to send her head to him for touch. Max was satisfied with her consideration. Was it worth his attention that his cat did not seem to care much about him?

A tinge of surprise flashed through Max's eyes. Pets should have the awareness that playing up to their masters was her duty!

The traffic light flickered a few times, and then the traffic light turned green. Sitting in the traffic flow, Max stepped hard on the accelerator. His skilled driving enabled him to be calm as usual. Leila was also shocked by the sudden movement, and she looked at him in panic.

But he looked at her indifferently and said coldly, "go home to sleep."

What he said irritated Leila. She gritted her teeth with hatred and didn't dare to say anything.

Out of the light, Max saw a pair of bright big eyes staring at her unmoved, with a calm expression and a pair of deep and unfathomable eyes.

Soon, the car stopped in front of the independent villa. Max got off the car and left straight after saying that.

"Stop in the parking lot."

Oppressive force! With a pair of beautiful eyes staring at his back, Leila waved her fist and reluctantly pulled over the car into the parking lot. Her anger was about to break out. She deliberately tapped her feet with her high heels, but she slowed down the moment she entered the apartment.

It was hard for a man under the eaves to offend his sugar daddy.

In such a big villa, except for the well decorated decorations, there was more loneliness in it. Leila's mind was a little far away. Didn't Max feel lonely when he had lived in this villa alone before?

The maid took the coat from Leila, nodded to her and left. Leila was still immersed in her own thoughts.

"Come here."

As she was absorbed in her thoughts, a cold voice came, and Leila suddenly shivered. Looking at the tall figure sitting on the sofa, she reluctantly moved to him, sitting beside him.

Max called her over, but didn't order her to do anything. Although they had even done the most intimate thing, in the face of him, Leila still felt a little uncomfortable. Her hands were crossed over her knees, and her posture was slightly awkward.

With a newspaper in his hand, Max crossed his slender legs, waiting quietly for the moment to be defeated.

It had to be said that Max had a very good understanding of her character. He knew that she could not stand it any longer. As expected, in less than two minutes, Leila hesitated and said, "I'm sleepy, I want to sleep..."

Hearing that, Max put down the newspaper in his hand, pulled her over, and said in a low and magnetic voice, "together."

Again, Leila's beautiful eyebrows were almost wrinkled together. The experience last night was still vivid in her mind, and she could not help but feel flustered. The panic of the beginning to have sex was revealed without a doubt. Seeing her stop in her footsteps, Max's eyes darkened. He held her horizontally and went into the bedroom.

There was no doubt that the whole night was tossing and turning. Although the Max was so infatuated with her body, Leila were not so good as that of a lazy cat. So, when the cat ran out, Leila was tired and was hold in his arms. As a result, she fell into a deep sleep. Then, she was held in his arms without any movements.

Even seven or eight o'clock in the morning in summer was still dazzling. Feeling the strong light, Leila muttered discontentedly and wanted to turn her back. She suddenly woke up after her palm touched a something with bounce.

What caught her eyes was a head with soft hair. She could hear the slight breath when she stopped. Leila pursed her lips and quietly withdrew her body. When she was about to leave the bed with light steps, her toes hit the floor, and she was pulled back.

Leila almost screamed out, but she controlled herself with good self-control. She calmed down and said softly, "I'm going to the bathroom."

He wouldn't say that they would go together, but the fact was always beyond Leila's expectation. His hoarse and magnetic voice when he just woke up was so charming. He approached her ear and said, "don't move."

Leila's face darkened. Only he could do such inhumane thing! However, she roared in her heart, but dared not show the slightest sign of dissatisfaction on her face. She appointed as the assistant of Max to lie on the bed, letting Max encircle her waist, and treated her as a capable pillow.

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