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   Chapter 7 A Dinner With A Trap

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A hint of despair appeared in Max's eyes when he heard the man's words. Leila quickly looked in the direction where the voice came from. What she saw made her eyes light up like fireworks.

Leila wasn't a woman who could be enchanted by looks. But when her eyes laid upon such a ravishing and handsome man, she couldn't help but gasp in awe.

However, when the man named Moore met Leila's gaze, he immediately felt disgusted by her. He believed that women who tried to marry their way to riches were nothing but bitches!

Moore suddenly sat up straight, put on a chilling smile on his face, and continued, "Miss Bertha came to me in person and asked for my help. As a gentleman, I believe it is very impolite to refuse such a simple request."

Max's glanced at him for a brief moment then replied in a serious tone,

"Then I ask you to show her way out now like a gentleman you are."

All of a sudden, Bertha became pale, and the calm expression on Moore's face to disappear.

It turned out that no matter how much self-esteem Bertha had, she still felt worthless in front of Max. She stood up from her seat in a hurry, lowered her head, and uttered in a meek voice, "Max... I just...”

While she was stumbling for words, Max looked at Bertha as if he was staring at a pile of rotting trash. Wanting her to disappear, he cold-heartedly said, "Get out."

Bertha's face grew paler, to the point that she started looking more like a ghost than a normal person. She ran away in her high heels before her tears fell down from her eyes. When Bertha was finally gone, Leila's heart jolted with sorrow. For some reason, she felt that all the commotion was deliberately planned for her to see.

'If this is all for show, I have to admit that it's really good!' she thought.

All the men except Max started staring at Leila, as if they were trying to tell her something. However, Leila didn't care and simply smiled at everyone. She knew it was a possibility that she would someday suffer the same humiliation that Bertha just went through. But if that was the cost for her plan to succeed, she would go through it willingly.

Wanting to put a stop to everyone's judgmental stare, Max spoke with conviction. "She's my woman."

He didn't refer to her as his girlfriend nor his lover, leaving everyone guessing about what he really meant with the words, "my woman". After that, everyone went back to what they were doing earlier while Leila just smiled as if she didn't care about anything.

A short-haired man approached Leila and greeted her with sincerity. "Hello, Miss Song. My name is Orange. It's nice to meet you."

Max had never uttered Leila's name out loud when they arrived at the party, making it clear that a lot of the people there had done a bit of digging before coming to the party. Leila nodded in response. But deep down, she was still a little nervous in the face of such situations.

"Moore," the gorgeous man who helped Bertha introduced himself as well.

Moore always spoke in a no-nonsense manner, just like his personality. Finally, a third man that looked like he just came from a noble family introduced himself to Leila with a smile. "Good evening, my name is Grady."

For a minute, things looked like they were going back to normal. Unfortunately, some men were still not done being passive aggressive about their dislike for Leila. Casually, Orange started his attack. "Max, I thought I was having hallucinations when I heard about your scandal. It turns out I was wrong. You truly have impeccable taste in women."

Orange was obviously mocking Leila, even if she was right there. He was even looking at her face from time to time, waiting for a reaction to satisfy his ego.

Leila tried her best to keep her composure, thinking like she was just an audience of a bad TV show. However, her fingers betrayed her and started trembling in anger. Max saw this and knew that he needed to put a stop to this drunken tomfoolery.

"Do you have anything else to say?" Max asked with a hint of hostility in his voice.

The three men were stunned and left speechless. Suddenly, Max pulled Leila up from the sofa and spoke again in a frigid voice. "I don't want to see your little, and immature tricks anymore. Don't you dare and treat me like I'm a fool ever again."

Being met with silence once again, Leila took it as an opportunity to stand her ground. In a low voice, she said, "My name is Leila Song. It's nice to meet all of you."

Her response was a perfect display of her strength as a woman, giving a happy ending to that night's party. From that moment onwards, she was no longer just another random girl. She was officially "Max's woman."

After a while, Max and Leila decided to go home. As soon as she took a step out of the VIP room, her legs turned limp. Max crouched down beside her, placed his hand on her back, and asked in a soothing tone, "What's wrong, silly? Are you scared?"

When Leila felt his warm breath, her face quickly turned red. His sudden act of kindness caught her off guard, but she didn't have the strength to shove him away. The only thing she could do at that moment was to stay on the ground and ask, "Why did you even bring me to this party?"

Max took his hand off her body while a strange look flashed across his eyes. In a low tone, he replied, "Baiting the prey."

Leila was so used to being with Max that she didn't need an explanation about what he was talking about. At that moment, she knew it was best to just keep quiet. When Max saw her slightly lowered eyelashes trembling, he couldn't be more satisfied. The little woman next to him knew her place and he appreciated that.

After that, the two proceeded to walk out of the restaurant. When

Leila walked out the doors, she quickly felt the humid summer heat, causing a disgruntled frown to appear on her face. She never liked summer, and she wasn't trying to hide it.

Max got in the car first and turned on the air conditioning. When Leila sat on the cool leather seat, she immediately felt relief. On their way back, Max drove normally, nothing like the madman speed junkie driving he did earlier. This allowed Leila to get some well-deserved rest.

Her work at the company that day plus the soul-sucking party she just went through completely drained her energy. She couldn't help but to close her eyes and take a nap, completely ignoring Max's occasional glances.

Seeing a red traffic light, Max gently stepped on the brakes then took another glance at Leila. He knew it was dangerous to be distracted while driving, but he just couldn't look away from her pretty face. In his mind, he realized how beautiful Leila was, even when compared to other women in the entertainment industry. Of course, she wasn't the prettiest in the world. But Leila was the only woman in his life that left him feeling strange whenever they were together.

It felt similar to having a pet cat. Because of Leila's pride, she would never allow herself to look weak in front of Max. But from time to time, she would give him the chance to pet her head. Max was satisfied with the small acts of affection, but what bothered him was it turned out that she didn't really like him that much.

At the thought of this, Max's eyes lit up. He realized that pets should be the ones to please their masters, not the other way around!

After flickering for a few times, the traffic light turned green. Max stepped hard on the accelerator, shocking the woman beside him. In a panic, Leila looked at Max in shock.

But before she could open her mouth to ask him what was going on, Max glared at her and frigidly said, "Go home and sleep."

His words infuriated Leila, causing her to grit her teeth in anger. But despite her hatred for him, she chose not to say anything.

From the corner of his eyes, Max noticed a pair of big bright eyes staring at him. Her calm expression made him wonder what she was thinking about.

A few minutes later, they finally arrived at the villa. Max stepped out of the car without uttering a single word.

"Park the car in the parking lot!" he shouted from a far.

So forceful! Left with no other choice, Leila glared at Max's back while angrily waving her fist at him, and then she drove the car to the parking lot. At that moment, Leila was inches away from going on a fit of rage. She stomped her feet on her way to the villa like she was going to war. But as soon as she got inside, she let go of all of her anger.

She realized that she shouldn't pick a fight with the person that provided for her.

After settling in the villa, Leila's mind drifted off. No matter how lovely the decorations were inside, the villa still felt empty. With a sorrowful heart, she wondered if Max ever felt lonely from living by himself.

Leila was so absorbed in her thoughts that the maid managed to take her coat without being noticed.

"Come here."

A cold voice came from nowhere, startling Leila and causing her to tremble. When she looked around, she saw a tall figure sitting on the sofa. Anxiously, she walked forwards to sit beside the figure.

It was no other than Max. However, he didn't give an order which was quite rare. Although the two had gotten under the covers before, Leila still felt uncomfortable around him. She sat with her hands crossed over her knees in a slumped posture.

While holding on to a newspaper, Max crossed his slender legs and quietly waited for her to accept defeat.

After being together for a while, Max had a good understanding of her tendencies. He knew that she couldn't stand silence. As expected, she cracked in less than two minutes. While stuttering, she meekly uttered, "I'm tired. I'm going to sleep."

Max placed down his newspaper, pulled her close, and told her in an alluring voice, "Let's go, together."

As usual, Leila's face flushed in embarrassment. Her experience last night in bed was still vivid in her mind, causing her to panic at the thought of having sex once again. She wanted to get away, but before she could do so, Max held her hand and brought her to the bedroom.

It was another night of tossing and turning in bed. Max couldn't stop craving for her body, but Leila didn't have the energy to entertain him the whole night. In the end, she laid in his arms, falling into a deep sleep until the morning.

At around seven or eight o'clock in the morning, the dazzling summer sun woke up Leila, causing her to mumble in irritation. She tried turning around to avoid the sunlight but was suddenly woken up by what her hand had accidentally touched.

When she finally opened her eyes, she saw a head with soft hair. After hearing a faint breathing sound, she pursed her lips and slowly moved away. She tried her best to keep quiet, but as soon as she set foot on the floor, she was forcefully pulled back to bed.

Leila was so startled that she almost screamed. Fortunately, she managed to control her fear and speak in a normal tone. "I'm going to the bathroom."

There was no way that he would say "Let's go together" again, right? However, it didn't seem like Max was in the mood for such things. In a hoarse, alluring tone, he said, "Don't move."

The look on Leila's face darkened while she thought, 'This man is really the worst of the worst!' But no matter how upset she was, she didn't dare to show a single shred of dissatisfaction on her face. She went back to bed and let Max wrap his arms around her as if she was a pillow.

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