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   Chapter 6 An Encounter

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Speaking of that woman, everyone would know her. She was the famous A-lister star, Bertha Liu!

But only the secretary knew that she was good at running errands a year ago. She got famous after she became the president's woman, and then smoothly entered the entertainment circle. However, she was still reserved after she was dumped by the president three months ago. Now she couldn't help but come to the president. The secretary was very disdainful, but it was also a hidden rule. She was just his mistress!

Bertha wore a pair of sunglasses and walked quietly out of the Mu group. She couldn't help beating the steering wheel with her hands until she got on her car. She narrowed her eyes under the sunglasses and coldly stared at the front road, breathing hard and hard.

She thought since she had been with the Max for so long, he still had feelings for her, so she waited quietly for him to come to her. However, after waiting for three months, he still did not come to her, but she heard a rumor that the Max found another rich lady, which made Bertha restless, so she came to see him. However, the Max did not even want to see her, Bertha was angry and sad at the same time. How could there be such a cold-blooded man in the world? He just dumped me. Doesn't he have any feeling for me?

No matter what, she would not give up. In this world, only she was worthy of that man!

And Leila was also troubled. She found that there were more and more rumors about her in the company, which was very important for her whether she could survive in the company!

At this time, her phone suddenly rang. Leila looked away from the computer. Seeing the name on the screen, she frowned and answered it.

"Come to my company this afternoon. I'll take you to a place."

When she heard that, Leila was dissatisfied. The so-called casual delivery was so annoying!

"Got it." No sooner had Leila finished than the man on the other end of the line hung up. She grinned bitterly again.

Leila had gone to the Mu group early because she didn't know when that would happen.

"Hello, miss, are you looking for someone?"

The receptionist stopped her and asked respectfully. Leila smiled awkwardly and didn't know how to answer, so she said reluctantly, "I'm here for your CEO."

The beautiful receptionist was startled. How come another woman came here? But this is much easier to talk than this morning!

"Did you make an appointment? You are not allowed to go in without an appointment! "

Leila noticed the people around her. She didn't know why they were looking at her like that, so she thought it was better to go upstairs as soon as possible. "You called your CEO. He asked me to come here."

Hearing this, the receptionist immediately call the phone of Max's secretary. She did not know what had been said, but the receptionist got more respectful and said to her, "Miss Song, you can go up now. The elevator is over there, and it can be on the ninth floor."

"Okay, thank you."

Leila smiled to her, and quickened her steps toward the elevator.

When she arrived at the ninth floor, the secretary immediately walked up to her and said with courtesy, "Miss Song, the president said that if you arrived, he would welcome you in."

"Thank you."

Leila opened the door of the president's office, only to find that in a suit, Max was looking down at something. The whole office looked exceptionally clean and tidy, and the color was very dull. The office was black or white.

When he heard the sound of opening the door, he put down the documents in his hands and looked up at Leila, who was looking around his office curiously.

He rubbed his forehead and thought of something. He whispered to her, "come here."

Frightened, Leila walked up to him, standing not far away from him, and asked softly, "what's wrong?"

"Am I going to eat you?"

Dissatisfied with her indifference, Max frowned and looked at her coldly. "Come and massage my head!"

Why! Though dissatisfied, Leila didn't say anything. Curling her lips, she walked behind him.

Max's hair was dark and in perfect shape, so Leila hesitated to reach out to rub his warm forehead, with a neither too heavy nor too heavy force.

With his eyes closed, the tightened expression on Max's face gradually relaxed. The small hands on his forehead were very delicate, and the master of her hands seemed to be slightly pressed. A peaceful atmosphere let him lean on the sofa for a rest.

Leila's hands were numb. Max asked her to come here. Was it because he asked her to give a massage?

Max, squinting, suddenly said, "Come to a party with me later."

The abrupt voice made Leila's hands stop. She calmed down slowly and continued to press his forehead with her fingers.

As she glanced at the thick stack of documents on the table, Leila knew what was going on. He had just come back to take over the company, so he must have a lot of work to deal with.

No wonder he came back at midnight.

Thinking of this, Leila's face turned red again. It was so late at night, but he was still in the mood to do that. Was that what men were doing!

"What are you thinking about?"

All of a sudden, her hand was grasped by Max, who was turning back and looking at her with a playful expression. When she was caught red handed, Leila's face became redder. "No Nothing. "

Seeing her face getting redder and redder, Max raised her eyebrows and joked, "what? You can't even stand thinking in the daytime? Can't I satisfy you at night? "

"No, I didn't mean that..." Leila was so embarrassed that she wanted to withdraw her hand, but Max held it so tightly that she was about to cry. How could he be so shameless!

Seeing that she seemed to be anxious, Max became more interested. With a strong force of his big hand, he pulled her on his laps, and whispered in his ear, "you can rest assured that I will satisfy you well at night in the future."

Leila was left alone in the office. She didn't go downstairs until she had to compete with Max.

With neon lights flashing on the street, a black Maybach quickly passed through the crowd and the end of the car expertly cursed. Leila kept a straight face and clutched the safety belt in front of her tightly, while the man smiled coldly from the distance.

The first video was absolutely indescribable shocking. Leila concluded that if this man wanted to keep his life out of the matter, even a professional racing driver couldn't achieve this.

Leila bit her lips and frowned. Her heart sank. This man must be playing a trick on her!

The sudden brake of the car was a great comfort for him. Ignoring the pale face of the little woman beside him, he got closer to her and said in an indifferent tone, "are you okay?"

Leila covered her mouth with a hand; her stomach was churning. She tried hard to suppress her feelings. Then she lifted her eyes, forced a pale smile on her face and said, "I'm fine."

A strange look flashed in Max's eyes, and he lightly raised the corners of his mouth without saying a word.

Leila was taken out of the car by him, and there was still a palpitation on on her delicate face. When he got close to her, he could feel her warm breath on her ear.

"Remember what you should do."

Although he said it in an extremely gentle tone, Leila sensed a strong threat. Her long eyelashes covered her and no one could see her expression clearly.

Standing in front of her was the most luxurious restaurant in D City, which was the first choice for the upper class parties. Leila looked around in a calm way and then walked into the restaurant with Max obediently.

The waiter's decent words made people feel comfortable. The people coming and going had the same smile and walked in a hurry. Leila was accustomed to the lifestyle of this rapidly growing city. With a slight smile on her face, she walked over to a private room with Max's arms around her arm. The two small hot fans on the box described their luxury.

The moment the room door was opened, Leila felt as if she had accidentally walked into the room of Mr. escort. There were so many men with different styles in the room, but each of them was the dream lover of thousands of girls. It was really reasonable to say that birds of a feather flock together.

The smile didn't fade from Leila's lips. Her disguise was her most adept skill at this moment. When she entered the private room, she found a woman among these outstanding men. She looked familiar, but couldn't remember who she was.

With an indifferent expression, he pulled Leila to sit on the sofa. He was used to the loud gaze. In a quite box, there was an awkward silence.

A man with short hair and a cynical smile on his face said, "why do you bring a woman to our party?"

Hearing that, Max closed his eyes slightly and swept his eyes over the man in front of her. In an apathetic tone, he said, "solve the women around you first before discussing with me about this issue."

The man licked his lips in silence, but Leila keenly felt that the way he looked at her was somewhat impudent, like the cold gazes of some soft animal, making her feel uneasy.

Hearing that, Max squinted slightly and pointed at the silent woman in black with her slender fingertips. "Who brought her here?"

The woman who was called out finally could not help but sweetly called, "Max..."

"Shut up."

She was interrupted, and her voice rose at the end. Even Leila couldn't hold her breath. However, the Max suppressed it indifferently.

At the thought of the woman, Leila turned to be Bertha, who had become very popular overnight. She lowered her eyelids, expecting for what would happen next.

Max's voice sounded lightly in the suffocating air, but it was a few degrees colder than just now.

"Who brought her here?"

After a few seconds of silence, a cold voice came from the corner, "it's me."

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