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The morning sunlight fell on the room, which made the girl on the bed slightly frown. Then she slowly stretched out her bright arms to block the dazzling glare in front of her.

"There is a manager Dong in Song Group. He is hired by your grandfather. Do you remember?"

The slight tingling sensation made Leila open her eyes, only to see a head burying in her neck. She blushed and slightly pushed him away. "I I want to take a shower. "

Holding her slender waist, Max said in a low and magnetic voice, "let's go together."

Without waiting for Leila's answer, he picked her up and strode to the bathroom.

An hour later, with a flushed face, Leila picked a dress from the wardrobe and put it on. Then she went downstairs awkwardly.

The table was full of food. Sitting there and reading newspaper, Max's slightly raised eyebrows made his perfect handsome face a little serious, and there was no sign of anxiety on his face just now.

Leila, sitting opposite to him, remained silent. She picked up a piece of salmon and began to bite it. The table was so quiet that only her chewing sound could be heard.

"Have a look." Andrew threw a document on the table to her without raising his head.

Stunned, Leila put down her food. She took the document and looked through it. Suddenly, she was attracted by the content of it. She held the document with her shining eyes and refused to let it go. She didn't come to her senses until a cold voice came out of the room.

"Remember to be sent at any time. You needn't go to the hospital everyday."

Leila was dissatisfied. She frowned and closed the file. Then she couldn't help asking, "why? Didn't I come back before dark? "

Max moved his eyes away from the newspaper and then turned to her. He said in a calm voice, "You may not go, if I'm not allowe you. Isn't there a nursing worker there?"

How unreasonable! Leila didn't dare to retort. She took a step back and said, "I can go there four times a week. Is that okay?"


He continued to look at the newspapers. The low and soft voice made Leila's lips tightened. She clenched her fists and took a few deep breaths. Then she said softly, "I want to go to work tomorrow."

"Please come back before four o'clock." Max without raising his head.


Having no appetite, Leila got up and walked upstairs. Suddenly she was stopped by someone behind her.

"Eat them all."

What? I can't even eat food freely now! Leila had no choice but to turn back and sat down again. She took up the salmon and gnawed it, thinking of what he had done to her. She bit so hard that her skin seemed to be torn apart.

Max put down the newspaper in his hand, stood up and looked at her who was chewing the porridge. He said coldly, "drink it too. You can't gain ten pounds within a month. From now on, don't go to the hospital!"

Then he went straight to the second floor, leaving Leila sitting there angrily.

Did he take her as a pig! Looking at the bowl of porridge in front of her, Leila almost got choked with anger. She hesitated for a while and gulped it down, clutching the paper tightly. She knew that she would lose nothing if she left the Max.

It recorded all the detailed information about the present situation of the song clan and the internal personnel relationship. For Leila, it was a treasure, the first step for her to grab her mother's shares!

When Max arrived at his company, Leila called Johnson and told him she wanted to go to work tomorrow. Johnson agreed without hesitation, asking her to go and work in the logistics department tomorrow.

It was a joyful night when Max didn't come back. So Leila got dressed early and went to Song Group.

"Is that Miss Leila? Our CEO has told me that your office is over there. "

The director of the logistics department was called Freddy Zhou, When he saw her coming, he immediately welcomed her with a flattering smile. Those who were working in the office were all curious. They could not help but become aware that this was the unexpected young lady.

Leila ignored all the people's attention. She followed Freddy to the right office, which was clean and tidy. It seemed that it had been cleaned.

Sitting on the chair at her desk, Leila put her hands on it and smiled innocently, "Mr. Zhou, leave me alone if you have anything to do."

"My lady, please feel free to let me know if I can be of any help. I have arranged a secretary for you." As he said, he called out a name. A young girl came in timidly.

"Well, I will call you if there is something wrong." Leila glanced at that girl.

Upon hearing this, Freddy nodded his head and then left the office. He closed the door and walked out, as if he was a stranger. He was not as warm as he was when he talked with Leila. But Freddy had his own plan. The eldest daughter of Song family was the woman of Max. The news had spread around. How could he not be courteous? If Leila could put in a good word for him in front of Max and let him work in the Mu group, no one would care about the director of logistics?

Although he didn't know what Leila was planning, he was also ob

serving her, to see if there was any benefits to him.

After he went out, Leila looked at the silent girl and asked, "what's your name?"


Her voice was low and there was a trace of panic in it. Leila wondered if she was so scary? "How long have you been here?"

Tansy hesitated for a while, then she raised her head and said, "one month."

Sure enough! Leila was not angry at all. On the contrary, she was somewhat happy. A new comer who knew nothing was always better than a spy sent by others to watch over her. If she didn't know the ropes well, the new comer could be taught slowly. Leila would have to follow her mind if she had worked several years.

"Well, since you are my secretary, I don't have much work for you usually. You can do whatever you like."

Taking a glance at the woman with fine facial features, Tansy wondered why this woman looked different from what the rumor said about her? This lady was easy to get along with!

"Okay. Call me if you need anything."

Knowing that Leila was easy to get along with, Tansy said in a much more relaxed tone, then turned around and left the office.

Leila stared at the computer in front of her, her mouth twisting into a cold smile. She couldn't move now, so she had to dress up as an idler, so that she could take actions in secret.

Leila spent the whole day playing on the computer. There was also someone outside her office stretching out her head from time to time. She didn't pack up her stuff until it was half past three. Who could be so bossy!

When she passed the break room, a few female employees were having afternoon tea and whispering from time to time. But Leila suddenly heard her name, so she stopped and stood at the door, eavesdropping.

"Did you hear that? Miss Leila got the position of vice manager right after she came here. Poor Miss Daisy. She worked at the bottom of the society with the same father as us. The chairman is so unfair! "

"That's right. Miss Daisy is easy to get along with. I just don't like that Miss Leila!"

"Who can bear to see her like that? I heard that the man that Miss Leila fell in love with became Miss Daisy's fiance. "

"Really? So campy? "

"Or what? The Miss Leila must be the third one. No one likes her as she looks so arrogant! "

Leila didn't stay long at the door. When she heard the rumors, she just sneered. Daisy was so capable that she was convicted for not staying in the company for a long time! Why was she so arrogant? And the third woman? Who is the third woman?

She came to the entrance of her company sulkily. The driver in the villa was waiting for her, but she met a person on the roadside that she never wanted to see!

"Leila How have you been lately? "

Veron, who wore gray casual clothes, walked towards Leila with a concerned look. That handsome man had been occupying her heart for so many years in the sun, but now, Leila felt it was ironic. Who could she blame for that?

"Should I call you brother-in-law? Are you here to pick up Daisy the attendance? " With a strange smile, Leila was not as coquettish and lovely as she used to be, which made Wilson can't help but frown slightly.

He walked to her side, held her hand and said softly, "I know you still hate me. It's not what you think. Let's find a place to talk, okay?"

Leila indifferently pulled her hand back, looked at the people passing by, pursed her lips and looked at him coldly, "I think you know that I liked you over the years, but you still chose to Daisy. I have nothing to say. No matter what your reason is, from now on, you are my brother-in-law!"

After saying that, she opened the door and got into the car. Not until the car was far away did he come to himself. Had he lost the beautiful girl who used to love to run after him?

On the way back to the villa, Leila felt so bad. She wanted to go to the hospital to see her mother subconsciously, but she suddenly thought of what Max said. She had to sit in the hall and continued to read the document angrily.

She thought that it was useless to do so, but to her surprise, in the middle of the night, someone came up and kissed her body to death.

The next day, Max didn't have a sleep by her side. Leila took a shower, changed her clothes quickly, and went to the company anxiously.

In the Mu group.

"Sir, Miss Liu is waiting for you."

The Secretary's respectful voice came through on the phone. Hearing that, Max didn't even raise his head. Instead, he looked through the documents in his hands and said coldly, "let her go."

Hearing this, the secretaries outside had to put down the microphone and gently said to the hot woman with sunglasses: "I'm sorry Miss Liu, the president said he didn't want to see the guests now."

The woman was dressed in a black dress, which outlined her perfect figure. She wore a pair of big sunglasses. Upon hearing that, her eyes flashed and she said to the secretary in a low voice, "I see. Thank you."

Her tone was very arrogant, which made the secretary a little uncomfortable. No wonder Mr. Mu had dumped her. She was a star. So what? But you will pay for it! '!

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