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   Chapter 4 Playing Up To Tim

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The maid lowered her head and answered with respect, "Mr. Mu has just left. Miss Song, please tell me anything."

"Nothing. I just want to go out for a while." Leila felt trapped. She couldn't even speak freely.

"Mr. Mu has said that if you want to go out, you can ask the driver in the villa to send you, but you must come back before dark." Maid said respectfully.

Leila pursed her lips and asked calmly, "when did I come here?" She wanted to know how long she had slept. Was there anyone taking care of the hospital?

"Mr. Mu brought you here yesterday afternoon."

"I see. Call the driver for me. I'm leaving now." Leila hurriedly went upstairs to get her phone.

She had slept for so long that Leila was really worried about her mother. There was no one taking care of her in the hospital. She had been there for several days. She wondered if the nurse had massaged her mother's meridians.

The more she thought about it, the more anxious she became. As soon as she got out of the car, Leila ran up, and met an acquaintance at the elevator entrance.

The woman was also surprised to see her, but she quickly reacted. With an apologetic face, she took her hand and said, "Leila, I was forced to do that. You know how innocent and vicious Daisy looks. She threatened me to lie to you, or I will never do that!"

Leila withdrew her hand, and snorted, "don't you feel sick? I've treated you as my good sister for so many years and I've told you everything, but you stabbed me behind my back with that woman! "

She was Astrid. Leila had never hated her so much. Leila wasn't surprised that Daisy treated her like this. They didn't get along with each other anyway. But Astrid had been her brother since childhood. She trusted Astrid even more than her own mother. But the reality slapped her heavily. What did she mean by saying that she couldn't see others clearly? How stupid I am!

"No, I was also threatened by her. Leila, you have to trust me!" Her eyes were brimmed with apologies, but Leila couldn't help but feel sick at the sight of her!

"Threatening?" With a sneer, Leila looked at her sadly, "why didn't you say you were threatened when my mom was in hospital I called you the other day? Are you disappointed that it's Max who slept with me? I'm so sorry that your plan is spoiled. "

Clenching her teeth, Astrid kept her head down and stood there in silence. Her eyes were filled with unwillingness.

"Ding!" Leila walked into the elevator and said, "I found that I didn't do anything wrong, I don't think I've done anything wrong to you. I don't know why you treated me like this. I'm not a fool. I'll try my best to stay away from you in the future."

As the elevator door was closed, Leila didn't see any resentful expression on Astrid's face. But even if she did, she just sighed. Now, she couldn't believe anyone.

On the sixth floor, Leila's mother was in a VIP ward. She paid the medical bills by herself, which was used by the pocket money she had saved for many years. But it would be certainly not enough for a long time, but she would never ask Johnson for any money!

Originally, she was a little anxious. But when she came to the door of the ward, she suddenly stopped. Looking at the people inside, she could not help but push the door open angrily and roared in a low voice, "what are you doing here? My mom has suffered enough because of you? !"

The three people in the room were a little surprised, and then Johnson pretended to be kind and gentle, "Leila, I'm also sad to see your mother being like this. I've paid for the medical bills for a year, and I've also hired a nurse for your mother, so you don't have to come to take care of her every day."

Hearing this, Leila's eyes swept over the three people in front of her with sarcasm. Finally, she stopped in front of Johnson and said sarcastically, "my mother? Mr. Song, have you forgotten that she is not only my mother, but also your first wife! Now you know you are here. What were you doing the other day? "

When Sophia heard that words "first wife", her eyes flashed with ferocity. Then she smiled and said softly: "Leila, as you know, your father is busy with his work. He is the only man in our family, so it is natural that your father has to shoulder more responsibility than you think. You should understand him. If you really don't like me, then I will move out from the Song family."

"That's good. Why didn't you say that you would move out before?" Leila sneered and turned to Daisy who was sitting in the corner and lowered her head silently. "What's wrong with you, my dear sister? Why didn't you say anything? Oh, I forgot to congratulate you for your engagement. When is your wedding day? Remember to send me an invitation card, and I will give you a big gift! "

Daisy breathed faster and faster, with resentment in her eyes. She thought to herself, "Why are you so arrogant, Leila? I'd like to see how you can be proud after you are dumped by Max!"!

"Leila, I know you used to love Veron. But Lian family was no match to Mu

family. Please don't blame your sister. The most important thing for you is to follow Max." Johnson broke the embarrassment.

Leila pursed her lips and thought, 'that's right. Your conspiracy is finally unveiled.'? Perhaps he had to lean against the great tree -- Max, through me!

"I know. I won't blame Sophia and her daughter." Leila said with a smile, which shocked the other three people in the room. Did they hear it right? Or was it just an illusion?

"Leila Are you serious? " Shock and disbelief were written all over Johnson's face.

"Of course it's true. I was a little kid in the past. If I offended Sophia, I apologize to Sophia!"

While saying, Leila bowed. But Johnson held her in a hurry and said with surprise, "Leila, if only you could think it through. Isn't it better for our family to be together?"

Suppressing her resentment and disgust in her heart, Leila pulled her hand back with a smile and said indifferently, "I won't move back. Max allows me to live with him."

"Okay, okay, okay. You don't have to come back!" Hearing that, Johnson was almost burst into laughter.

"But I want to work in our company. "

"Why ?" Said Johnson, looking at her doubtfully with a glint of shrewdness in his eyes.

Leila replied casually, "nothing serious. It's just that Max asked me to get familiar with the business of our company. When I get familiar with it, he said that he would provide investment for our company." She lowered her head and blushed.

Johnson didn't have any doubts. After all, the company was under his control. Even if Leila would go in, she would just be in a name. She couldn't make any decision on that, and it would be the best if she could get investment from Max. Thus, he decidedly said, "okay. When will you take the position of deputy director of the logistics department?"

Leila of course knew that it was just an empty post? But she was not in a hurry. She would gradually take back everything belonged to her grandfather and put the murder, Sophia, into prison!

"Johnson I don't think it's appropriate? Leila has no working experience. If she made any mistake, I'm afraid that she will be wronged if people say that she gets this job by pulling strings. "

Sophia frowned and said worriedly. Of course, she didn't know what Johnson intended to do. It scared her that such a little bitch could gain a foothold in the company at first. Then, how could the Song family have a place for her to take care of the daily affairs?

How could an idle employee cause any trouble? "It's okay. I believe in her ability." said Johnson, waving his hand

What they said was so good that Leila could only sneer in her heart. After so many things, she had learned to disguise. Wait and see, she would let this hypocritical woman pay the price for her mother!

Hearing that, Sophia frowned and seemed to want to say something, but then she suddenly heard the silent Daisy saying: "Dad, in this case, let me and my sister go to work. I also want to learn something."

Hearing that, Sophia glanced at her, with a smug look flashing in his eyes. That deserved to be her daughter. She would like to see what waves Leila could make in the company!

"What?" After pondering for a while, he said helplessly, "well, you will start at the bottom of the company. After all, your sister majored in financial management, which is easy to handle."

After saying that, Sophia was not pleased. Her daughter also graduated from a prestigious university. Why could that little bitch have such a high position, and her daughter could only start from the bottom?!

"Okay, I will study hard." Daisy accepted it happily. Her idea was different from Sophia's. it was easier to make a move at the bottom!

After they left, Leila stood by the window with her fist clenched. She watched them driving away, talking and laughing.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Lillian looked very pale, and Leila's eyes could not help but shed two lines of tears. She held her mother's hands, and looked into her eyes resolutely, "Mom, don't worry. Since you have been hurt like this by that woman, I will definitely let her into prison! And that man, you've paid so much for him, but he did such things to you. I won't let your shares fall into the hands of those people! "

Leila obeyed the order and asked the nursing workers to look after her mother. Then she came back to the villa before dark. Max didn't come back. she had to stay in the hospital for several days.

At night, the moon outside shone on the ground, and the simple and comfortable room was decorated with silver lights.

Leila was in deep sleep. She didn't wake up until a pair of cold hands touched her waist.

"Hey, it's me."

With the moonlight falling down, Max saw a trace of fear on her confused face. With a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, she lowered her head and kissed the rosy lips.

"Well..." Leila sat stiff and dared not move. Even though she had been mentally prepared, her heart was still full of rejection and fear at this moment.

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