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   Chapter 297 Polly Is Sick

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 10813

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"Polly, please say something to me. I heard that you are not in A City now. You went to France with Hal to take part in the competition there. But you once went to the remote mountain area to teach. Tell me, what did you think then? What's your real thought?" Avril asked Polly in the phone.

Then what was Polly really thinking about?

To be honest, after receiving those photos, in addition to not wanting to bring trouble to Bruce, a large part of the reason was that she was trying to run away from reality. After a month in the mountain, when she was about to forget what had happened, the sand accumulated at the bottom of the water rose again, and her heart became unsettled once more.

"Polly, come back as soon as Hal's competition is over. As for Bruce, there's something that we can talk later when we meet each other. It's not convenient to talk about it on the phone," Avril went on saying.

But Polly was still silent.

Avril was a little anxious, so she went on saying, "Polly, I don't care what you are thinking at the moment, but I want to tell you, no matter how much you hate Bruce, don't be impulsive and get your revenge on him. He is not someone we ordinary people can afford to offend. The best way is to leave and not to get involved. Polly, do you hear me?"

"I heard it. Avril, thank you. I will not act on impulse. I will seriously consider it," Polly responded at last.

"Polly, you are not determined enough! Do you think he is good to you now and it's hard for you to leave him? Let me tell you. It's not worth it! All of these are not worth it! Nothing is important except for life and death! You can give up everything!"

Avril said. Polly could understand how anxious Avril was. Back then, she was also very anxious when she saw Avril and Simon in the similar situation. But in many cases, even though she clearly knew what to do, she failed to do so. People were not emotionless machines and everything was controlled by some indifferent procedures. So everything had to have a process of accepting.

At the moment, Polly felt as if her heart was stabbed by a knife. She was unable to bear the pain to break up with Bruce. Yes, she was loath to part with him. She didn't believe a gentleman like Bruce would do such a thing.

But Avril would never lie to her, just as she herself would not lie to her either.

Now, Avril could talk about her relationship with Simon in a clear way. She might have let it go. Although she still had some resentment, she would forget everything as time went by.

Was this the path that Polly was going to take in the future? She had gone through a period of pain, and then forgot them? How could she forget them?

"Polly, what are you thinking about?" A gentle and magnetic man's voice came near and interrupted Polly's thoughts.

She didn't know when Bruce stood beside her. His deep eyes were full of inquiry.

"What are you doing here alone?" Bruce inquired and walked up to her patting her on the shoulder.

Polly stepped backward subconsciously.

"What's the matter?" Bruce frowned and looked at his hand in the air saying, "Yes, it's me."

Of course she knew it was him. Her heart trembled. Although she was not willing to leave him, s

In less than three seconds, a video was sent to Polly.

Even though Polly had said she didn't want to see the video, she couldn't help to turn it on. What Sophia said was right. Polly was indeed afraid of seeing a scene that she could not accept. People like Sophia wouldn't send a video for no reason.

In the video, the scene of romantic music and dim light made Polly imagining the mixed smell of the wine and women's perfume filled the whole room, which was unbearable.

Anxiously, she scanned the room for Bruce in the video, but to her disappointment, the light was too dim, and she couldn't see anything. She took a deep breath and watched the scene carefully.

She let her eyes settle upon a spot, which was next to the sofa of the dancing floor, and a gold haired beauty in a low cut suit was closely leaning on Bruce. She was holding a glass of red wine and feeding him.

He didn't refuse, flirting with the beautiful girl while drinking. His left hand was on the armrest of the sofa, and his invisible right hand seemed to be around the beauty's waist.

Sophia called again. On the other side of the phone, she asked, "How's it going? Do you believe me this time? I thought that it was because of you that Hal didn't show up in time. Now, after a thorough investigation, it turns out to be a misunderstanding. You are also a woman who has been neglected. We are both suffering from unrequited love,"

"I'm who I am, and you're you. No one needs your sympathy!" Polly replied shortly.

"Come on. Don't be so stubborn. Obviously, we are in the same situation. I specially comforted you since I was afraid that you would be sad. Don't be ungrateful! But anyway... Don't think too much. Men are all like this. You are from a small town and haven't seen much of the world. I'm used to it.

You must think that Bruce is a good man. I tell you, this is all fake! Men are good at acting in front of women. Anyway, this is my father's usual behavior. My mom used to be angry, but now it doesn't matter to her. For a man, as long as he treats you well, you don't need to care how many women he secretly has," Sophia said interminably.

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