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   Chapter 294 I Am His Girlfriend!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 8704

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Polly was a little confused by his thought. His goal was to win the prize and win a place in the family for his hobby. Had anything happened during this period?

"It's nothing. Polly, I just want to be alone."

Noticing the disappointment on her face, Bruce asked in a flat tone, "What's wrong? Did the preach fail? I thought I was a charming lady, but I didn't expect I would be belittled. Don't you feel frustrated? "

The man's wicked grin infuriated her, so did Hal. She didn't understand why a man was hesitating. However, she felt a little sad. When a person wanted to be quiet, he must have something bothering him. Maybe he didn't want her to know his mind, or maybe he didn't want her to share his worries. All in all, there was no need for her to bother him any more.

When Avril and she were in trouble, he would always try his best to take care of them. But now, he had trouble. No one could help him.

By the time the competition was over, the ones who left should be the losers. The winner, at the moment of the most eye-catching, left a lonely and cold back to the crowd.

What would he feel at that moment?

Or he wouldn't win the prize this time?

The French cuisine was good and the environment of this restaurant which was selected by Bruce was also very elegant and quiet. Polly noticed that people in and out wore casual clothes with extraordinary temperament. It seemed that this was not an ordinary restaurant.

She knew French. When she saw the expensive dishes on the menu, her first reaction was to change to another restaurant. According to her consumption level, she would first choose one like KFC.

But right in front of her sat a rich man, who was her husband. So she didn't have to be afraid, because it was not her own money to spend.

"Polly, you said you are hungry, didn't you? Why didn't you order anything? "

"I..." Polly glanced at those astronomical dishes again, silently handed the menu to Bruce, "Well, I usually don't eat French dishes, so I can't order any. You order the dishes."

As he took the menu, Bruce scanned her from head to toe, turned a few pages and closed it. Even the rich would be frightened by the high prices. This was a noble consumption.

Bruce was talking with the waiter in French, asking about the special dishes here. The waiter explained it one by one. In the end, Bruce ordered four dishes of specialty, each of which was very expensive, but the man didn't even blink his eyes.

Deep inside, Polly felt frustrated. Rich people are so different. She was wrong before. But that's right. Mr. He is the most distin

e. She felt a little strange. It had been a long time and Bruce hadn't come back yet. What's more, they made so much noise that no waiter was shocked.

"Don't look around. No one will come to rescue you! I've called someone to stop Hal. He won't show up! As for the people in this restaurant, let me tell you the truth. Even if I smashed this restaurant, no one dares to stop me. Humph! No one dares to be overbearing in front of me! "

No wonder there were only two of them here. It turned out that they had been instructed in advance. It seemed that Sophia Xu was not an ordinary person. But she had done nothing wrong and there was no need to be afraid of her. She was waiting here to see what she would do to her.

About ten minutes later, Hal came in a hurry. He walked into the ward and headed straight to the direction where Polly was, without even looking at Sophia Xu.

"Polly, are you okay?"

"Why are you here, Hal?" They asked almost at the same time.

'He said he wanted to be alone a few moments ago. Why is he here?' she wondered. At the same time, she was worried that the Sophia Xu was Hal's girlfriend allowed by Xia Family, the two families must have had business connections. She thought that if Hal didn't handle it properly, it might have a bad impact on him.

Hal walked up to Polly and looked at her with concern. His face darkened when he saw the wine stains on her clothes.

Sophia Xu was very angry about his ignorance of her. She reached out and pulled him over, then asked in an arrogant tone, "Hal, how did you come here? Shouldn't you be in the bathroom right now? "

"I'm sorry. I wasn't the one you stopped," said Hal without any emotion

Sophia Xu asked curiously, "Then who is he?"

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