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   Chapter 289 Did You Need Me To Help You Dress

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9482

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'Damn! What a bastard! How dare he knock on my door in front of our neighbors?' thought Polly. She asked him to go back to his room, but he didn't listen to her. He insisted on waiting outside.

"Coming! Stop! " She almost ran to the door and opened it.

Strangely, there was no one at the door.

"Hal!" She called his name and looked out. She walked towards the door. At the same time, she got shot on the back of her head.

She shook her body and fell to the ground heavily. But her sense had not completely lost it. She felt that someone was dragging her back into the room and threw her into the bed.

Then, two hands reached out to take her clothes off. She knew this was not a good person. This man wanted to do something bad to her. She wanted to resist, but she was too feeble to do so. She tried to call for help, but she failed.

At He Family's courtyard, a thousand miles away from Paris, A City. Standing beside a beautiful bouquet of roses, Rachel was talking on the phone. She looked dignified with her delicate make-up, but it added to her gloom.

"How is it going? Is everything done? "

"Don't worry. It will be finished in a minute. Now they have slept on the same bed. I will take a picture for you."

Two seconds later, Rachel looked at the picture she received from another phone, and suddenly frowned.

"It seems true, but it's not. "Polly is very scheming. Maybe someday, she will persuade Bruce to forgive her. I want you to do something substantive."

"Substantive? But now Hal is unconscious. If we wake him up, there will certainly be in no cooperation, and a new issue will arise. "

"Who asked you to wake him up? Don't you have men over there? Why don't you have sex with Polly? It's better to have sex with her so many times that she has to go to the hospital. The medicolegal expertise are more persuasive! "

After a long time, Polly woke up. The morning sunlight passed through the gauze curtain and shone on her body. It was comfortable. She sat up slowly. Her head ached, and she felt like vomiting, just like she had a hangover.

Suddenly, a thought flashed in her mind like a flash of lightning, and she was startled to be numb. She stretched her hand to touch her body. Fortunately, she was not completely naked, wearing a pink lace nightgown.

And this Pajama seemed to be very similar to the one in her own home.

But she was knocked out last night. Even if she wanted to sleep, she needed to wear her other clothes. Then who changed this Pajama for her? Her relaxed mood got tensed again.

She began to observe the furnishings in the room. It was indeed in the hotel, but not the one she stayed last night. What happened last night was a little confusing. Was she kidnapped?

Outside came a familiar cell phone ring, and then a man's voice came. What did

out to say something, the man turned around and went out with a fashion magazine in his hand.

"If you don't like them, you can take a look at these. If you like them, I will ask Jake to send them to you right away." As he put the fashion magazine in front of her, he continued, "These are the most popular clothes in Paris this year."

She just glanced at it, and was shocked by the high prices above. She quickly shook her head and refused, "No, no, thanks! This dress is good. "

Sitting next to her, Bruce put his arm around her shoulder and said, "Why did you say no?"

Being held in his arms, she looked a little restless. She wanted to move aside, but she didn't feel good.

"I mean, I don't dislike it." Pointing at the one on the night table, Polly replied, "It looks good." Though it looked thin. If it was tight, it would be better to wear casual clothes, but as long as the clothes could be worn, it was enough to cover the body.

"Why not put it on since you don't mind?" Hearing what she said, the look in his eyes darkened, and Bruce whispered in her ear, "You mean, you want me to help you dress?"

"No need! no need! I will put them on. "

"Why are you so nervous? I change your clothes for you. Do you need to be shy for our relationship? "

Normally, she would have already picked up the pillow and threw it to him. But now she was guilty. No matter what he said, when she thought of the two restless black hands, she could only force to smile at him.

In fact, the saddest thing for her was not that she had been taken advantage of by him, but that she also wanted to fight back. But she knew in this case, what did it mean to hit back? It would only make this man more unscrupulous. She was hungry. Although she wanted everything to go well with him, she had no strength to do anything with him.

"Excuse me, do you have anything to eat?" she asked

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