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   Chapter 288 I Won't Let Anyone Know

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"Miss Du, please come in." Jake was a little anxious, but he didn't show his impatience.

"What happened? Why are you in such a hurry?" Rachel muttered to herself as she reluctantly pushed the door open.

Jake walked carefully into the office following behind Rachel. His face darkened at the sight of Bruce.

"I'm looking for you, Jake. Come here!" His cold tone and cold face were all turned into spring wind when he turned to Rachel. "Rachel, you go out first. I have something to talk with Mr. Zhou."

"Okay." Rachel replied in a calm voice, but her gaze at Jake was like two needles, shooting two holes in his body.

After Rachel went out, Jake felt cold all body. Now he offended boss. It was uncertain how boss would hate him, for he got his sexual fortune destroyed today.

But he didn't expect that boss sat back in his chair with a relieved look on his face, and started to do his own things without paying any attention to him.

He had been waiting there for a long time. He was nervous and depressed, and his sweat kept dripping. But nothing happened. He finally couldn't stand it any longer.

"Mr. He, there's one thing..."

Bruce raised his head from the piles of documents and asked in confusion, "Why are you here?"

Wasn't he always here?

The wise CEO immediately realized his mistake and said, "Oh, I mean, why are you still here?"

Jake blinked and said, "You asked me to come here. You said you had something to tell me." He didn't dare to say that he had something to do with boss. Wasn't he looking for death?

"Oh, I see!" Bruce's face was not as gloomy as it had been in the past few days. Suddenly, he smiled and said, "I was busy a moment ago, but now I'm all right again. You can go."

What's the meaning of this? However, he didn't say his things. Anyway, it was unwise to fight with the president. So he'd better say it as soon as possible.

"Mr. He, I just got the news that Mrs. He was seen in Paris." He took a step closer and said with a voice that could only be heard by themselves.

As soon as Bruce heard what he said, the pupils of his eyes suddenly shrank. Then he smiled calmly at him and said, "Well, I thought it was something! Why didn't you tell me this important thing earlier? "

He gnashed his teeth and growled the last sentence.

"I wanted to tell you earlier, but I saw Miss Du bring you coffee just now. I was afraid of disturbing you. Ho ho, you understand. "

Bruce stared at him with his deep eyes for a while before asking, "Jake, do you know what does boss need an assistant for?"

Jake was shocked, not knowing what he meant, but he had a sense of foreboding.

"The reason why boss needs an assistant is that he wants someone who can understand

t room, Hal took a look at his wristwatch. It was half past six. It was almost done. He wouldn't even take a shower for ten minutes at ordinary times.

He reached out his hand to knock at the door, "Polly, are you ready?"

In dark, Polly was back to her bedroom to pick up her clothes on her bed. Hearing the knock on the door, she felt a little anxious.

"Wait a moment. The power is off. You can go back first.". When I'm all right, I'll come to you. "

"The electricity is off? Are you sure? " Hal looked up at the lights which had just been turned on. Did the power on? When he had entered the room, it was still early in the morning. He didn't know if the light was on. But to be honest, power off was quite strange for him.

"I'm sure! You can go back to your room first. After I finish tidying up, I will go to see you. "

"No, I'll just wait here." Somehow, he got close to the door and asked, "Is the power on, Polly?"

"Not yet. But I didn't expect that the power was off in Paris. It was really a big city. "

He wanted to say that there might be something wrong with the elextricity, but before he could say anything, a heavy slap went across his head.

The thought that Hal was waiting for her at the door made her rush to put on her clothes. She didn't wipe her hair carefully. The drops of water converged into one stream after another and flowed down her neck, making her very uncomfortable.

The electricity was off, and so was the hair drier.

At this moment, there was another knock on the door. She grabbed the bath towel and hastily washed her hair, not caring to comb her hair.

She pulled open the curtain and the sun was going to go down. There was a dim light in the room. The sound of knocking at the door was getting louder and louder, which made her feel annoyed with the noise.

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