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   Chapter 287 Didn't You Think It Was A Plot

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9388

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In the evening, Polly was packing her luggage in her room. The flight was the day after tomorrow. Although it was in the nearby city, it would take a day to go there by train. They must set off early tomorrow morning at the latest.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. In a soft voice, Hal asked, "Polly, do you mind if I come in?"

She had expected that he would come.

Hal walked up to her and sat down beside her. Seeing that she was packing her things, he was silent for a while and then said, "Polly, are you really going to France tomorrow?"

"Why not? Isn't it a waste?"

"Don't you think it's a conspiracy? They have not only set tickets for you, but also passport! "

"That's quite normal. People can't go abroad without their passport."

"One should use a ID card to get a passport. You have to get one by yourself. But she, Alina, had made arrangements for you. Polly, she didn't ask for your permission before. You don't blame her at all? " Hal opened his eyes wide and shouted in disbelief, "Polly, you were not like this before. I thought you would say no! "

"It depends on whom you are with and what you are up to."

She could ignore other people's concern, but she couldn't ignore Hal.

Before he came, Alina had confessed everything to her and begged for her forgiveness.

She had talked with Alina and got the real relationship between Alina and Hal. They were brother and sister indeed, but according to Xia's family rules, boys should have the same surname as father, girls as mother.

Although her surname was Xia, it didn't mean that she was not a member of Xia Family. In the ancient times, they preferred sons to daughters, but in the modern times, they only observe the family rules.

Maybe it was genetic factor, so in Xia Family, there were more boys than girls. Every girl in Xia Family would be spoiled when she was born. Although Alina was a daughter, she was the apple of everyone's eye in her family and spoiled.

It was a miracle that Alina didn't become bad. Although she still acted like a spoiled child, she was thoughtful. She loved her younger brother, Hal, very much.

Since her brother was too weak, Hal, who was in a better condition, had been trained as the successor of Xia Family since he was born. But Hal didn't like to deal with his family affairs. He had met Alina's boyfriend Bill, which was his first time to touch desserts. Immediately attracted by all kinds of desserts with different styles, he determined to be a world-class dessert master. But everyone, including himself, knew that it was impossible.

He pretended to work in Unusual House, but in fact, he found himself a place for practicing desserts. Alina was aware of what he had done, but she kept it as a secret for him.

As a sister, she didn't want her

s for ten to eight reasons a day and stay with him in his apartment at night.

He thought that the reason why Rachel was so fearless was that there was no clear relationship between them. As long as it was a man, no men would refuse women to approach voluntarily.

Rachel brought coffee, but she really want to use this opportunity to stay with boss. He calculated the time. Every time, Rachel would stay inside for an hour, and the door was closed.

When she came out, she would see the CEO walk to the door with a fresh and refreshed expression on his face. They might have finished all the things in such a long time. According to his experience, even if the man was in a bad mood, he would feel much better after doing that kind of thing.

He felt that his boss was a little sorry for his wife. But men were all like this. There were never such kind of people who were loyal to their wives. Unlike other CEOs, who had many girlfriends and had many mistresses. Our boss only had affairs with Rachel.

Nothing was impossible in this world. Maybe our CEO truly loved Rachel. She punished Polly in public just to piss off Jean. But now, things were different. All the people who stood in the way of her turned out to be absent.

Rachel opened a crack of the door of the CEO's office. Her thick eyelashes stared at Jake and said calmly, "Do you still want to come in with me, Mr. Zhou?"

"Miss Du, I'm sorry. I just went in to say something and then I'll leave at once."

He had to tell this to boss. Otherwise, if boss knew it one day, he would be the unlucky one. He had no choice but to offend Rachel.

Rachel frowned and said unhappily, "If you have something to say, just tell me. I'll help you say it."

Jake understood what she was thinking. She didn't want him to go inside. But he made up his mind that no matter what happened, he would go in.

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