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   Chapter 286 He Liked You Very Much (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-28 00:27

"I have to say that you are doing the right thing!"

When they were about to eat, they heard someone quarreling in the yard.

"You'd better go back now!" This was the angry voice of Hal.

"My task is to take you back. Since you don't even go back, why should I go back?" It was a girl's voice. She was not angry but smiled instead.

Polly put down the bowl and chopsticks in her hand, walked out quickly, and looked incredulously at the woman in the yard who was tugging Hal. In fact, when Terry said that she looked like a doll, Polly had already had a premonition, but she was unable to link her with Alina. Although she saw it with her own eyes, she still couldn't believe it.

The beauty was Alina.

"Hal, stop! Although picking up girls is a very important career, it's a bit too much for you to give up the international competition that is about to begin! " Alina winked at Polly wittily. Her thick and long eyelashes, with curled up, were even more beautiful than a doll.

Getting rid of Alina, Hal said angrily, "What the hell are you talking about? You don't need to worry about my business! Go back to your cafe right now! "

"I tell you, I was approved by your brother-in-law! I said I would come with him, but my temperament drove me here first! He'll be here soon! "

"Then tell him you don't need to come here! Our mountain is not big enough to accommodate you two big shots in big cities!" Getting rid of her, Hal turned around and walked towards the dining hall.

At the door, he was stopped by Polly.

"Hal, tell me the truth!"

"Polly, please don't ask me now. I'll make it clear to you in the future! Let's go inside. The children will be off school soon. Prepare some food for them quickly. Don't stand here any longer! "

"Well, we can't talk about it later! It's t

he look for me? Didn't you say that I'm all right now? "

"You can choose some you like to listen! He said that you needed to be on the alert for another month! If everything went well during the first month, he would extend the observation date to three months and then extend it to the last. Why don't you remember? "

"Don't listen to him. It's not as troublesome as he said! Last time, he said he would I would be healthy after eating medicine.

"What kind of medicine is it! Did he say that! I don't want to say anything in front of so many people! In a word, let's go back to the hospital to see a doctor. You can compete as well."

"No way!" Said Hal stubbornly.

Alina stared at her brother angrily. Then she looked at Polly and asked, "Polly, do you want to go abroad? I will give you a six day trip to France, with double flying. Don't worry. The air in this village is fresh and I want to stay here for a few more days. Well, you can go ahead and have fun. I will deal with your business! "

The match was held in Paris. Polly knew what she meant. She thought it was not a good idea, but she still agreed. She couldn't let Hal sacrifice so much for her. She would never pay back his favor.

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