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   Chapter 279 Don't Worry About The Child

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9296

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"Manager, how could you say that?" The clerk retorted, "The poor guy is Dylan not Bruce, CEO of the BA Group. Oh, my God! Their names are similar. Are they blood brothers?"

Hal stared at the clerk and shouted without any expression on his face, "Brother? It's just a guess! There are a lot of people with the same full names, let alone they have similar names. It's not a big deal,"

"But they look like each other! If you hadn't told me that the there was a romantic master in He Family, I would have thought that Dylan was Bruce's son!"

"Dylan? Do you know him? He was handsome. How could you be so intimate with him? I don't know where the child came from! " With a frown, Fiona turned to the owner and said, "You mean that Mrs. Zhang didn't want to let others know who the child's father was, but gave the child a name like that!"

"Don't lie to me. I didn't say anything. Dylan is not necessarily from He Family of the BA Group!"

"Nothing is impossible! I think so! Dylan's father was one of the richest men in A City! The second son of He Family was not highly valued and not rich. The child was most likely to be Bruce's! They look so like twins!"

"You're getting more and more ridiculous!" Hal looked at Polly in worry. How old is Bruce now? He was only 15 years old fourteen years ago! How is that possible? Besides, Mrs. Zhang was pregnant at such a young age. Generally speaking, people of the same age would think to have an abortion and then went back to school. She might have an ulterior motive to keep the child! "

"Manager, how could you say that! You always have a clear distinction between what to love and what to hate! How could you not distinguish right from wrong now! This is how you rich people think. Play women at will and don't want to take responsibilities! If Dylan is not the child of He Family, it is fine, but if he is, I will wait to see how their family will deal with him this time! A few days later, it's going to be big news! "

"Why are you gloating? You just take revenge on the rich! "

"So what! I just don't like those rich guys! Let me tell you, the people in the rich are not as comfortable as us ordinary people. I can do anything I want. Can they do anything they want?"

"Just like how well you know about the rich! If you want to bother anyone, at least you have one better idea than that of the rich. As long as you can solve any problem with money, it's not a problem at all! Why are you so happy? "

"That's why I envy them so much. I am glad that they will have some trouble."

"That's true! They lived in such a good house, ate such advanced food and enjoyed the advanced treatment. But they are still unsatisfied with it, and even hook up with women outside! As for them, they could afford any women or c

e another day. Let's wait for everyone to have a good attitude. "

She didn't know why, after a long time when Bruce had agreed to pick her up, he didn't show up, and he didn't even call her. Usually, even if he was too busy to come here in person, he would ask Jake to come.

While Polly was waiting, restless.

She called him again, but the call was still connected. She was so worried about him. After everyone got on the car, Hal asked, "Don't you still get through?"

"Of course not!" Said Polly, shaking her phone anxiously.

"You can come with us. If he can't find you, you can tell him. It's better than you waiting here alone."

Someone in the car said, "Our manager has obviously treated Polly differently. Who of you knows her boyfriend? Since our manager is so handsome, why not choose to be his girlfriend?"

"Don't talk nonsense. Her boyfriend is not an ordinary man. She can't dump him so easily."

"Then who is it? He is more handsome than the manager, younger and promising? "

What did all of you know? With a sneer, Fiona said calmly, "Bruce."

"Bruce!" The men were shocked. They looked at each other and said, "How could it be him! It's impossible! "

"Oh my God! We talked lots of words about He Family! Why didn't you tell us earlier, Fiona?"

"I didn't have the time to tell you! Look at you, when you were outraged, it seemed that if Bruce were in front of you, you could just charge forward and kill him! That was to say, don't speak without thinking when you speak in the future. By the way, I want to remind you that what you have said just offended not only Polly, but also the shop manager you adored."

"What have we done to offend the manager again?"

"Because your chain store manager is not an ordinary person! You are absolutely wrong if you only see him as an ordinary college entrepreneur. "

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