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   Chapter 277 They Are Looking For Relatives (Part One)

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"I don't dare to accept your reward. Look at your back. There are so many people who want to be your wife for the rest of their lives," said Polly with a smile.

The waiter brought the menu and they began to order. When it was time for Dennis Lu to order, he stood up and handed the menu to Fiona in a complaisant manner, "Fiona, what do you say?"

With a cold expression on her face, she answered without even looking at him, "no, I've already told the waiter!"

At last, Fiona went back to her dormitory. She knew her taste well. Although Dennis had ordered Fiona's favorite food, she didn't say anything about it.

She knew it was a waste of energy for the two people. If she didn't have any feelings for Dennis Lu and all she had was hatred and disgust, she would never allow him to stay here, not to mention talk to him.

If Dennis insisted on staying, she wouldn't have dinner with them. Or she could just drive him away in front of so many people.

But Fiona didn't do that, which meant they might get back together. Then what kind of reason would make her still have hope for the man who once abandoned her?

She sincerely hoped that their story would end well.

The owner of the restaurant had come here in person and specially given them two specialties, as if Hal Xia was a frequent customer of this restaurant. It was the first time that she had seen Hal coming into contact with the society. To her surprise, a totally different person was able to cope with the society with ease.

It turned out that the people with high IQ could not only do well in study, but also play the game in the society.

As they knew the owner, the dishes in the kitchen were prepared for them at first and soon began to serve. The door of the private room was opened, and a young man in white shirt and tie walked in with food on his hands.

"Wow! Handsome boy! " The shop's anthomaniac women stared at the young man with admiration when he walked in.

In addition to the shop assistants who were infatuated with her, the other four people present were all wearin

ut they also say that if you don't do anything, we will work together to hold you responsible!" Fiona threatened her boss with an angry face.

The owner pretended to be frightened by her words. He folded his hands over his head and said, "young lady, I'll tell you everything. Please forgive me."

This boss has a good character and is fond of making jokes.

Seeing this, Dennis Lu stared at Fiona without blinking, showing a spoiled smile on his face. Fiona turned her head away, giving him a side face with no expression.

"It should start with Dylan's mother." The boss glanced at a female shop assistant beside him, who immediately poured him a cup of tea, and took a sip, pretending to be a man speaking.

The boss had a friend who was in a business of renting an apartment. A few days ago, Dylan's mother, Mrs. Zhang took him to this city. The owner's friend had rented an apartment there.

Noticing that Mrs. Zhang was weak and didn't have a regular job, the man was afraid that she would rent a house, so he introduced her to work in a restaurant. Unexpectedly, it was less than a week after Mrs. Zhang went to work that her old disease relapsed and she went home for rest.

The friend of boss felt it was bad luck and wanted to drive them away. He had refunded their previous rent. And he said that if she wanted to continue staying, she had to pay a year's rent.

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