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   Chapter 276 She Should Be Sitting Next To Me!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 8863

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"Why do you have to come today. The shop is so busy, but I'm not here! " Pointing at the sofa in the rest area, Hal said, "You've been busy for the whole morning. Take a rest over there."

"Manager Xia, what are you talking about?" "Why can't she come here? It's only because you needs us to keep busy and Dear Polly can't." Fiona complained the manager.

"No, you are my staff. That's why. But she is my guest. I don't want to see her so tired. " He poured a glass of juice and handed it to her.

Fiona gave him a hard stare and said, "She is not your guest! I called her to help, and it has nothing to do with you! "

"Yes, you is guest. You are such a fierce master. How could you ask a cute girl like Dear Polly to do housework for her! If I am Dear Polly now, I'll be very unlucky! "

"Hal, don't forget whose restaurant it is! Dear Polly help you. I'm helping you! "

Hal was scared by her arrogance, so he moved aside and said, "I think your words are too ambiguous! If your boyfriend has heard what you said, and he will get even with me! "

"I don't care. Just say it as much as you want!" A man in his early twenties walked in.

Seeing that the man didn't say anything, Fiona turned her head and said without any expression, "I'm going to the kitchen and several equipment haven't been washed!"

Without getting the permission of Hal, she turned around and left without even taking a look at the man. But Hal didn't mind it at all, and walked towards him with a smile on his face.

"Hal, I heard that our shop is very busy. I'm sorry that I'm late today because of something, "

"As a man, it's natural for him to be busy." Patting the boy on the shoulder friendly, Hal said thoughtfully. There was a smile on his face, which made him look more like a coincidence.

Noticing the confused look on Polly's face, Hal turned to look at the man and introduced, "this man is called Dennis Lu. He is the senior schoolmate of the University, senior four and Fiona's boyfriend."

Was he Fiona's boyfriend? Because Fiona seldom went back to school before and didn't talk to her. She didn't know her boyfriend's name and she had never seen him before. She only knew that he was from an outer school.

This young man was a handsome man. He had wheat colored skin, which made him look different from those young and handsome men like Hal. She didn't know whether he was the one taken away by Diana Fang, or someone just found now.

"This one..." "She is the famous beauty and talent of A University, Polly Han. I was unwilling to introduce her to you, but considering that you often came to the shop to help, I will tell you.

ril's temper. She likes to take unnecessary pains to study insignificant problems. She probably thinks like a traditional Chinese woman, saying that "from beginning to end" is her motto. "

"What did you say! Does she still keep in touch with Simon? " "That jerk! Polly was almost raped by him. He should have given up on her," she said in disbelief.

"I can't explain it clearly anyway. From my point of view, it's very simple. I don't know why Avril would make things so complicated! She was so stubborn that she couldn't think it through. You see what a rich boy Richie is. He is from the golden hair noble family and he is very handsome. Of course he is a little inferior to me. He is as handsome and knowledgeable as Simon Shen. But she wants is to hang herself on one tree. "

"You don't have to say that. You can't use your smart mind to help Avril."

"Dear Polly, you should know that this kind of thing is not the concern of outsiders. I'm not a god no matter how smart I am. If I were a fairy, I would definitely give a healthy baby. "

"Oh, I almost forgot it if you didn't mention it. You are so happy every day, and you are nothing like the former weak. How's his medical skills? How are you? "

"Not bad for the moment," said Hal as he gave a punch on his belly and continued, "Richie said she is hopeful to recover."

"Really? Then I have to treat you a big meal today! " Finally, one of them was not as miserable as the other one. This news was really congratulating.

"Dear Polly, what are you talking about? Just like I owed you before."

"You do owe me a lot. I gave you a free labor job in your shop this morning."

"In order to pay you back, I can be your husband for the rest of my life," said Hal soulfully, grabbing her hand

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