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   Chapter 275 They Might Not Be As Close As They Used To Be

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With a wry smile, Lucy said, "I thought I would be a persistent person, but it's not the case. As I told you to quit smoking, I secretly hid the cigarettes in my bag. For example, when you didn't have money with you, you would feel insecure and you would bring a lot of money with you. Even if you didn't use it, don't you think it was ridiculous. I thought so, but it's my turn soon. I don't smoke and I quit smoking. But I still want to smoke with me so that I will feel safe. "Dear Polly, please don't laugh at me. I swear I'll only smoke this once, and then I'll throw everything away tomorrow! I would never bring it to me again! It's just a joke about sense of security. "

"It's okay. I won't laugh at you." Said Polly. Smoking was bad for health, everyone knew that. It only meant that she once thought of the cigarette as a part of her life since she attached so much importance to such harmful substance.

The road to the development of stars was very difficult. After experiencing hardships, she had no background but to rely on herself. She thought of what she had said to him, and thought of all the difficulties as if they were a fleeting cloud.

"Dear Polly, have you heard what I said just now. Believe it or not, please don't ask me anything now, and I am not in the mood to say anything. When I get over it later, I will explain everything clearly to you. "

"Tell me when you want to talk about it. Or, you don't have to tell me. "

At first, Polly didn't plan to ask her about that. She had only one feeling now, regret. She regretted not listening to that person in charge, although she was worried about Lucy's safety. But compared to her life-threatening situation, it was more likely that the other party did not want her to see her so embarrassed.

"Is this the clothes you're wearing, Lucy?" She was wearing a pair of jeans and a round collar shirt.

Lucy nodded and reached out her hand. "Give it to me." While speaking, she looked at him.

Polly understood what she meant. She didn't want him to stay. She could see bruises on her naked skin, which was left by Justin just now.

She was a stubborn and arrogant woman. She wanted to show everyone her beauty.

"Alice, take good care of Lucy, and I'll wait for you outside." Polly said and left.

The people who had been wandering around at the door surrounded her as soon as they saw her open the door and walk out.

"How is she? Is she okay? We heard something broken inside. Just now we saw Justin he left with a long face. He didn't seem to be well dressed. Did they fight? "

The more he asked, the more ambiguous the question became. Polly smiled faintly, avoiding the important and dwelling on the trivial. She replied: "nothing, it is true that some items are broken, but it doesn't matter much. Anyway, he can afford to pay for it. And before he left, he said somethin

w! You look so alike, my God! "

It was the second time that she saw this young man who looked like Bruce. He was tall, thin and pathetic.

"Dear Polly? Do you think this child is the illegitimate child of your boss! He looks so like! " "After you return home, you can interrogate him properly," she added

"You son of a bitch! This boy looks like thirteen years old at least. Have a good guess. Did he have a son at the age of sixteen? " Taking the cake from Fiona's hand, Polly went to the shelf.

"I was just joking. Why are you so agitated! How can there be such an absurd thing in this world! " Then she turned around and went back to the kitchen.

Realizing that she was a little emotionally excited, she felt strange too. If she usually heard these ridiculous words, she would ignore them and wouldn't argue at all.

Because she had nothing to argue with him.

While walking, she shook her head and sighed, 'what's wrong with me today! What would happen if she had a child who looked like Bruce? There were so many people who looked like her.

The young man didn't buy anything. He only glanced around before he left. Before leaving, he still smiled at her as before.

Polly got goosebumps all over her body. 'Oh, my God! They look like a couple.' Thought she. They looked alike not only in appearance, but also in movement, eyes and smile. Except for the sound, it's like 90 percent

If she went back to sixteen years ago and saw that young man standing together with Bruce, no one would not believe that they were twins.

As it was near noon, there was less and less clients in the shop, and only a few people were still choosing the cakes. A manager came to the store. He looked more refreshed than the employees.

"Dear Polly, I've heard that you're here. I thought Fiona were telling a lie! I didn't expect it to be true! " As soon as they entered the store, Hal rushed to Polly.

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