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   Chapter 274 Don't You Think It Is Thrilling

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"Fine, fine, you can do it! I'll try my best to find more keys. But the key is not necessarily thrown away! " The man took the key out of nowhere and put his poker face on the table.

Clenching her fists, she was afraid that the man would regret.

"If Justin He blame down, can't say I did not remind you. By the way, don't tell him that I gave you the key. Just tell him that you found it yourself! "

She didn't have the mood to talk about this. The most important thing now was to open the door and see if Lucy was hurt.

Polly was about to open the door when she heard a string of noise from inside. It seemed that all the shelves in the supermarket were knocked down and a series of porcelain and glass vessels were smashed.

She couldn't help trembling her hand. She didn't know what happened. The key could be inserted, but it just couldn't be moved. She was so worried that her palms were sweating.

"Dear Polly, this key seems to be inserted in another direction." "I saw the man who opened the door that day."

Polly pulled out the key and inserted it into the keyhole as Alice said. As expected, she turned it smoothly and opened it.

The mixed smell of perfume, nail gel, nail polish and so on rushed to her face and made her sneeze. After a short pause, Alice went over to room.

Polly could tell that the girl worried about Lucy very much.

"Who told you to come in? Get out!" After the man shouted, an ashtray like thing penetrated through the only fearless screen and smashed to her.

Polly pulled Alice back in a hurry, but it was too late, so she waved her arm to draw back her hand subconsciously. Her arm was hit and she forgot to react because of the pain. Then something fell on her foot again. Even worse than being hurt in the arm, the sharp pain spread from the smashed part, and she almost cried out.

However, at this moment, she could no longer care about the pain. She heard a low sob of a woman.

Alice was about to call others, but Polly stopped her. They just came in to have a look and made sure that she was fine. What the person in charge said was not completely wrong. After all, this was the matter between Justin and Lucy, and it was not appropriate for others to meddle.

"Lucy, I am so blind! I didn't expect you to have lied to me! " He thought it was because Justin didn't hear the footsteps outside and he scolded loudly, "yes, I'm not as capable as my brother. He is the boss, and I'm only a transparent painter. I don't earn a penny except by asking for money from my family. He is the official descendant of the he clan, and I am just a side way! He was brought up as the heir of the group. I was brought up by him casually. You knew it long ago. I made it clear to you back then! If you don't like me, tell me. You don't need to do it! "

"You ask

at Polly and said sincerely, "I'm in a difficult position now, but thank you."

"For what?"

"It's you, right? Call the Bruce. He is the only one in the world who can make Justin so nervous and dare not to disobey as if he has received an order. "

She was so clever. The phone call Justin received just now was indeed a text message from her, telling Bruce that Justin was making a scene here and asking her to find a way to ask people to go away.

In fact, she had just wanted to have a try. It was said that in a rich clan like the he clan, the eldest grandson had a deep-rooted idea. Brother was absolutely obedient to his big brother, just like a superior subordinate relationship. But it turned out to be true. From what Justin had done just now, he listened to every word of his brother.

As soon as she finished speaking, Lucy's hand unconsciously pulled the torn clothes to cover the important parts of her body. Her face was half covered by her wavy hair, which made her look very embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, Polly." She staggered and sat on the chair next to her. She fumbled in her bag with her trembling hands for a long time. Then she took out a cigarette box and lit it up.

Only those who smoked a lot would put a cigarette in their handbag. However, Polly had never seen her smoking before. There was a hint of surprise in her eyes.

Threads of visible gray smoke leaked out from her fingers. She breathed in a few times and coughed violently probably because of the dense smell of nicotine. She could no longer hang on the smile she had managed to make. She reached out to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes that had been stimulated.

"Do I scare you. I used to smoke a lot and I felt terrible if I didn't smoke a lot. But later, for a woman, I almost changed my habit. I haven't smoked for a long time and I feel a little uncomfortable now. "

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