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   Chapter 270 The Explanation

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The dinner party had already started. There were people whispering and laughing in the room. Someone raised their glasses and hit their glasses slightly. Occasionally, there was the sound of pulling chairs. The noise was not loud, but it was loud enough.

The moment Owen said that, the girls stopped talking. They were muted by the sound, as if the voice speaker was suddenly turned off. Everyone looked at them with great expectation.

The atmosphere was so strong that Polly could not even raise her head. She knew that it was impossible for her to keep avoiding. In front of so many people, she couldn't bear to refuse him. But she also knew that any hint of her would have been heard by Bruce.

With a smile on his face, Owen kept waiting for her in the air, which was the dream of many girls in X city. After thinking for a while, she sighed and stood beside him.

In a moment, she saw the starlight in Owen's eyes.

"Ladies and gentlemen, in fact, Polly is my younger sister." His magnetic voice and gentle words sounded especially pleasant to the ear, "you might have misunderstood our relationship before, so I'm here today to clarify it, hoping that no one will continue to misunderstand us in the future."

Sister! Someone sighed. However, everyone was not stupid. They quickly regained their composure from their initial shock. Owen's surname was Su, and Polly's surname was Han. They were not a family at all, and they didn't look like each other. In today's society, sister and goddaughter were not what it meant literally.

So, what he said proved their relationship to be true and led to more suspicions and discussions.

Polly sweated with anxiety. She finally found a chance to ask him in a low voice, "why did you say that?"

"What do you want me to say? The scandal between us is real. I like you very much. Do you want to have a fair competition with Bruce? "

"Since it's hard to say, you can say nothing!" She was a little angry, "such things are often trailed off!"

"A clean hand wants no washing. Dear Polly. What are you afraid of. No matter how crazy the rumor is, it will come to an end one day. You can rest assured that everything will be handed over by time. One day, when you stand by my side, nobody will gossip! "

His words were so annoying that she turned her head away. But now she had become the focus of everyone. A little movement, even if it was very natural, might be passed on. So the wisest way was to eat with your head down and cover your ears without being noticed. Just pretend nothing had happened.

"Wow, you are so skinny. You should eat more," Owen kept putting food in her plate and said, "girls are still plump."

This move of course drew the envious and jealous attention of many young actress, who lowered her head and wholeh

nd. "Mr. Zhou is a person who can do great things. You are too modest to say that you can't handle such a small matter."

Jake's back was covered with sweat. Why was he so careless just now? He blurted out what he was thinking. Now there was nothing more important than his wife for the president.

He smirked awkwardly and said, "there is no such thing as being modest. You are a towering tree, while I am like a humble grass, and there is no way to compare with you. Compared with the millions of projects you got before, this project is a little smaller. "

"On the contrary, I think it is more difficult than other projects!"

Although it was a little difficult, it was not difficult. Jake didn't dare to say this, but only muttered in his heart.

"Jake, do you think that what I'm doing now is a little stupid?" As he took the cigarette down from his mouth, he asked in a cold tone, "do you think that you can charge all the men you dislike with a submachine gun?"

"I didn't say that, Mr. He," The corner of Jake's mouth twitched in the dark, "we are a law-abiding citizen. We can't do those things against the law! Aren't you always confident with your own decisions? So, I think you should now wait in peace... "

Jake's eyes lit up and swallowed the rest of the sentence. In surprise, he looked at the woman who walked out. Then, he stammered, "Mr. He, you're awesome! Mrs. Polly, she really came out! "

He looked at his watch and said, "I'm telling the truth. It's less than eight o'clock now." He didn't sound surprised, but filled with admiration.

The man in the back seat suddenly sat up, but then fell back instantly and exhaled a long breath. Then he ordered Jake in a stern voice, "close the window! Now!"

Jake asked in confusion, "are you sure you want to do this?" Wasn't he waiting for her? Why did he close the window after she came?

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