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   Chapter 268 Where Are You Going I'll Go With You

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Alice had been fixing her sparkling eyes on him since he came in.

"Oh, you are talking the same as you are Mr. Su's roommate and know everything."

These words were very unpleasant to hear. Alice blushed with shame and replied angrily, "I know everything, so what? Anyway, I know much more than you!"

"You are not even one of the third class. Why are you so excited? She is just the leading actress."

"Even if she is the leading actress, don't you see that she is with Mr. Su? They are a perfect couple!"

Alice gave those two people a stern look. Afraid that she might be displeased with someone else on such a trivial matter, Polly tugged at her clothes and whispered in her ear, "don't be angry, as if you didn't hear it."

"But, Dear Polly sister, I hate Diana. I don't think she is good enough for Mr. Su!" Alice bit her lips in anger, leaving a tooth mark on her soft lip.

"Alice. It's useless to listen to other people's words. Your words must work on me. Don't be angry any more. You are here to have a good meal tonight. "

Seeing that, the leader of the film crew attentively accompanied him and introduced, "this is the heroine of the movie, Lucy Ji. Ji have acted in many movies and television leading roles, and now are the most famous young actors in our country..."

The leaders introduced them to Owen one by one, but he only introduced those who were not important to the core figures with one sentence. With a friendly smile, Owen would give a serious look at every introduction.

Alice couldn't wait to see him. Her requirements were not very high at all. She dared not expect to be as important as Dear Polly from her sister in his heart. As long as he took a look at her, he would be satisfied with a smile.

Polly was drenched with cold sweat. She made up specially today and wore such a beautiful dress. From his point of view, she always wanted to attract his attention?

If she had known that he would come to the hospital tonight, she wouldn't have come even if she had pretended to be sick under all kinds of excuses. She couldn't be as calm as Lucy, especially after she had just said to Bruce that Owen wouldn't come.

If Bruce knows it, he doesn't know how to be angry. The last person she wanted to hurt now was him. She would rather hurt herself than make him sad.

Luckily, Owen hadn't come to her table yet. If she sneaked away, no one would notice. She turned her head and observed the surroundings. She sat at the table which was very close to the gate with only several seats between them. She could go out through the gap between the wall and the table.

With her eyes fixed on him, Alice didn't want to disturb him. She quietly stood up from the chair and wa

oice attracted everyone's attention. They all looked to the side of Diana.

The crowd whooped. It was at this time that everyone remembered an important role like Diana. Everyone was waiting quietly for what would happen next with an attitude of watching a good show.

Someone had already stealthily taken out his mobile phone, and said excitedly in a very low voice, "my God, this is a piece of explosive news. If I go to tell them, will I get a reward?"

Being stared by everyone, Diana didn't feel embarrassed. She raised her head and stood up gracefully. People in Fang family would never yield to a bitch. She was not as useless as Jean.

"Owen, the banquet is about to begin. You are the master. How can I leave now?" With a feigned smile, she said, "I'll call my driver and ask him to take her to the hospital. What do you think?"

As soon as she finished her words, everyone gasped with astonishment. Judging from her tone, she was the hostess of the Su group. Noticing the smile on his face and the gentleness in his eyes, everyone started to wonder.

Since when she had become his girlfriend?

"Excuse me, who are you?" There was still a gentle smile in the man's voice, but the implication of his words made everyone's hearts tremble.

"I, I, I have just introduced..." Her face was as red as an infrared spot.

"Sorry. I don't have a good memory. I only remember the one with special memory." Evan was so polite that he could not be provoked, but he could hurt people intangibly. Who said a gentle person was harmless.

The way they looked at Diana was much more complicated than before. Some people were curious, some were gloating, and some were disdainful. They were all waiting to see how she would end.

It turned out that she was only bluffing. He didn't care about her at all.

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