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   Chapter 267 Of Course, More comfortable to hold you (Part Two)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 6341

Updated: 2020-03-23 00:32

"But if I make a friend with a boy who likes me, my boyfriend will be unhappy!"

"It doesn't matter if he is unhappy or not. He is just your boyfriend now, not your husband. I have the right to compete with him fairly before we get married. "

Polly was shocked. The young man was so brave that he was not afraid of Bruce at all.

"I know you must be thinking that I'm poor now and have no ability to compete with a CEO of a group for a girlfriend!" She gazed into Beam's clear eyes for a while and went on, "but I also want to remind you that don't you think that what I say is not pleasant to hear, but it is true. Although his family was rich, he was also brilliant and of the best. How many men like him could really like you? Even if he was really special and loved you, how long could this love last? There are countless women around him, and they are so attractive. "

"If you really want to find a husband, you should live a life well. I'm more reliable. I will make great efforts for you. I can't guarantee anything else, but I can promise you that I will live a life full of worries and love you wholeheartedly! "

Her heart beat fast not because she was moved, but because she saw the life she wanted from him. If Bruce was another person, she could make sure that they could live a peaceful life together. Although their life was ordinary, they didn't have to worry about it so much. However, what she heard the next second dissipated her good impression of him.

"And!" All of a sudden, he got excited. Beam grabbed hold of his hand and said, "if your boyfriend is not happy about it, then we can keep it from him. I won't tell anyone. You don't need to tell anyone. We can be happy as long as we are together. "

"Please agree with me, Dear Polly! Even if you didn't do it, Bruce would certainly do it. It's better for us to be together secretly for the time being. And wh

like the pictures posted on Weibo, she was wearing a lavender dress, which was dragged to the ground, adding a bit of mystery to her charm.

She remembered what Lucy had said about the ambition of the Fang clan. Was her target really Owen? She turned her head and saw Lucy looking in her direction. Their eyes met in the air for several times.

"The young master of the Su clan is always mysterious and rarely shows up in front of the media. As far as I know, Su is said to be ugly and hideous. It is unbelievable that he is such a handsome man. He is so handsome that no one can match him! "

"Oh my God, he's so handsome! She had never seen such a handsome man! He is much more powerful than those people around him! "

"Who do others! Everyone who had betrayed them had got their cosmetic surgery done, and they were not true! Her parents are as beautiful as the roses, and her descendants are as ugly as dogs! "

"You are insulting those lovely dogs by saying so."

There were whispers and discussions of excitement around her.

"Mr. Su is very handsome, of course. He is the most handsome! I know him well. He doesn't want to show off in front of the media. He always keeps a low profile. Not everyone likes to show off! " Alice said emotionally.

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