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   Chapter 264 How Dare You To Dislike Me!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9862

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She had been thinking all the time that one day she could make friends with them and teach them the knowledge she had learned, so she would try her best to help them, hoping that there would be more people like Avril and Alice coming out of them.

She had planned to go to university after graduation, but she had to make life for the horrible things happened in her family later, so she forgot her original idea gradually.

If a person wanted to do something, he must be able to do it very well. Otherwise, everything was in vain. Unless you have the courage to cut off all the relations with the mortals, and no matter what, you can only pursue your own spiritual world.

But that was selfishness.

Most of the time, doing charity was not because of the selfishness but because of interest. It was just as if someone liked to climb the mountain, someone liked to explore in the jungle, and someone liked to indulge in luxury life. Only because this kind of interest belonged to the scope of positive energy that it was spread widely.

"If you are asking for my opinion, I won't agree! I know you are right. I can set you free! But you must go to the place where I can reach with my hand and the place where I can see when I wake up! I can't bear to see you get out of my sight. "

She sighed in her heart and looked a little depressed. "I'm joking with you. Don't take it seriously."

He looked sullen and frowned, as if thinking about something. He put more strength in his arms. For a moment, the atmosphere was depressed.

"Aren't you going to work today?" As if trying to find some words to say, she reached out to grab the hair from his thigh. "You are just like me, who only takes care of the fish for three days. How can you feed me in the future?"

"It's a secret," Bruce chuckled and whispered in her ear, "I'm a good housewife. If I tell you that, you'll dislike me."

"Who told you that I would dislike you in the future?" "Yes, I am. And I already dislike you," said Polly in a strange smile, pretending to look affectionate.

"You little girl, you're getting bolder. How dare you dislike and avoid me! See how I fix you! "

A complicated feeling surged up in Polly's heart. Just now, he received a dinner invitation from the investors of the mysterious ancient costume drama invested by Lucy. They said that they would thank the filming team for working hard these days.

The whole crew was seething with excitement at the news. Only she was a little depressed. It was not until now that she knew that the investor of the movie was su group.

"Who do you think will be in charge of tonight's banquet since it is the treat from the Su group? Is he the second son of the Su family, Abbe or the mysterious young master of the Su family? " Anna, who acted as the supporting actress, was so excited that her eyes were shining. This girl was only seventeen years old and just like a young girl, she was dreaming

group, and the second daughter has a crush on the president of Su group. Do you think that the Fang family is ambitious? "

Why is it so small? It seems that it has already become a partner of the two richest and most powerful clans in A city.

"But it's a pity that the plan of the Fang clan is likely to be destroyed. The wish of the two sisters will definitely be destroyed." Lucy's eyes were as cold as the moonlight on the zenith of the snow mountain.

"So, you don't have to worry about Owen."

Except for the protagonist, Lucy, others were basically free, and the scenes that were supposed to shoot Diana were temporarily cancelled. She didn't show up on the set the whole afternoon.

But she was the daughter of a prominent family. No one dared to say anything even if she left abruptly in the middle of the shooting.

When the work was about to come to an end, Lucy pressed Polly to sit in front of the dresser. She knew what it meant, but she thought there was no need for her to make-up after dinner.

But Lucy required her special make-up artist to make up for her.

"Dear Polly, I know you are a natural beauty, but look at all the girls in our crew. They don't wear any makeup. She heard that she could meet the senior management in the Su group one by one and put on a desperate look. If you don't even put on any makeup, it won't only make you look pale but also outstanding. "

Resting her hands on Lucy's shoulders, said sincerely, "there are times when people talk about you being different."

"Yes, yes, Ji sister is right!" Alice, who was applying a facial mask in front of the mirror, also came to say, "after the work is over, you have been staying in the dressing room all the time, so you don't know how solemn the atmosphere is in our crew. They are not only girls who are wearing make-up, but also the director who hasn't worn a formal suit for ten thousand years has got a new outfit and looked just like the groom! "

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