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   Chapter 260 I Didn't Expect You To Take Her First

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9319

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As soon as she heard the word "Dear Polly", she felt that the brightness in Lucy's eyes had disappeared. She and Owen's things, other people may have forgotten, but Lucy will not forget. But she was not that kind of person who liked to gossip. Maybe it was because of her psychological effect.

But no matter what happened, she still felt very embarrassed.

"It's my first day here, and I think it's not bad." She uttered these words stiffly, and there was a stiff smile on her face. "Aren't you busy at work? How could you have time to come over?"

"There was no time for me to go, but now that you and Alice are here, I must come over." Owen fixed his eyes on Polly, with a sexy smile on his thin lips all the time. He said, "Miss Ji, I'll treat you to lunch. Would you like to have lunch with me?"

"No need!" "We will have lunch, so don't bother."

Polly knew it was not proper to answer the question for Lucy, but it would be more improper to go out with him passively. This was the reason why he didn't want her to work here? If he knew this, he would have no way to live.

"Dear Polly, Mr. Su has been on a business trip abroad for several days. He is very busy every day! He just got off the plane and rushed here even before he got over the jet lag. " "We shouldn't have rejected him." Alice interjected in a hurry.

"That's why I think the best thing he can do now is to go back and have a rest!"

"It's just a time for dinner. Even if he returns, he still has to eat something," murmured Alice unhappily

"Yeah, Dear Polly. I think she is right. It's just a dinner time." Lucy, the one who should answer this question, finally found a chance to speak. She said to Owen with a smile, "it's our pleasure, Mr. Su."

"Lunch is ready. It seems that I'm late!" A man's clear voice came from the stairway.

Bruce's words sent a shiver down her spine. He hadn't told her that he would come at noon. Now that he had seen Owen on the spot, it was impossible for him to remove the stigma off his name.

"Hello, Mr. He!" Lucy was quick to react and greeted him with a big smile. She stealthily moved her arm to stop her from standing there like an idiot.

Alice took a look at Bruce and then at Owen and Polly, feeling that the atmosphere among the three people was very subtle. Although she was unwilling to leave, she stepped aside obediently.

"Aren't you busy with your work today? Why do you have time to come here? "

He said subconsciously. Then he realized that he had said the same thing as Owen when he came here. 'what's wrong with me? The relationship between the two men is quite unusual, but they are just so talkative.

"Dear Polly, what are you talking about? I miss you, so I come to see you. Is that not okay? " He walked to her in a few

learn to be generous as a man! "

Jake was even more confused. When did Mr. boss become so generous! He usually pulled a long face as long as someone mentioned his name.

"Jake, to be honest, how did your wife look like just now?"

Jake recalled the scene that Polly sent a car by Bruce. He thought for a while and said cautiously, "I think Mrs. Polly is still happy, but not completely happy. I can feel that she has been looking at you all the time. The look in her eyes is really beyond description. "

"That's right! Her eyes were the window of her heart. Although she left with me, she still loved me. I did it on purpose. Jake, you have never been in love, and you don't understand even if I tell you! "

"I don't understand, Mr. boss. You are not only good at business, but also smart in grasping Mrs. Polly's heart. I really admire you!" However, Jake thought that no one could be so resolute, so he had to adopt a soft tactic. It was not easy for his boss to achieve this.

During the meal, Polly was uneasy. He always took out his cell phone to see if there was any news about Bruce. She had thought that he would gossip about her, but he hadn't. She thought this man was so abnormal. He was so tough before, but now he seemed to be so generous when facing with Owen.

The more she got, the more worried she was. She pretended to go to the bathroom and walked out of the private room. In fact, she wanted to call Jake to ask about the situation.

"Dear Polly, who are you talking to on the phone?" She didn't know when Owen came to her. He was so close to her that when she turned around, his cheek touched her hair.

Polly unconsciously took a step back when she smelled the familiar fresh and pleasant breath mixed with the light alcoholic smell. Her spirited figure could be seen in his deep eyes. He just stared at her quietly.

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