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   Chapter 259 He Suddenly Turned To Look At Her (Part Two)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 6173

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In fact, he preferred Polly more. When these three beauties were together, they were as cold as snow, as tender as flowers, and temperament was all there.

Taking a look at the photographer meaningfully, Lucy said with a smile, "you're too greedy! I'm not able to make a decision about her portrait right. You can ask her yourself. "

Before the photographer asked the question, Polly refused in a hurry, "no, I'm their assistant. You can take your photos."

She didn't want to develop her career in the entertainment circle. Besides, if Bruce knew it, it wouldn't be good. He had already let her work in the entertainment circle as a spy.

The photographer shook his head with regret.

In the beginning, Alice was bashful and she was reluctant to move a little bit. Meanwhile, Polly gave her thumbs up by the side, encouraged her. Slowly, she became more and more natural under the guidance of Lucy.

After work was over in the morning, Alice ran to her, took a bottle of water and drank it up. Although the temperature was very low in the air conditioner, she was sweating.

A tissue was handed to her. "Are you nervous?"

Alice wiped her sweat and said, "Yeah! I have never taken such formal photos. Besides, I feel humbled in front of Miss Ji for fear that I can't do well. "

"Darling, you've done a good job. If I were you, I would be much more nervous than you! " "What did miss Ji say?"

"Like you, Ji has been praising me all the time. But I have a clear estimation of myself. I know exactly what I have done and that you are all encouraging me. "

"Encouragement is also a matter." As Lucy approached, she reached out and pulled away the hair on Alice's cheek which was wet by sweat. "But most importantly, you did a good job. Trust me. I rarely praise people. "

"Thank you, Miss Ji." Alice smiled shyly.


or my good performance!" As soon as he stepped on the wooden stairs, he heard the cheering sound of a girl.

Before he saw her, he heard her voice first.

"In fact, when I was taking photos, I was very nervous. Her face was stiff. She wanted to laugh, but she didn't dare to do so. She didn't know where to put her hand. Anyway, compared with Ji, I was still nothing! No wonder you are so famous today! She is awesome! "

"Well, you is a nice girl, too. It would be nice for her to experience such an occasion a few more times.' Said Owen softly.

"Hello, Mr. Su." Lucy greeted gracefully.

"Thank you, Miss Ji." While he was speaking to Lucy, he fixed his eyes on Polly next to her.

"Hello." 'here we are, and I can't keep my mouth shut. But how can I call him?'. It was too polite to call him Mr. Su, but she felt embarrassed to call him by his name in front of Lucy. She thought for a long time, and then chose to say nothing.

The black shirt served as a foil to his skin, and he was as handsome as an otherworldly flame. She hadn't seen him for a long time. He was much thinner than before, but still as tall and strong.

"Dear Polly, I heard that you work for Miss Ji. Are you tired? Are you used to it? "

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