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   Chapter 257 You Bite Me!

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9558

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About five minutes later, the car stopped. Then, a white light flashed in front of her, and the phone was taken away by him.

"What are you doing?" "Give it to me right now!" said Polly as she saw something are very important.

Bruce took the opportunity to hold her into his arms, blowing hot air into her neck. He said jokingly, "don't worry. I'm here. You can do anything you want!"

"You bad guy!" Polly was so angry that she put his empty hand to her mouth and gave a hard bite.

"How dare you bite me! Who is the bad guy? " At the same time, he took back his phone with all his strength, and proudly looked at the anxious little woman in his arms.

Although Polly was tall, she was much shorter than Bruce. She could not catch up with the man as his hand was so long that she had to straighten her body to a straight line.

"Bruce, what's wrong with you? Give the phone back to me! " She was angry and anxious. No matter how hard she tried, it didn't work for this man. But at this moment, she had no mood to coax him.

Instead of answering her, he silently held her waist with his empty hand and let her rub against him.

After busying for a while, Polly finally detected his disgusting intentions. She rubbed his face back and forth with anger. She was amused by his distorted face. Unfortunately, her phone was in his hand. Otherwise, she could have taken a photo of his face and used it to threaten him.

If his employees saw him in embarrassment, they would not only lose their images.

She sat back slowly in case he saw the smile on her face, but she was not in a good mood so she pinched his waist hard to vent her anger.

"Dear Polly, you touched and pinched me, didn't your hand hurt? Give it to me. I will rub it for you. "

"You should give me your hand! What do you think I am? " She turned her head and looked out of the window at the rows of shops, "why do you park your car here?"

"I was thinking that someone forgot to eat so I bought her something to eat. But to my surprise, she doesn't appreciate my kindness at all. She pinches me and fights me. A typical ungrateful person! "

"Where is there a KFC? Why didn't I see it?"

His tone was full of grievance, which made her speechless. She used all her strength to slap him, but it was far from being said as pinched and beaten. Moreover, she just wanted to get back what belonged to her. If he didn't take away her phone, there would be nothing wrong with him.

"This way!" He pointed outside the window.

There was indeed a KFC on the roadside. She was busy grabbing the cell phone just now, so she didn't see the KFC.

"Dear Polly, what do you want to eat?"

"Don't you always say these are junk food and look down upon them?"

"But since you haven't eaten breakfast yet, it's better to have some." A bright smile appeared on his face.

ng look to Polly Han, he walked outside to answer the phone.

"Sis, my brother-in-law is so nice to you!" Alice said with admiration, "he is so busy. How could he drive you here in person! He is so handsome and has a good temper. You are so lucky. "

It was true that he was handsome, but was his temper good? She didn't think so. He really wanted to tell her that what she saw was not necessarily true, but illusions.

"Darling, I came so late. Was Miss Ji angry?" "Really?". This job was entrusted to her by her partner, but now that she had promised, she had to come here on time.

Lucy had a very good reputation on the Internet. She was a dedicated actress and never put on airs. It would be terrible if she was late because of her.

"No! Miss Ji had an appointment with the periodical office at eight o'clock in the morning. She proposed to come here half an hour in advance on purpose. We didn't come late. So we arrived on time. "

"Oh, really?".

"That's what I admire Miss Ji so much. It's so famous. She has arranged so many appointments this year and still works so hard! How rare it was! I adore her very much! I will also be a person like her in the future! "

"Of course, you will. Be a good girl, Mrs. Ji."

Alice nodded repeatedly and smiled with two sweet dimples. The girl had a pure and sweet temperament. Her features resembled that of Lucy Ji. Both of them were small and delicate. People who didn't know the truth would think they were sisters.

"Dear Polly, come here!" As soon as he finished the call, he waved to Polly.

She didn't want to go. There would be no good thing in the past. He would definitely ask her to go back and not to work here. She really didn't want to quarrel with him here.

But it was not good to give him a cold shoulder in front of so many people. There must be many people watching him in secret.

She sighed and walked over.

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