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   Chapter 255 She Needs Some Compensation (Part Two)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 6437

Updated: 2020-03-20 00:34

Besides, she hadn't been close to him for so many days. She missed him very much. She was afraid that she would be the first one to take action. If that happened, she would fail to live up to her expectations.

The scene that had appeared in her mind for a few days came to her mind. Bruce was sitting upright on the sofa. With green light flashing in her eyes, she walked towards him and threw him down to the bed. Then

"Dear Polly, what are you thinking about? Your mouth is watering! "

She wiped her mouth with her hands in a hurry. She had never expected that one day she would be like those anthomaniac girls. However, after she wiped her face several times and found nothing, she realized that she was fooled.

Then she heard the sarcastic words of Bruce beside her ear, "it seems that you really think about something, with a guilty conscience.''

She gave him an angry stare, picked up the book and read it hard.

"I said Dear Polly. You can do whatever you want to me. You don't have to restrain yourself so hard," As he came over, his warm breath brushed her neck, stimulating her nerve.

He dragged down her laptop, put one arm on her shoulder and said, "it's late. I don't want to work. Why do you want to read? Come on, let's go to bed together! "

She suddenly turned her head, with a very serious expression on her face. "If you continue to pester me like this, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

"Well, then do whatever you want. Do whatever you want!" A look of welcome and eager was written all over his face.

Unfortunately, she was not the one to take the initiative in the end. She thought she was kind of useless, what is the real meaning of having both desire and bravery? The kind of person like her was actually herself.

To her surprise, it became a new starting point. Every night, after ten o'clock in the evening, she would be thoroughly seduced by his flirting, and

interning in our company. Dear Polly, I promise. From now on, you can develop your interest forever! You have to believe that your husband absolutely has the ability to do that. "

"Tell me, what are you interested in? Painting, singing, writing, or traveling? However, there was one rule that she wouldn't allow nanny to work for others! You are my wife. I love you more than anyone else! "

"It's not as serious as you said." How come he became her nanny? It seemed that he was a mature person. "I have promised him. I have to do it."

"You agreed, but I didn't!" He straightened his face and asked, "why didn't you ask for my opinion then?"

"But it's not my fault. I couldn't see you at that time, so I had no choice but to ask for your opinion."

"I don't care! You didn't ask for my opinion anyway! " The man ignored her pitiful look, opened the door and went out of the bedroom. She chased him out and asked angrily, "then tell me the truth. Can promise me?"

"No way!" A domineering answer without hesitation.

"How dare you say no!" She grabbed his arm to stop him from moving forward. "I'm just your wife, not your maid. I have absolute freedom!"

"Of course you have absolute freedom! So I allow you to work during the summer vacation. I didn't lock you up. "

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