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   Chapter 254 She Needs Some Compensation (Part One)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 6412

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After he walked into the bedroom and looked through all the quilts, pillows and sheets, Polly began to regret. That centipede couple could have been a big threat to him. He probably couldn't sleep well the whole night.

She would make fun of him later, but he warned her not to be complacent. In consideration of Richie's suggestion at that time, they had no choice but to do something to consume their energy.

When Polly got up the next day, she felt a little itchy and dizzy, as if she would catch a cold. She thought it might be because she got wet in the rain yesterday, or because she didn't cover herself well in the quilt.

Somehow, Bruce didn't go back to his bedroom last night. After checking out the house, he went to the study, but there was no sign of him coming out. She couldn't wait any longer, so she fell asleep.

She slept late and didn't sleep well, so it was inevitable that she didn't get up in the morning. The first time when Bruce came to ask her to get up, she just answered yes, then stretched herself and did nothing else.

The second time he called her, she rolled on the bed.

The third time, she checked the time. It was almost twenty past seven. She couldn't delay any longer. Without further delay, Bruce strode in and pulled her up from the bed.

She was unconvinced and muttered with her eyes half closed, "when did you go to bed last night? Why did you get up so early?"

"When you were sleeping like a pig, I had come to your bedroom to see you. You are such a dumb ass! You took my whole bed! I have to sleep in the study! "

"You are the one who slept like a pig!"

"Come on, my lovely little lazy pig!" The man's slender finger hooked in a thin dress and swayed in front of her. "Let me help you wear it."

All of a sudden, she pulled him over and tucked him into bed. "How come I don't know that you have this hobby!"

He sat on the edge of the bed, r

nd grabbed the laptop from his hand. "I have to wait a little longer. If you are finished, you can go to bed first. "

Bruce turned his face to her and propped his head with one hand. His eyes were full of tears, and he said slowly, "it doesn't matter. I'll wait for you."

She moved to the other side, picked up several books on the tea table and shook them to him. "No, you see, I have so many books left. I really can't finish them in a short time. You can go to sleep."

The man kept his charming posture and said smilingly, "Dear Polly, why do I feel you are afraid of me? We have known each other for so long, but you still don't know me well. Am I that terrible? "

He was, of course, scary. It was extremely difficult to stay calm in the face of such a man's attraction.

"Bruce, you must have misunderstood. I don't think you are scary. I am..."

She wanted to explain because she had to work hard during the exam and couldn't go to bed early. However, Bruce interrupted her, not giving her the chance to explain.

"Since you're not afraid of me, then sit with me."

If she depended on him, she wouldn't be able to do anything. She had to admit that, although they were already very familiar with each other, she still couldn't control her beautiful face.

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