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   Chapter 252 I'm Not Interested In Anyone But You (Part Two)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5794

Updated: 2020-03-20 00:04

Bruce's forehead leaned against hers. "You mean you are not calm now? Why don't you calm down? Tell me what you're thinking about and what you're up to. If you make your point, I'll come downstairs. "

What was she thinking about now? Of course, a living handsome man in front of her, so close to her, she was indeed a little confused.

But she was too embarrassed to do it. She couldn't turn a deaf ear to what Richie had said.

But she would never let him know that she felt so humiliated.

"Bruce, I think you'd better come down first. After a while, Jake will come and see us like this. It's not good for both of us." She looked at the door subconsciously. For some inexplicable reason, she seemed to hear some footsteps approaching.

"I don't think it's a big deal. If you're afraid of it, just tell me. I promise you'll be fine."

"Why are you so dependent on me today? I'm not your prisoner!" She understood that he was making fun of her. He wouldn't dare to do something substantial, unless he really meant it.

"I have no choice. I just want to listen to you. What should I do?"

In order to satisfy his curiosity, she opened her eyes and began to cook up. "I'm wondering when you are free, let's go climbing together." Actually, it was to relieve him. She knew nothing about his legs.

"You like climbing?" The expression on his face suddenly became a bit complicated. "Who did she climb with before?"

"I've forgotten the past. Now I only like climbing mountains with you."

He pinched her cheek and smiled weirdly, "you are getting more and more talkative now. With such a cute mouth, should I reward you?"

Before she could react, he lowered his head and kissed her. He did not stop.


he thought something might happen, Bruce left her. "What are you thinking? Do you really think I'm in such a hurry? "

He opened the door and warned her before leaving: "remember to stay in the bedroom, and don't come out!"

Hearing the sound that the door was closed, Polly suddenly understood what he meant and could not help laughing. She quietly walked to the door and listened carefully behind the door.

Perhaps it was because of the good sound insulation effect of the room, or perhaps Jake said nothing, she only heard the sound of the door being opened and closed. A few minutes later, she heard that Bruce was walking towards her. She tiptoed back to the room hastily.

She was thinking that if he came in and continued what he hadn't said, she would try to pretend not to know and say that she was hungry and wanted to eat. She was hungry actually.

As she was lost in various fancies and conjectures, the door was pushed open. Standing by the door, Bruce didn't come in, but quietly said, "Dear Polly, come out for dinner." Then she turned around and walked into the living room. She breathed a sigh of relief and answered cheerfully.

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