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   Chapter 251 I'm Not Interested In Anyone But You (Part One)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 5964

Updated: 2020-03-19 00:34

It turned out that Polly was just overthinking it. 'it's true. He just wanted to change her clothes. Although there were some bump and bump in the process, it was just their battle and there was no further movement.

In front of the big mirror in the bathroom, Bruce pointed at the smiling lady and asked, "what do you think? Is this dress good? "

To be honest, this pink home dress was so beautiful, much more feminine than the previous Cotton Quilted pajamas she had worn. However, the texture was so light and well shaped. Not knowing what kind of expression the man next to her had, She flushed and lowered her head to avoid looking at him.

"Did you ask Jake to buy them?" She suddenly thought of it and felt embarrassed.

"Nonsense! How could he possibly let other people to buy? I picked it up for you in person. It was picked up from the lunch till now. "

She thought he was fooling around, but at the same time she was imagining the scene where the boss Office of the BA group, which was so clean and tidy that even didn't dare to move a finger casually, was like a market where little products were sold everywhere. He was surrounded by leisure clothes.

"How does it feel? Loose? Very comfortable?" When Bruce was about to stretch out his hand, he asked, "is it very convenient?"

She rudely grabbed his hand and said, "all right. Even if you close by your eyes, you can feel it, wide and big. You don't need to prove it with your actual actions."

Thinking of the dress, she asked, "you said you would cut Jake' bonus with an excuse. Did you really do it?"

"How could that be? Jake is a man of hardworking. He is so conscientious and meticulous that he will cut off others' wage for such a trifle. Do you think I'm like a boss? "

"But you don't look

g, fervent and romantic kiss.

"I'll give you the last chance. If you don't tell me, it won't be just a simple kiss!" He fiercely warned her, "by the way, are you hungry? Don't you want to have dinner?"

"Okay, I'll tell you everything!" Polly reached out her hands in surrender, "Richie told me that you were too tired these two days. As a doctor, he asked me to persuade you not to exhaust yourself!"

A complicated look appeared on Bruce's face. "Excessive? Did he say that? "

"I guess so! If you don't believe me, you can ask him. Anyway, he is your friend, not mine! "

Bruce chuckled and said, "do you think there is something wrong with his IQ? He even asked you to persuade me! I'm too busy to listen to him!"

"I think what he said is right. You should stay away from me! I'm just a student. I can't bear it even if I'm not very busy. You are so busy with your work every day. It's better for you to have more rest. "

"How can I have more rest given the condition of us? Are you doing this for my good or for my sake? "

"How can I bear to torture you?" She patted the seat beside her and said, "I think you'd better sit down. Let's calm down and have a good talk."

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