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   Chapter 247 I Have An Appointment At Noon

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This sentence caused the students to laugh, and they answered in one voice, "teacher, you are right!"

The professor seemed to want to say something more, but the bell for the end of the class rang at this time. He said wisely, "although the teacher still has a lot to say, let's talk about it after the next class."

The thunderous applause burst out in the classroom.

As Polly was watching the darkening weather outside, she collected her books. With a smile, Hal said to her, "do you find that, Dear Polly? Even the professor is more humorous than before since I come to school."

"She was just as humorous before you came. Come here. The weather is getting worse. "

"Dear Polly! You can't do this to me. Where should we have lunch? My treat. "

"No, I have an appointment at noon."

"What's wrong with you? I finally wanted to invite you to dinner, but you didn't give me a chance! I used to have three friends, Avril and you. Now I'm the only one left. " "Who is your date? Is it Bruce? "

"How do you know?" asked Polly in surprise 'how could he know that?' she thought?

"You didn't focus on your work the whole morning. I bet you were talking to him. You don't know how envious, jealous and hateful I was when I watched them. When can I have a person with a heart to know? "

"Hurry up! Just wait patiently! On that day, I saw a girl in the first grade stopping in your way and she seemed to give you a love letter. How are you doing now? "

"What do you mean? There is nothing in the world at all! " Hearing that, Hal quickened his pace and put the book into his bag in a hurry. "I'm leaving! No one wants to have dinner with me, so I can't waste time on you. "

'He ran so fast because he hide something?'

The sky was fine in the morning. Without an umbrella, Polly carried her bag and ran downstairs. It was as dark as night outside. All the lights in the corridor were on. It seemed that it was going to rain.

She wondered if she should go back and take an umbrella.

It's far from the teaching building to the dorm. If it rains in the middle of the way, it's better to go straight to the gate. Moreover, she didn't want to keep Bruce waiting too long.

When she ran about 50 meters away, raindrops fell on her body, making her feel cold. She took off her bag and covered it on her head, then continued running.

Suddenly, her phone rang inside her bag. It rained more heavily after ringing for several times. She was so busy running that she had no time to answer it.

When she was about to reach the school gate, she bumped into an oncoming man. She lowered her head, unable to see his face, and repeatedly apologized. The man, however, seemed not to be satisfied with her apology, grabbed her wrist and dragged her by her side.

It was just a bump, but she didn't know who hit him. Polly had already apologized

ou." As he casually helped her pick the food to her plate, he continued, "I'm getting more and more guilty. Look how hungry you are now. I feel sorry for my wife. "

Hearing that, Polly Han couldn't help but burst into laughter. She looked up at him and said, "what are you upset about? People eat every day. Having an appetite is a good thing!"

"It's good news. I think it will be better if we can have lunch every noon." The look in his eyes became hot. "I don't know if you will help me to fulfill this wish."

"I'm just an ordinary person. I can't even make my own wish come true in advance. How can I make your wish come true?"

"Oh, what is the wish? Tell me, maybe I can help you."

"I won't tell you." said Polly with a mysterious smile

After a while, she suddenly felt something wrong. She looked at the man sitting opposite her and asked him strangely, "why don't you eat? Aren't you hungry? "

"I want to feed you more than this." Her voice rose charmingly with a low and hoarse voice, and her eyes were burning and misty.

Polly felt a thrill through her scalp. She put down her chopsticks and took up a bowl of soup for Bruce, "it's impolite not to reciprocate. Drink some soup before dinner. It's good for your stomach!"

Then, he picked up some food she thought delicious and put them on the plate in front of him, and ordered him, "hurry up! Don't look around! Otherwise, I will... " She really didn't know what it was. Her overbearing was pretended, but also superficial.

Looking at her red face, Bruce was amused and asked, "what do you want?"

"I was worried that you wouldn't be able to have a good lunch and would tell others that I mistreated you. Even if you don't say that, there are so many people in today's society, and I don't want to be those boring people's talk over the meal or even in their leisure time. "

"What do you mean by that? I'm not a gossiper!"

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