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   Chapter 246 Are You Willing To Piss Me Off

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 9379

Updated: 2020-03-18 00:24

Polly almost got choked by his words. Glaring at him, she grumbled, "you're too mean. Are you going to only cook noodles for me every day?"

"Then tell me what else do you want to eat. I'll learn it as well and make it for you," said Bruce seriously.

Hearing that, Polly stopped eating. She was surprised, "you cook for me? Are you going to be a chef? "

Bruce gently held her hands and looked at her in his deep eyes, "Dear Polly, you really don't know me. I just want to be your exclusive cook."

"Thank you so much." But on the other hand, Polly Han looked at him with contempt, "but I still think you will have a bright future in your career as a CEO."

When they were washing the dishes, Bruce asked casually, "Dear Polly, I heard from Justin that you will work in Lucy's house during your summer vacation."

"Yes." "But I didn't get you wrong.". She was holding a duster cloth. After wiping the dishes and chopsticks, she put them back in order.

Bruce leaned closer to her, tucked her hair behind her ear and said, "why don't you reconsider your work? She's very tired there."

"No need! If I can find a job, I will be very happy. I don't need to be afraid of hardship or tiredness. "

"What do you mean? You are my wife. What else can it be?" He got closer to her and held her in his arms, "people will think I don't want to take responsibility for you if they find out."

Polly pushed him away, turned on the tap and washed her hands. "If anyone dares to say that, I will tell her that it is not because you don't want to raise her, but because I don't want you to."

"It's not the same thing. In a word, I'm a loser. I can't even make a decision for my wife. I'll lose my face."

"No one knows that we're married," said Polly in bewilderment

Bruce got closer to her and put his hand on her face to force her to look into his eyes. "Nobody knows? None of them? "

"No, I didn't." She became more and more guilty, because Owen knew it. She was thinking about his real intention tonight. Seemingly, it was for her good and she hoped that she could change the job, but in fact, she agreed to go to the side of Lucy in order to take care of Alice. Meanwhile, Alice was trying to contact Owen.

Did he know that. It shouldn't be. He has been busy with the business in the company these days. He was busy with the recovery of his legs. He didn't have the energy to investigate anything else.

Bruce pressed his lips on her cheek and kissed her tenderly. His warm breath brought about anxiety. "Dear Polly, I believe you. No matter what you say, I believe you."

Her heart was jolted and she suddenly remembered that in the video, Bruce replied to Simon's words with a firm tone. Under such circumstances, he believed her so much, but she really could not afford to trus

d without hesitation, "yes, Dear Polly. You're a good student and I'm counting on you to keep an eye on her. I didn't expect that you're even more interesting than me! I'll help you watch teacher. I'm really pissed off. "

"I don't need you to keep an eye on teacher! You haven't gone to school for so many days. It's not easy for you to come here, but you don't listen to class carefully. Why don't you come here? "

Polly picked up the book to cover her face. She sat far away from him and sent a message to him secretly.

I'm going to have classes and you should focus on your work. I'll count on you in the future.

Then he responded quickly, "honey, you can count on me now.".

How shameless he was! As a result, she put her phone back.

When the final school was about to be over at noon, the sky became overcast. Through the bright glass, we could see that the sky was covered with thick grey clouds. Polly Han sighed. She had read from the weather forecast that it would be a thunderstorm today, but she didn't expect it to be declared until noon. She didn't know if Bruce had come or not, and whether she should call him to tell him not to come or not.

At that moment, she received a message from Bruce.

I'll wait for you at the school gate.

A strong wind mixed with dry dust rushed in from the open window, making the books on the desk snap. Someone screamed and saw several pieces of A4 paper flying into the air and scattered all over the ground.

The door of the front and back room was heavily closed by this sudden gust of wind. The class next to them might be even more frightening, and in this deafening sound, there was a sharp clash of glass as they fell to the ground.

The professor's class activity was interrupted. He looked down at his watch and joked, "does God also think that we can finish school too late at noon?"

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