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   Chapter 244 The (Part One)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 6837

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Han Polly was waiting at the door of the rice noodles shop. She was a little anxious and restless, pacing back and forth. On average, she checked the time every ten seconds. In just five minutes, she couldn't count how many times she had seen her phone.

He Bruce appeared on time, and Han Polly couldn't believe it at the first sight. Because he did not sit in a wheelchair, but a smile, healthy came to her.

He was wearing a white short sleeved shirt and a black nine legged pants, dressed casually and casually, looking sunny. His thin lips were slightly raised, and his thick and neat eyes were staring at her with a kind smile.

Her heart was flying happily in his seemingly light steps, and her eyes were firmly against him. She tried to control her emotions and said with a smile, "where did you come from? It was so fast."

"Guess." He Bruce walked to her side and naturally stretched out his arm.

She took his arm and began to make up a lot of lies: "from the company? Oh, no, you said you were on a business trip. That was to call me on the plane and fly over! But can I make a phone call on the plane? "

"Ha ha Nonsense! I knew you couldn't guess! " The man reached out his hand and touched her forehead. His eyes were doting on her. "Maybe it's a psychological reaction. I'm going to live in the apartment tonight, but I saw your things as soon as I entered the door."

"Were you in the apartment when you called me just now?" With her eyes wide open, Polly tried her best to show her surprise, "then why didn't you tell me? I also bought some food, but I decided to eat rice noodles when I thought about how boring it would be to eat alone! " If she had known that his leg was fine, she would not have taken the food back and left it in the cupboard of the supermarket.

"It's not too late now. Let's go back to eat." He Bruce suggested, "recently, my cooking skills have increased."

Polly also wanted to go back, but when she thought of seeing him in a wheelchair just now, but now standing here, she didn't kn

rrified she felt. It seemed that after going back, she had to think about something else meaningful to distract his attention.

Perhaps it was because the person she liked was right in front of her, her mood became happy and her appetite became better, and she soon finished a bowl of rice noodles. She looked up and saw that there were still a lot of bowls in the man's bowl, as if he had never eaten them.

"What? Don't you like it?" In fact, she thought the rice noodles in this restaurant were very delicious and planned to come here often in the future. But it suddenly occurred to him that a big boss like He Bruce always ate the food made by famous chefs, and the food in such a small shop must be unaccustomed to him.

He had not lived together for such a long time that she almost forgot his eating habits. Although he was dressed in casual clothes and dressed very well, it did not mean that they were the same person.

"I don't like it, or I have to take Chinese medicine these days. I can't eat coriander." He Bruce explained apologetically, "what a pity. I just tasted it and it tasted really good."

Han Polly grabbed the chopsticks from his hand and brought the rice noodles to him. She blamed him, "since you can't eat them, why do you still want to taste them? Why didn't you tell me earlier that you were fine when met you last time? "

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