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   Chapter 241 The Two Of Them Are Not Related Blood (Part Two)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 6686

Updated: 2020-03-17 00:14

The reason why Shen Simon hated he Bruce was that he, Chu Ellie, knew Richie. As his friend, he didn't try to dissuade him but was happy to see it. As for that, it didn't matter that he couldn't save Chu Ellie in the flood.

Shen Simon hated his stepmother, but he had special respect for sister Yu. After the death of Chu Ellie, JC Island he had built for her had always been taken care of by Sister Yu. It can be said that Shen Simon trusted her very much. So this time, she will take over Avril's work.

"Hal, what do you think of Avril in Shen Simon's mind?" If you love her, you torture her like that. If you don't love her, why do you keep her by your side? She didn't understand.

"Dear Polly, do you know the saying of chicken ribs? Although I don't want to use such a metaphor on Avril, this is the truth! But! No matter what he wants, Avril can't stay with him anyway! "

Xia Hal's expression was serious when he said this, and there was a very serious expression on his gentle and handsome face. In the past, because he always took a funny route, when he saw him, he felt like laughing. But because he was too familiar with him, he ignored his appearance. In the school forum, he was ranked in the top five among the top ten students of A University. Han Polly and Avril often laughed at him in private and said how bad the eyes of those who voted for him were.

In fact, he was really handsome, at least at this moment.

Polly's opinion on this matter was slightly different from Xia Hal's. She thought that Avril should be better than chicken ribs for Shen Simon, and he wanted to find it back after losing it.

Shen Simon regarded Avril as a stand in for Chu Ellie. The difference between being a dead person and being a living person is that, to a certain extent, the stand in for the dead is unique and irreplaceable.

When you think of the one who really affects your mind, you will try to get everything you want from the substitute. However, after all, it was only

urse, it's likely to be much more than that.

Because in the video, Shen Simon said something to he Bruce. Don't think it's over. Think about what you have done before, and the more deadly thing is still behind.

Shen Simon was the kind of person who lived unhappily and didn't want others to live well. He wanted everyone at that time to live in the nightmare of Chu Ellie for life.

Xia Hal couldn't imagine how there could be such a sinister person in the world.

He returned the USB flash drive and thought of sister Yu's advice, but he didn't hesitate. He must give it to Dear Polly. That man is by no means ordinary good to Dear Polly. He deserves the love of her. Even if he was in that situation, he might not do better than him.

She must have known what he was thinking about Dear Polly. The relationship between Dear Polly and he Bruce is not very good now. She is misunderstanding him. If this video is sent to them, everything will be gone.

Sister Yu said that good people are often not rewarded. For the sake of Dear Polly, he was willing to be a good person forever. If his efforts can make Dear Polly rely on him when she is in trouble, be willing to lose her temper at him when she is angry, and take him as the person to talk to when she has something on her mind, it will be the best reward for him.

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