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   Chapter 238 Must Think, Almost Crazy! (Part One)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 7138

Updated: 2020-03-16 00:24

Polly left a message in Avril's WeChat, QQ, text and other places that she could contact, so that she could immediately reply to the letter after seeing it. No matter what she does, she will support her. Even if she is silly, she must be silly with her.

Three days later, there was no news from Avril and Xia Hal. Avril didn't go to the Bright Peak Cemetery or leave A City. Where on earth did she hide?

She was angry, anxious and helpless. After thinking about entering Avril's WeChat again, she sent a sad expression.

As soon as I finished, I got a reply. Two words, Dear Polly.

She was so excited that her hands trembled. Then, a sentence appeared below.

what's wrong? Do you miss me?

She felt something was wrong. Looking at it carefully, it was not Avril, but he Bruce. She flipped up, and on the lonely expression she sent, there was another sentence, Dear Polly, in?

Just now, she had been sending messages to Avril. Avril's portrait was at the top. In the blink of an eye, he Bruce sent her a WeChat message.

It was almost at the same time as she clicked in, which should be a little faster than her visual nerve response time.

After that night, she thought of a possibility that he Bruce didn't see her probably because he didn't want her to know that his legs and feet were inconvenient, which could be seen through his painstaking efforts to pretend to be in a healthy state in front of himself. She thought of the night when she went to save Alice, Bruce had been sitting there motionless. The last time he stood up, she clearly saw the sweat dripping down his hair.

It was just too angry at that time, and the blood all over the body rushed to the forehead at once, without thinking that it was sweat.

And what Richie said was to look at he Bruce. That day, she was so angry that she didn't want to hear any explanation and thought she was right. Now I think it's really a misunderstanding. Richie didn't want to take her to see him, but at that time, his legs and feet were not good, and Richie was worried, so he took her to that hotel for dinner.

Fortunately, Richie was there

d her head that she found the man sitting next to her.

This guy had been like this since the first grade. He was used to either not coming or showing up all of a sudden. Probably the teacher was used to it. The previous education times were all wasted, so he no longer wasted his saliva and pretended not to see it. Fortunately, no matter when Hal came, even if he came to sleep on the table, his grades were always the first. The teacher left him alone and let him come and go freely.

This is the advantage of genius. It's someone who can't imitate or catch up with others even if they want to. They can only envy and hate.

"Why did you come to class today?" Han Polly asked him in a low voice, "how is your recovery recently?"

His face became normal, not as white and almost transparent as before, but now a little red. But he seemed to be thinner, probably because of what happened to Avril recently.

"Not bad." He quickly took out his notebook from his schoolbag, opened it and took out a pen to listen carefully and take notes carefully.

It was his habit again. He once said that listening to class seriously was also a way to respect teachers. Not to mention a genius like him, even the king of heaven should respect his teacher and his way of speaking.

Are you late every day? There were notes on the top, but the bottom was playing with the mobile phone. Polly didn't want to make a complaint.

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