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   Chapter 236 The Soft And Hoarse Voice Is Like A Seductive Wind (Part One)

Truly Insanely Deeply By Jiuye Fenglin Characters: 6665

Updated: 2020-03-16 00:04

Polly pushed the door open and walked in. She habitually reached for the light switch, but when she was about to press it, she asked softly, "can I turn on the light?"

He Bruce chuckled, "yes."

They hadn't seen each other for days. His familiar and gentle voice made her hands tremble. Finally, she didn't press the switch and went straight to the bed.

Her eyes slowly adapted to the darkness. She saw he Bruce sitting in the bed with his back against the head of the bed, looking at her with a gentle smile.

She felt that she had chosen the wrong time to meet him. It was normal for him to lie in bed in the middle of the night. It seemed that he was trying to pretend in front of her that I was fine and that I had nothing to do with it.

"I heard from Jake that you haven't slept well recently." After thinking for a long time, she said the first sentence, "I just called you, didn't I disturb you?"

"No, I didn't sleep just now."

"You said you were going on a business trip. When and where are you going?" The topic was getting further and further away. It was useless to ask all these questions. When Polly faced him, she couldn't say a word that she really wanted to say.

He Bruce chuckled, "Dear Polly, why are you so serious? It's as if I did something wrong and you were extorting confessions."

This sentence gave her a good opportunity, and she could not help but raise her voice: "sometimes it is really necessary to torture confessions, or you will not tell the truth!"

"He Bruce, I came here today just to ask why you didn't want to see me for such a long time!"

Now that she had asked, she was no longer nervous and put aside all her scruples. She stared at He Bruce with her big eyes. Whatever the outcome of the matter between the two of them, it should be solved as soon as possible.

"Dear Polly, I'm not reluctant to see you, but I've been very busy these grade days. I don't even focus on eating and sleeping because of the endless social ac


At this time, she couldn't care about anything and shouted in a stern voice, "no! You can't do this. I don't agree! This is not what I want to tell you today. Stay away from me. Let's talk! "

"Dear Polly, I want to talk to you, but what if I want to kiss you more now?"

"What are you doing? You! " The voice of Polly's resistance was drowned in the fierce and violent kiss that followed.

Han Polly doubted if he Bruce's legs were all right. As a person with inconvenient legs, he was not weak at all in that kind of thing. He tossed and turned several times before he was willing to let her go.

"Dear Polly, don't break up easily. I can't bear it." When she was sleepy, he Bruce whispered in her ear, "I have not seen you for so many days. I admit that I did something wrong, and I will never do it again. You don't know. I think you're going crazy! "

When Polly woke up, he Bruce was already gone. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw the dazzling sun. She was flustered and hurried to get her phone to see what time it was.

It was not until the phone was in her hand that she remembered that it was Sunday. She felt relieved.

After two stretches, she rolled on his pillow, sniffed his smell carefully, stretched out her fingers, and inch by inch touched the place where he had slept last night.

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