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   Chapter 233 Passing By

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The hall on the first floor was empty. At a glance, Han Polly saw Xia Hal. He stood near the stairway and walked up and down uneasily.

"Hal, what's wrong?" Han Polly ran over quickly and asked, "is there anything happening to Shen Simon? Is he going to make trouble to Avril? "

Xia Hal pulled Polly's arm and walked outside.

When he reached the lawn downstairs, Xia Hal stopped. Polly asked him anxiously, "what's the matter?"

Xia Hal looked less worried: "Dear Polly, I did get the news of Shen Simon recently. But it's not that he wants to deal with Avril, but that he was hit by a stray bullet on the street of New York, and the rescue was ineffective. Someone sent a letter to say that he wanted to see Avril for the last time. "

"What?" At first, Polly felt that the news was really exciting, but when she thought about it, she felt something was wrong. "Hal, do you believe this kind of news? Is it so easy for someone like Shen Simon to die? "

"To be honest, I don't believe it either. But it's a reliable person who delivers the message. "

Han Polly argued, "I didn't say that your people are unreliable. I think it's just a trick of Shen Simon. He deliberately released false information in order to get Avril back!"

The more she said, the angrier she became. She had never seen such a mean person as Shen Simon.

"I also thought of this, so I have been hesitating whether to tell Avril the news."

"Of course I won't tell her! Even if it's true, don't say it! He could do whatever he wanted. He treated Avril so cruelly that he was going to die. Was this a confession? Don't give such a person a chance to be kind even if he is dying! "

"I think so, too! But I don't know what Avril thinks, so I want to discuss with you! "

Han Polly said firmly and simply, "there is nothing to discuss! Maybe Avril will be soft hearted, but if she knows that Shen Simon has concealed the news of her grandfather's death in the future, will she regret meeting the man who is inferior to the beast in the end? "

"Dear Polly, what did you say?" Avril's voice came from nearby.

Polly and Xia Hal were shocked at the same time. The two looked at each other, speechless for a while.

"What did you two just say?" said Avril in a trembling voice. Her nervous eyes first looked at Polly Han, and then fell on Xia Hal.

Unable to bear her gaze, Xia Hal stammered, "well, I don't know if the news is true. I heard that something happened to Shen Simon in New York... "

"Not this!" Avril broke his words, and her voice was as if the cloth had been torn and torn, "yes, Grandpa. What did you say about Grandpa?"

No one answered after asking for several times, and most of the time, silence was an affirmation. Avril understood everything, and the last strength that could support her efforts to live also disappeared. Her body softened and she fell to the ground.



Polly and Xia Hal shouted almost at the same time.

In the department store, Polly pushed the car to the shelf of women's special products quickly. Avril was not in a stable mood after she woke up. She was a little worr

a neither humble nor arrogant manner, "Mrs. Su, please rest assured. That was only a matter of the past. I can guarantee that I will never badger young master in the future. His surname is Su, and my surname is Han. We will never be brother and sister. "

"Miss Han, I'm afraid you'll misunderstand me. You really misunderstand me." Mrs. Su said "I invited you here not to talk about that. I just want to know something about Owen in the past, such as whether he could wet the bed when he slept, kick the quilt, what he looked like when he was angry, what he looked like when he was sad, and what he looked like when he was happy. What kind of food does he like and dislike? "

Speaking of this, Mrs. Su sighed in distress, "although Abbe has grown into a big boy, I can still play with him. But Owen, you don't know, is like a robot plaster. There was no love, no hatred, no sorrow. In a word, there was nothing. People under thirty look older than their father. They are not cute at all! "

"But man is not a machine. Owen must have his own cuteness. Miss has lived with him for nearly ten years. She will definitely know a lot of relevant details. I wonder if you can tell me something. "

Mrs. Su's expression was rich and her tone was changeable. She pretended to be cute and lovely, which made Polly dazed for a long time.

Su Owen and Su Abbe, one mature and steady, the other irritable, the two of them would have such a lively and lovely mother.

"Mrs. Su, that's what you mean." It took a long time for Polly to come to her senses. "It's just that Su Owen was very calm when he was a child, but there are many interesting things you want to know. If it's convenient for you now, I can tell you something. "

Mrs. Su sat up straight and said to her gratefully, "that's great!"

Just then, Mrs. Su's secretary knocked on the door and came in.

"Boss, I'm sorry to disturb you." The secretary handed the phone to Mrs. Su, "this was just taken in the fruit area."

Mrs. Su took it over and looked at it for a while, with a surprised look on her face. "Isn't this Bruce he?"

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